The wait is over, Supe-slayers! The Boys are back for another action-packed season (4) of taking down Vought’s corrupt superheroes. This Emmy-winning dark comedy kicked off its fourth season on Prime Video on June 13th, promising a wild ride.

Mark Your Calendars: Here’s When New Episodes of Boys Season 4 Drop

Prime Video subscribers can already binge the first three episodes of Season 4. New episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays, leading up to a heart-pounding finale on July 18th. This season is a compact eight episodes, so get ready to devour it! Remember, The Boys are known for their graphic violence and dark humor, so maybe keep some snacks (and maybe a barf bag) handy.

Episode Release Dates:

Episode 1: “Department of Dirty Tricks” – Available now
Episode 2: “Life Among the Septics” – Available now
Episode 3: “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here” – Available now
Episode 4: June 20
Episode 5: June 27
Episode 6: July 4
Episode 7: July 11
Episode 8: July 18

The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video

Where to Watch the Supes Get Their Comeuppance?

You can only watch The Boys on Prime Video. If you haven’t subscribed yet, there’s no better time to jump in. With a Prime Video subscription, you’ll get access to all eight episodes of Season 4, along with the first three seasons and other binge-worthy shows and movies.

The Supes Ain’t So Super: A Look at the Cast

This season, The Boys return to fight against the corrupt superhero team, The Seven. We’ll see the return of our favorite (or perhaps least favorite) characters, with Karl Urban back as the gruff Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid reprising his role as Hughie Campbell, and Antony Starr continuing to play the diabolical Homelander.

Fun Fact: Did you know Homelander is actually inspired by a combination of iconic comic book heroes like Superman and Captain America? Makes you wonder what dark secrets other Supes might be hiding.

What to Expect in Season 4 of The Boys: Beyond the Explosions

While plot details are still under wraps, Season 4 promises to delve deeper into the characters’ personal struggles. The Boys will likely face new challenges that test their resolve, and the lines between good and bad might get even more blurred. This show isn’t afraid to tackle complex themes and challenge superhero tropes, all while delivering action-packed sequences and laugh-out-loud moments.

The End is Nigh, But There’s More Boys on the Horizon

This season comes with a bittersweet announcement. Showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed that Season 5 will be the final chapter for The Boys. But fret not! The Boys universe has already spawned spin-offs like the animated Gen V, so there’s a good chance we’ll see more of this chaotic world in the future.

So, grab your Prime Video subscription and prepare to dive into the explosive world of The Boys. Remember, in Vought’s world, power comes at a cost, and sometimes, the real heroes are the ones who fight from the shadows.

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