Shout! Studios has announced the streaming release date for the Viggo Mortensen-directed Western, The Dead Don’t Hurt. Following its world premiere at the 2023 Toronto Film Festival and a successful theatrical run in the US starting on May 31st, 2024, the film will debut on VOD and digital platforms this July. Written, directed, and produced by Viggo Mortensen, the film stars Mortensen alongside Vicky Krieps, Solly McLeod, Garret Dillahunt, Colin Morgan, Ray McKinnon, Luke Reilly, Atlas Green, and Danny Huston. Mortensen also composed the score for the film.

What is The Dead Don’t Hurt About?

Set against the backdrop of the western U.S. frontier in the 1860s, The Dead Don’t Hurt is a poignant tale of star-crossed lovers. Vivienne Le Coudy (Krieps), a fiercely independent French-Canadian woman, embarks on a relationship with Danish immigrant Holger Olsen (Mortensen). After meeting Olsen in San Francisco, she agrees to travel with him to his home near the quiet town of Elk Flats, Nevada, where they begin their life together.

The outbreak of the Civil War soon disrupts their peace, as Olsen makes the fateful decision to fight for the Union. Left to fend for herself in a town controlled by the corrupt Mayor Rudolph Schiller (Huston) and his unscrupulous business partner, powerful rancher Alfred Jeffries (Dillahunt), Vivienne faces numerous challenges. Among them is Jeffries’ violent, wayward son Weston (McLeod), who aggressively pursues her despite her determined resistance.

When Olsen returns from the war, he and Vivienne must confront and reconcile with their changed selves. Blending elements of a tragic love story with a nuanced depiction of the struggle between revenge and forgiveness, The Dead Don’t Hurt portrays a passionate woman standing her ground in an unforgiving world dominated by ruthless men.

What is the digital streaming release date for ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt’?

Following its world premiere at the 2023 Toronto Film Festival and a successful theatrical Shout! Studios’ acclaimed Western, The Dead Don’t Hurt, will be available for digital streaming from July 16th, 2024.

Is ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt’ on Netflix, Prime Video, or Max?

So far, only digital streaming information for The Dead Don’t Hurt is available. We don’t know if it will be available on Netflix, Prime Video, Max, or any other subscription-based platforms in the foreseeable future. However, keep an eye on this space for updates.

Is ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt’ available to rent or buy digitally?

Yes. The Dead Don’t Hurt is available for pre-order on digital platforms now. For $14.99, you can purchase the title here and be the first to see it digitally.

Watch the trailer here:

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