Is there a Post-credit scene in ‘Inside Out 2’?

Yes, Inside Out 2 follows the Disney trend and features a post-credits scene! But unlike Marvel’s teasers for future films, this one provides a surprising and humorous payoff, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Warning: This story contains spoilers from “Inside Out 2”

The Big Secret Revealed (Kind Of)

Throughout the movie, Riley’s mind vault holds a particularly intriguing resident: Deep Dark Secret. This shadowy figure, cloaked and hooded, embodies a secret memory that weighs heavily on Riley. We encounter Deep Dark Secret alongside other forgotten memories, like a beloved childhood cartoon character.

The true post-credits scene dives into Joy’s quest to finally unearth this secret. With determination, she coaxes Deep Dark Secret out of hiding, clearly expecting a major revelation. But the truth is far less dramatic: Riley once burned a hole in the rug! Relief washes over Joy, who even guesses it might have been the time Riley peed in the pool, a seemingly more embarrassing memory. Deep Dark Secret, clearly still mortified by the rug incident, lets out a sigh and scurries back into the vault, leaving Joy slightly bewildered but ultimately amused.

Comedy Over Cliffhangers

This lighthearted reveal serves as a funny button on the film. It subverts the expectation of a post-credits scene setting up a future sequel.

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