Rob Cohen’s ‘The Hurricane Heist’ is a thrilling action film that combines elements of disaster tragedy with the adrenaline rush of heist films. Written by Jeff Dixon and Scott Windhauser, it presents a battle between two parties while they get hit by a category-five hurricane.

Due to its director’s experience in mindless action films such as XXX and The Fast and the Furious, you will find many similarities in his directorial approach. There is hardly any attention given to fleshing out the characters on the emotional front. They are written in a stereotypical manner, with the only saving grace being the sensational action sequences. Conventionality is its biggest weakness.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for something where you get an adrenaline rush without putting on your thinking caps, keep reading further to know what happens in the film.

The Hurricane Heist (2018) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The Hurricane Heist stars Maggie Grace, Toby Kebbell, Ryan Kwanten, Ralph Ineson, Melissa Bolna, James Culter, and Ben Cross in the central roles. The film opens with two teenage brothers – Will (Leonardo Dickens) and Breeze (Patrick McAuley). They are trying to escape a hurricane with their father. The year is 1992, and their place in Gulfport, Alabama, is hit by the disastrous Hurricane Andrew. Will believes that they couldn’t leave on time and are stuck because of Breeze delaying leaving. Their father tries to calm them down while attempting to keep his truck in control.

However, a falling tree hits the truck, and they depart from the main road. Since the truck is not in the condition to drive, they see no other option but to stay safe in a nearby house. While the kids stay back inside the house, their father tries to protect the truck from getting blown away by the strong winds. However, the winds soon end up blowing a nearby water tank, which kills him.

Then the story shifts to 2018 when the Gulf Port is alerted about another category five hurricane named ‘Tammy’ approaching it. Treasury agent Casey (Maggie Grace) has been ordered by her colleague Randy Moreno (Christian Contreras) to bring Breeze and Will to their facility to assist them with a problem with their storage facility generator. Will (Toby Kebbell) is a meteorologist who works for a national weather service, whereas Breeze (Ryan Kwanten) now works in maintenance.

Another Treasury agent, Connor Perkins (Ralph Ineson), infiltrates the same facility with a few other rebel associates as Casey is making her way to these brothers. They want to steal 600 million dollars, and to achieve that target, they decide to hold Moreno hostage. He brings Sasha (Melissa Bolona) and Frears (Ed Birch) to crack the code and open the vault. But since they fail at their attempt and realize that Casey may have changed the code before leaving. That’s why Perkins decides to get hold of her to complete their mission.

The Hurricane Heist

Meanwhile, Casey drives back to the facility with Breeze. They speak about their respective pasts and get a chance to bond as friends. On their way, some of Perkins’ men suddenly attack them. Casey gets in a shootout with them, where she gets a chance to run away. But those men manage to get hold of Breeze. He is taken back to the facility as a hostage to repair the generator.

Casey goes back to speak with Will, who starts panicking since he has to save his brother before the hurricane ravages their town. She proposes to escape with a storm rescue vehicle called the Dominator. Through that, they reach a nearby station to meet Sheriff Jimmy Dixon (Ben Cross) with the hope of getting his help to save Breeze.

But upon meeting him, they realize that he is working along with Perkins and his cohorts in the heist mission. As a result, Dixon tries to take Casey & Will hostage. However, Casey tries to shoot Dixon in order to save themselves. Dixon escapes and does not see it as his defeat and continues to follow them with an associate. Soon after, Will manages to run his dominator over Dixon’s car, and they both run away.

Meanwhile, in the facility, Sasha and Frears decide to use the transmission tower of their town to find the code through a brute-force attack. Casey reaches this tower with Will to not let them succeed in their attempt. Despite the horrifying state of the weather, he starts walking onto this tower. Perkins and his associates, meanwhile, come there and try to attack Casey. But by the time Sasha and Frears crack the code, the tower gets toppled, which leaves their attempt to crack the code unsuccessful. Perkins keeps trying to win over Casey with a gunfight. But with their determination to save Breeze, she and will manage to save themselves and escape.

Back at the facility, Breeze tries to save the soldiers who Perkins’ men lock-in. Frears notices it at the right moment and thwarts Breeze’s rescue attempt. On the other hand, Dixon reaches this facility and fights Perkins over his failure in the previous heist. To get rid of this opposition, Perkins decides to kill the officer.

Meanwhile, Will and Casey continue to seek an amicable solution for their problems. They enter the Gulfport mall, and Casey gets in touch with Perkins to cut a deal for the safety of Moreno and Breeze in exchange for the code he needs. She tells the trade to be done at the same mall. When Perkins’ cohorts reach there with Breeze, he has a brief dialogue with Will, where he informs him about their plan. After that, they shoot the roof glass, which makes the mercenaries get sucked out into the storm. Will, Casey, and Breeze manage to save themselves from it.

The Hurricane Heist (2018) Movie Ending, Explained:

Does Perkins succeed in his heist attempt?

In their further plan, Casey gives herself up to Perkins’ men. Breeze helps save Will, who was caught by them before. Once Casey reaches the treasury facility, she reminds Perkins of her deal to save Moreno in exchange for the code. But he betrays her trust and decides not to release Moreno since he sees it as a matter of personal vendetta against him. He then takes Casey in custody for the deaths of his associates – Xander and Jaqi.

Then, Perkins and his men move out with the money through the facility’s trucks. Will and Breeze decide to follow them. They take over a truck. But soon gets attacked by Sasha and Frears from the inside. They fight back, win over, and get control of the truck. On the other hand, a Perkins cohort is determined to kill Casey. She gets into a verbal fight with him and then a physical, which she manages to win soon enough.

Do Casey, Will, and Breeze stay alive in the end?

Eventually, Will gets hold of Casey, and they start driving in the same truck. While Perkins continues to make his heist a success, the money gets sucked out of his truck, which then turns his truck upside down. Meanwhile, Breeze’s vehicle backfires, and he gets rescued by Will and Breeze. Everyone from Perkins’ gang gets sucked by the storm. Fortunately, the three manage to drive away safely with $200 million in their possession. So we can see a classic morality play here. The good manages to win over the treacherous.

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