The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 10 Recap: This episode of The Killing Vote is a whirlwind of suspense and revelations. With Seok-joo and his team now in the hands of the police and the true identity of Gaetal revealed, the stakes have never been higher. A shocking video surfaces, exposing the chilling truth behind Na-rae’s murder, sending shockwaves through the investigation. The episode’s climax delivers a gut-wrenching twist, and the lines between justice and vengeance blur.

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The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 10 Recap:

The episode begins with Joo Hyun in Min-soo’s basement, trying to find more storage space to transfer all the documents. She is on a call with Jo-Dan, who is asking her to leave the house quickly. Joo-Hyun realizes she is locked inside and is unable to find her way out. While going through Min-soo’s computer, she finds a video of Na-rae, which Min-soo and Woo-taek captured.

Someone on a bike is following Min-soo. Joo Min follows Ji-hoon to an internet café. She noticed that there was a space for premium gaming. She follows him outside and calls him, but he lies to her. Then she continues to follow him and reaches Min-soo’s house. Eventually, she confronts him but gets a notification that Joo Hyun is nearby. Meanwhile, Joo Hyun sends the video to Mu-chan. The video contains Min-soo and Woo-taek killing Na-rae.

Mu-chan immediately decides to search his house and rescue Joo Hyun. Joo Min calls Joo Hyun and asks her where she is. They see Min-soo’s vehicle and warn Joo Hyun. By then, Min-soo gets a call from Ji-young, who asks him to turn himself in as she has gotten hold of the evidence Joo Hyun has sent Mu-chan. Min-soo leaves from there, and Ji-hoon and Joo Min are relieved. The person who gave her the video was Jin-soo. He tells her that she needs police protection and that the only way to get out of this is if Min-soo turns himself in.

As Mu-chan is leaving for Min-soo’s house, he comes to the police station and plays the video where Na-rae is saying she misses her father. He confesses to his crime and is arrested immediately. Meanwhile, Min-soo’s computer started formatting itself, and this is happening from Min-soo’s laptop that was in his car. Mu-chan enters the room to rescue Joo Hyun. The police seize everything from Min-soo’s room.

Joo Min and Ji-hoon asked Joo Hyun what was going on. Joo Hyun sees that Joo Min is trusting Min-soo, and she reveals that he is a murderer but asks them to keep things quiet. Ji-hoon, through the conversation, gets to know that the laptop is in the car and asks Gaetal 3 to retrieve it. Joo Min is shocked and asks Ji-hoon if he is Gaetal. From the video Joo Hyun found, Mu-chan and his team found the murder location. They enter to find it neatly painted and the floors changed.

Mu-chan mentions that Ji-young knew about what her son had done and could get her with this evidence. He also tells the team that the timing for Min-soo to surrender is odd and can’t be a coincidence. Jin-soo chimes in and says that criminals have an intuition of things, which makes Mu-chan suspicious of him. Seok-joo gets home, and Ji-hoon arrives home with bated breath, informing him that Min-soo was arrested and wondering if they had failed.

The person on the motorcycle takes Min-soo’s laptop from his car. At the police station, Min-soo’s secretary was giving details about his medication and the do’s and don’ts. This behavior annoys Yoon-ji as she believes he’s a criminal and he wasn’t here on vacation. Jin-soo arrives and asks Yoon-ji to take good care of him as he needs to be alive until the trial. Ji-young talks to the commissioner of police, reminding them that they had their jobs because of her.

Mu-chan enters the meeting, and Ji-young insists that his focus should be on Seok-joo and not Min-soo. Joo Hyun and Jo Dan couldn’t find Min-soo’s laptop in his car. Ji-hoon sneaks into the staff room and keeps the laptop on Min-soo’s table but is caught as Joo Hyun enters the room. He lies, saying he wanted to take the laptop, but Joo Hyun let it slide. Before saying goodbye, Ji-hoon tells Joo Hyun that it was nice to know her.

The Killing Vote Season 1 Episode 10

Jo Dan gives a brief to the rest of the team and mentions someone unknown who is tech-savvy. They also get to know that Dong-gyu had given information to Min-soo. Joo Hyun informs Mu-chan that they couldn’t find anything on the laptop yet. But she tells him that after the case, they should go their separate ways as their way of working is very different, and Mu-chan agrees.

Meanwhile, Do-Hee is having a drink at a bar, and Seok-joo comes in. Out of fear, she tries to escape, but Seok-joo proposes an idea and confesses that he is Gaetal. She asks for proof, and in the next scene, we see Gaetal appearing on her show. He apologizes for illegally installing the app on everyone’s phone. He asks them to update the app and also reveals the next target was Min-soo without mentioning his name. At the police station, a police officer gets a message from Gaetal asking for help.

The TV station staff realized that this was a recorded show, and Do-hee had recorded it the previous day. Joo Hyun visits Min-soo, gives him a watch, and tells him he is the next target. He tries to provoke her by using her sister’s name, but she responds by saying he must be feeling afraid as he might die. Mu-chan gets a clue as he sees Na-rae’s files. In her drawings, there was a pink umbrella, and even at the crime scene, there was a pink umbrella. Mu-chan remembered seeing a pink umbrella in Hye-jin’s house.

He tells Joo Hyun that Ji-hoon was the boy Seok-joo wanted to adopt. He also tells her that the killing vote always started at 10 PM when all the schools and academies were shut. Hye-jin and Ji-hoon have a heartfelt conversation where she tells him that she is going to turn herself in and he should go to Germany to study, which makes him very emotional. Jin-soo talks to Joo Hyun and gets out of the car, and immediately messages Ji-young about Ji-hoon.

Meanwhile, Min-soo asks for his medicine, and an officer gives Min-soo his medicine. Min-soo drinks it and suddenly is not able to breathe, and below the cup, he sees the symbol of Gaetal. This was the officer whom Gaetal contacted. They immediately rushed him to the hospital. On the other hand, Mu-chan and Jin-soo arrest Hye-jin. Mu-chan asks her if it is okay if Seok-joo gets the death penalty, and she tells him that Seok-joo was dead eight years ago.

In the hospital, Jin-wook gets past the officers and visits Min-soo. He injects something into his IV. When Ji-young and her secretaries visit him, there is no one in Min-soo’s bed. Jin-wook takes Min-soo in the elevator. Dong-gyu happened to be in the same elevator. He tried to leave, but Jin-wook forced him to help him put Min-soo in an ambulance. Min-soo wakes up to find himself facing Seok-joo and the other Gaetals.

He starts laughing at the sight. Seok-joo gives him a last opportunity to confess his crimes and feel repentance, and if he did, the public might not vote to kill him. But he is arrogant and does not feel any guilt. Everything he said was being televised live. Seok-joo asks him why he killed Na-rae, and he tells him that Seok-joo did not pay him much attention and that to get his attention, he killed her. The voting begins, and the majority vote for Min-soo to be killed.

Meanwhile, Mu-chan asks the team to look for power surges. Jo-dan finds it in an internet café. Seok-joo starts playing music on the loudspeaker, which is a torture to Min-soo. Min-soo looks at the camera and tells the people that Seok-joo was using them as his accomplices to kill him so they could get away. He smirks at the word justice. Gaetal, who was now Ji-hoon, tells him that there needs to be some bloodshed to change the world. Min-soo recognizes this statement as Ji-hoon had said the same thing in class once. Min-soo is shocked that Ji-hoon was Gaetal.

The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

Will Min-soo survive the Killing Vote?

Joo Hyun enters the café without waiting for a backup. In there, she finds a door and asks Ji-hoon to get out so she won’t hurt him. He opens the door, and Joo Hyun has her gun pointed at him. He removes his mask and tells her that he is sure she couldn’t ignore his mistake this time. Dong-gyu was tied inside the ambulance, but he escaped, and the cops found him. He leads them to the hideout. Jin-wook sees the cops coming in and asks Seok-joo to flee, but he does not move.

Min-soo collapses because of the sound. Mu-chan and the team enter the room, and Seok-joo tries to choke Min-soo to death. The police hold him back while Mu-chan tries to save him. Seok-joo asks Mu-chan not to save him as he had once wanted to kill Min-soo. Mu-chan gets hesitant as he remembers Na-rae’s voice in the video.

This episode had a lot of revelations. With a couple of episodes left, it is going to be interesting to see how the story unfolds as the real face of Gaetal is revealed. Seok-joo and team are with the police, and will they be able to escape? We have to wait and see if Joo Hyun will let Ji-hoon escape, succumbing to her emotions. Will Mu-chan save Min-soo or let him die? The show did manage very well to keep Jin-soo’s reality a secret. The characters and their actions are intertwined at this stage, and any move a character makes has a huge impact on the rest.

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