Pixar’s recently released film “Inside Out 2″ has seemingly convinced moviegoers, bringing emotions to life and achieving significant financial success. The animated sequel, set inside the mind of a teenage girl, is currently on track to gross $140-$150 million in its opening weekend, marking the biggest debut of any movie in 2024 by a massive margin.

Until now, it was just Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune 2” that was ruling at the box office. But thanks to “Inside Out 2,” it has surpassed it as well. Now, “Dune: Part Two,” which scored an $82.5 million opening weekend at the start of March, stands at the second place. Filmmaker Villeneuve recently remarked that he was “disappointed to still be number one” because of what it said about the state of the box office, adding, “I hope, sooner or later, that this summer box office will be much better.”

It seems like his wish has finally come true. After a sluggish summer, the box office has finally been relieved of the curse as “Inside Out 2” soared above expectations by grossing $62 million on Friday (including $13 million from Thursday previews).

According to some sources, the film might pass $150 million and even climb as high as $160 million this weekend (per The Hollywood Reporter).

Boxoffice Pro forecasted an $85–$115 million opening, making this a pleasant surprise for Pixar. It also highlights how industry analysts struggle to track movies accurately in the turbulent post-pandemic, post-streaming market.

Currently, the leading competitor to “Inside Out 2” is another Pixar movie, “Incredibles 2,” which grossed $182.6 million. If “Inside Out 2” surpasses this movie, it will likely claim the second-biggest domestic opening ever for an animated movie. As for now, the second position is currently held by last year’s “The Super Mario Bros.,” which grossed $146.3 million, so it’ll be a tight race for “Inside Out 2” to knock it down. However, the holiday weekend could be an aid for the film, giving it a boost.

What is ‘Inside Out 2’ about, and what is its target audience?

When Pixar’s name is attached to a film, it’s often assumed that it’s a movie for children. However, Pixar’s films are way more than any kids’ films, as through their captivating animation and subtle premise, they often give a great message that is relatable to every age group. As for the “Inside Out” sequel film, it’s a coming-of-age film that tells the story of Riley’s emotions that want to take over Riley’s mind.

While the movie talks about a teenage girl named Riley and her emerging adolescent emotions, there is one more aspect of the film that becomes a promotional spot for the movie. It’s Father’s Day today. What could be a better thing than watching a movie together with your dad? So, the audience members who are specifically aiming to celebrate Father’s Day this week can also enlist the movie as a part of their celebration. The film marked its release on June 14, which wasn’t anything less than a strategic plan as it was certainly well-timed for this particular holiday. The movie also explores topics like the communication gap between kids and their parents and how everyone has a battle of emotions going on inside their heads.

So, all in all, “Inside Out 2” is a complete package that can be watched with family and friends, not just teenagers or fathers.

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