Ezra, which was recently released in theatres courtesy of Bleecker Street, finally has a digital streaming debut date. Directed by Tony Goldwyn and written by Tony Spiridakis, the comedy-drama had its world premiere at the 2023 Toronto Film Festival and subsequently opened in US theaters on May 31st, 2024. stars Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne, Vera Farmiga, Whoopi Goldberg, Rainn Wilson, Tony Goldwyn, William Fitzgerald, and Robert De Niro; this is the story of a stand-up comedian with an autistic son and the tough decisions he has to make for his future.

What is ‘Ezra’ about?

In “EZRA,” Max Bernal (played by Bobby Cannavale) navigates life as a stand-up comedian residing with his father (Robert De Niro) while balancing the challenges of co-parenting his autistic son, Ezra (debuting William Fitzgerald), alongside his ex-wife (Rose Byrne). When faced with critical decisions about Ezra’s future, Max and Ezra embark on a transformative cross-country journey. Directed by Tony Goldwyn, who also stars alongside Vera Farmiga, Rainn Wilson, and Whoopi Goldberg, “EZRA” is a poignant and humorous exploration of a family’s quest to navigate life’s complexities with love, laughter, and genuine heart.

What is the digital streaming release date for ‘Ezra’?


Ezra will be available on digital streaming platforms like Amazon, VUDU, iTunes, etc, starting June 25th, 2024.

Is ‘Ezra’ on Netflix, Prime Video, or Max?

So far, only digital streaming information for Ezra is available. We don’t know if it will be available on Netflix, Prime Video, Max, or any other subscription-based platforms in the foreseeable future. However, if we are to make a calculative guess, seeing how Bleecker Street is in an agreement with Paramount+ w/Showtime, you should be able to stream the movie on Showtime sooner rather than later.

Is ‘Ezra’ available to rent or buy digitally?

Yes. Ezra is now available to pre-order here for 24.99$. The PVOD (Premium Video on Demand) rates should go down in a month or so, but for now you can buy it for the mentioned amount.

Watch the trailer here:

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