The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 11: This episode takes us on a rollercoaster of action and emotions. Mu-chan finds himself in a race against time to stop Seok-joo from killing himself. Ji-hoon, meanwhile, has revealed his true identity to the public. Mu-chan gets a sad revelation about Jin-soo’s involvement with Ji-young. It is an intense episode, leaving the viewers questioning which side to choose and what is truly just.

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The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 11 Recap:

The episode begins with Mu-chan saving Min-soo’s life and upsetting Seok-joo. We see a flashback to 8 years ago, when Jin-soo had taken money from a stranger who had turned out to be Ji-young (Assemblywoman Min), and detective Ahn Gyu-chul asked Jin-soo to make sure the case went in their favor. Meanwhile, Mu-chan was telling him about the evidence that was found in Min-soo’s case.

In the present, Mu-chan arrests Seok-joo, but Chul-min insists he join them. Joo Hyun tries to take Ji-hoon to the police station while still being civil towards him. While they were getting out of the internet café, Joo Min came up with an idea to save Ji-hoon. She sends other kids to distract Joo Hyun, and Ji-hoon seizes the opportunity and runs. He sees Joo Min, and she helps him run away.

Ji-young calls Jin-soo to find out if Min-soo is in good health and asks him which of the two cars Min-soo is in. Jin-soo asks her why she wanted to know, and she tells him that, as a parent, she needed to protect him. Jin-soo changes his mind, lies, and tells her that Min-soo was in the back car. Jin-soo speeds up, but a truck hits their car. Everyone is injured, and Mu-chan rescues Jin-soo. Meanwhile, Chul-min helps Seok-joo escape. Min-soo provokes Seok-joo, reminding him of Na-rae.

Seok-joo tries to kill him, but Mu-chan stops him. Chul-min stabs Mu-chan to help Seok-joo escape. There is an oil leak, and the car blows up, killing Min-soo. Joo Hyun tries to chase Ji-hoon, but they escape from her. She was almost about to find him, but she gets a call informing her about Min-soo’s death and Jin-soo’s injuries. Joo Min helps Ji-hoon settle down in a house. Ji-hoon opens up to her and tells her that that was the house where his parents were murdered, he had found a family, and Min-soo had killed his sister.

Do-hee goes on air and informs the public about Seok-joo and the killing vote. The way she communicates her message, it seems like she is in support of the Killing Vote. Her boss is unhappy with her and tells his subordinate to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Mu-chan is suspicious of Jin-soo. Jin-soo’s surgery had gone well, but he was unconscious. Joo Hyun listens to an audio recording and is shocked.

She makes Mu-chan listen to the audio, which shows Jin-soo’s involvement. In the recording, they hear the conversations between Ji-young and Jin-soo. Mu-chan is annoyed and pays a visit to Ji-young. She is in mourning for her son, and she blames Seok-joo and the police for her son’s death. Mu-chan reminds her that she was the one who killed her son. She promises to file a lawsuit against the police force, but Mu-chan warns her that he is insane and she better watch out.

Ji-young follows through and files a police complaint against the police, but Joo Hyun tells Mu-chan that they were buying time to cover up the fact that Ji-young had hired the truck driver. Joo Hyun realizes the abnormal routes Joo Min had taken and tells Mu-chan about them. They devise a plan, and Joo Hyun messages Joo Min that Ji-hoon is in trouble as the police had put a warrant on him. Joo Min, in fear, rushes to the house, and Joo Hyun and Mu-chan enter and try to search the house.

Ji-hoon is nowhere to be found, and Joo Min is worried about him. Ji-hoon is with Seok-joo by the sea, spreading Na-rae’s ashes. They discuss how much they miss her. Chul-min is also present. Seok-joo apologizes to Ji-hoon for dragging him into this revenge, as he is fuelled by anger. He asks Ji-hoon to run away and not tell anyone, including him, where he is going. He promises Ji-hoon that he would turn himself in, and once he is out of prison, he will contact him.

A still from The Killing Vote Season 1 Episode 11.
A still from The Killing Vote Season 1 Episode 11.

Ji-hoon asks Seok-joo if he ever resented him, as he was late to pick up Na-rae the day she was kidnapped. Seok-joo hugs him and assures him that he never resented him even once. Ji-hoon left, and Chul-min asks Seok-joo if he hasn’t told the truth to Ji-hoon. Ji-hoon visits Joo Min and tells her that he is going to go away for a while, but he would contact her and inform her of everything. Meanwhile, Do-hee is kidnapped and brought to Min-soo’s room.

While Ji-hoon and Joo Min are talking, The Killing Vote starts, and Seok-joo reveals to the world who he is and tells his story. He asks the public to vote for whether he should live or die, as he had put himself on the killing vote. Chul-min makes arrangements for Seok-joo to hang himself. Ji-hoon tries to contact Seok-joo to stop him, but he is not reachable. He then tries to contact Chul-min, who tells him that he isn’t going to stop Seok-joo.

Joo Min secretly informs Joo Hyun that Ji-hoon is in their house. Ji-hoon wants to leave to stop Seok-joo, but Joo Min stops him. He persuades her to let him go and promises to turn himself in after he stops Seok-joo from killing himself. Joo Min agrees but accompanies him and informs Joo Hyun that Ji-hoon will turn himself in after he finishes what he wants to do.

The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 11 Ending, Explained:

What is the Fate of Ji-hoon and Seok-joo?

Mu-chan and his team find Seok-joo’s hideout, and Mu-chan decides to go in alone to negotiate with Seok-joo. Ji-hoon gets on a live broadcast with Gaetal mask and asks the public not to vote. He tells the public who he is by removing the mask and telling them his story and why he became Gaetal. Ji-young had sent thugs to find both Ji-hoon and Seok-joo.

Joo Hyun and Jo-dan are closing in on Ji-hoon and Joo Min’s location. They reach a warehouse to find Ji-hoon Beign beat up by some guys. Joo Hyun is pointing the gun at those boys, but Ji-hoon is beaten to death. Meanwhile, as Mu-chan is getting inside the building, he sees Seok-joo hanging himself and rushes in, but Seok-joo has taken on the noose. We see a flashback to the time the police department was having a nice dinner where Ji-hoon and Joo Min were present as well.

The last scene of the episode definitely suggests that Ji-hoon might have been killed. Seok-joo may be alive, as Mu-chan was trying to save him, but we can’t be sure. The show in this episode has touched upon the idea that what goes around comes around, and if this idea is true, then Seok-joo is probably true. In the next episode, we hope to see some justice being served with either Ji-young behind bars or dead.

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