The Big Door Prize (Season 1) Episode 6: The Big Door Prize’s previous episode focused on Trina’s story and what she thought about her potential. While she shared her result to be a Potter, she was told that her potential is to be a Liar. So, she kept feeling guilty especially since she did cheat during her relationship with Kolton.

While spending time at the Kovacs, Trina confesses it to Beau, to ease his guilt. However, she does not reveal that she cheated on Kolton with his twin brother, Jacob. Still, the cheating made Beau so angry that he now decides to go on the lookout for the person who cheated on Kolton.

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*Spoilers ahead*

The Big Door Prize (Season 1) Episode 6 Recap:

Episode 6: Beau

At the end of Episode 5, we see Beau (Aaron Roman Weiner) chopping wood in his garage. Turns out, he wasn’t particularly cutting wood as a stress-relieving activity. Instead, he wanted to fulfill his own potential since his Morpho card said ‘Sheriff’. He started cutting down the wooden pieces from one of their tables and using them to build his sheriff’s saloon. He does not realize that Jacob (Sammy Fourlas) often used the same table to study.

Anyhow, because of Trina’s confession (Djouliet Amara), Beau is now determined to find out who cheated on Kolton. He asks Jacob if he is suspicious of any boy who Trina may have had an affair with. Jacob dodges the ball into the court of basketball team members.

Even at his job, Beau acts with the attitude of a sheriff and shouts at young players. He gets angry that ice-hockey players get on the stadium even before he could shovel out the snow. He takes out his anger on his young manager, who shows no regard for Beau’s complaints. The manager rather agrees that a machine can do Beau’s job better than him.

Beau then starts an impassioned speech for the proletariat, about how janitors, mail-persons and similar workers are the backbones of society. Then, he takes out his jacket in rage and quits his job within a matter of moments.

Meanwhile, since Coach Eagleson loses his job as the school’s basketball coach, Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) chips in for that role. He becomes awfully cheerful with this new change and wants to inspire the players as a teacher. As always, Cass (Gabrielle Dennis) stays supportive of his drive.

Later, in the school, Dusty starts giving a lukewarm pep talk to the players. It does not excite them. Then suddenly, Giorgio (Josh Segarra) crashes their practice with his general level of overt excitement. He wears one of the printed blue shirts that Cass had started selling. After this self-proclaimed superstar, Beau walks in the search of the boy who wronged Kolton. So, Giorgio boasts about Beau’s past record for the basketball team. Nevertheless, both interrupt Dusty’s plans for coaching the players.

Trina and Jacob see a mural painted on one of the walls. They understand that the two characters in it are Jacob and Kolton with their respective potential cards – angel and hero. Then, Jacob brings up the subject of his father learning about Kolton getting betrayed. He asks Trina why she told him about it. At the time, she saw it as a way to relieve Beau’s pain. But her answer does  not satisfy Jacob. He is tired of pretending to be in a relationship.

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Cass, meanwhile, goes to Mr Johnson’s (Patrick Kerr) shop to share her new Morpho-themes merchandise. With her friend, Nat (Mary Holland), she tries to keep them in his store to cash in the Morpho machine’s growing popularity. Mr Johnson, however, considers that its craze will be short-lived. Besides, he also asks why she isn’t selling it in her mother’s shop instead. Since their initial efforts to persuade him to fail, Cass takes a more impassioned route. She says how these results give people hope, and a dream to look up to. She says that she does not want the young people from Deerfield to grow up with no aspirations.

On the basketball court, Giorgio continues with his passionate conduct. He gets angry and Axel (Jontavious Johnson) tells him to sit on the side. Beau joins him and tries to get an inside scoop on the players. He asks who is more popular with girls, and who is most likely to get distracted by them. Despite Dusty pointing out how inappropriate his questioning is, Beau keeps asking about it. He eventually learns about Tucker (Andrew Dicostanzo) and decides to press his buttons to know if he wronged Kolton. So, even when Dusty calls it a day, Beau invites all the players back to his saloon.

Over there, Beau tries to keep all the players intimidated. When Luke (Nicholas Stargel) contradicts him on the type of wood of his furniture, Beau curtly shuts him up. Seems like, he was conditioned and forced to fit into a rigid manliness. Anyhow, they all head to the burly boy punching bag to try their luck in that game. Tucker succeeds in the first go and then Beau fails more than once. He does not accept his failure. Even Dusty fails at it, but he does not consider it a way to declare their manhood.

Meanwhile, Savannah (Elizabeth Hunter) apologizes to Trina for implying before that she will bore them with her presence. Trina uses gossip as an icebreaker to close their distance. Savannah says that she saw Trina speaking with Jacob before. So, she asks whether he would be interested in her. Trina tells her to try her luck. Maybe she is just trying to see what Jacob will do if Savannah asks him. But it opens her to the possibility of how better it would be for both if they stop seeing each other. Wouldn’t that make their worries magically disappear? Who knows!

On the other hand, Cass keeps questioning whether she is truly living up to her potential as royalty. Her passionate plea to Mr Johnson seems to have made an impact on her. So, to do right by the young people from their town, she organizes a gala fundraiser for them to work on their true potential.

Since Nat’s daughter, Savannah got ‘French’ as her life’s potential, she sees the money as a way she can fulfill her dream – of maybe living in France and leading a French life. While Cass passionately speaks about the gala, Trina remains silent. She isn’t sure how she can fit into this equation since her card said, a Liar. Trina also feels that Cass is throwing this gala out of her compulsion to be the center of attention, as royalty.

The Big Door Prize (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Does Beau learn who wronged Kolton?

While the adults stay in Beau’s garage, Jacob, Raymond (Haroon Khan), Luke, and Axel get together in the kitchen to have some food. They discuss how the Morpho results are making their parents go through a midlife crisis – thinking they did not fulfill their potential or failed their lives in some ways. Then, they talk about how those results impact their lives ahead and whether knowing such potential is a limiting or a freeing thought.

They sound more mature than the adults who keep fighting out their anger with the punching bag. Beau refuses to let the game stop or to let Tucker leave. On the other hand, Giorgio manages to drive Dusty so mad that he starts punching the bag to repeatedly score high on the burly boy. While driving back to her home with Trina, Cass gets a text from Giorgio saying that Dusty has gone out of control. So she drives to Beau’s place to drive him home.

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Over there, Cass tells Giorgio about her ambitious plan for the gala fundraiser, and Giorgio gives her permission to use his restaurant. By then, Trina sneaks into Jacob’s room and says that they should separate since being together will keep making them miserable. She thinks that he will be happier if he dates someone else. He tries to change her mind but fails to do so at the time.

Meanwhile, Beau continues to press Tucker’s buttons to make him admit having wronged Kolton. Eventually, Beau realizes how insane his behavior is and tells Tucker to go home. That’s when Jacob comes out of the house, following Trina. So, Beau realizes in that moment that Jacob was the one who wronged Kolton. Jacob accepts it but says that their relationship is now over. Beau gets emotional about how his childish pursuit made Jacob break up with Trina. He also considers Jacob’s guilt and starts sobbing. Soon after, he goes inside and tries to comfort Jacob. It looks like, he finally learns a lesson to do right by people when they are alive instead of regretting it in the future.

Back in Giorgio’s house, he lays in his bathtub and removes his wig. It comes as a shock about this man, who flamboyantly showcases himself to the world. Anyhow, it seems like his baldness is a thing he kept hidden from everyone around him. It also explains his compulsion to seek attention as a way to compensate for his anxiety about it. The next episode titled ‘Giorgio’ will hopefully shed some light on it.

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