In episode 3 of The Killing Vote (Season 1), the web of lies tightens as the explosion’s aftermath takes center stage. The innocent facade of Gaetal is shattered, and the public opinion of Gaetal sways. As Joo Hyun and Mu-chan try to find more evidence on Gaetal, Seok-joo’s words put doubt in Joo Hyun’s mind. Joo Min discovers something suspicious about her teacher. Ji-hoon and Joo Min join Joo Hyun to find Gaetal.

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The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 3 Recap:

In this episode, we pick up where we left off in the explosion that supposedly killed Mu-chan. Uhm Eun Kyung was killed in the explosion, and news broke out that Mu-chan, an innocent police officer, was killed in the explosion as well. We see Joo Hyun reaching the car in time to help Mu-chan, but the public is unaware that the explosion hurt Mu-chan. The police did not want to reveal that Mu-chan was only hurt but not dead.

They informed the public through news channels and reporters that Mu-chan was fighting life and death, and Gaetal had not stopped the explosion despite knowing someone innocent was in the car with the culprit. The public opinion because of this incident changed. Everyone who had thought Gaetal was the savior cleaning up the society had changed their opinion after this incident. They thought Gaetal was a monster not stopping at killing innocent people.

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Meanwhile, while the explosion took place, Joo Min saw her teacher paying some guys money and figured it had something to do with the explosion. She recorded the whole incident. She was afraid about her sister and waited for her at home while tracking her phone. Joo Hyun comes home to find Joo Min waiting for her. She asks Joo Min if she still thought Gateal was in the right after killing an innocent person.

Joo Hyun finds Mu-chan’s health condition, which is reportedly fishy, and decides to sneak into the hospital to meet him. Mu-chan was on a call with Jin-soo, asking him not to tell Joo Hyun about the situation, but she barged into his room. She visits him to find that he is only a little hurt, and they argue about whether it is right to lie to the public. Lee Min-soo, son of the political leader Ji-young, is sending videos to the executor. Ji-young wanted Gateal to join her as he had the potential to sway public opinion.

Kim Ji-hoon and Joo Min get close to school. Ji-hoon looks at his teacher suspiciously. But Joo Min takes Jo-hoon home to show him the Gateal’s first video. She tells him she hears the firefighter sounds and light coming in through a window. They also suspected that Mu-chan was in critical condition, and Joo Hyun walked in on them and started yelling. But she joins them in investigating the video further. Joo Hyun does a little bit of research and realizes that one house that stood out was Seok-joo’s house.

They rush to his location. She asks Joo Min and Ji-hoon to stay by the CCTV while she investigates inside the house. Joo Hyun informs Mu-chan about what she will do and goes inside. On the top floor of the house, she sees ’13th one was wrong’ written on the wall. She also sees many newspaper clippings about Seok-joo’s murder trial and case. Mu-chan receives the message and rushes to the location. The kids are worried as she was 20 minutes late from her agreed time. Joo Hyun was hit on the head by someone while she was inside.

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Mu-chan rushes inside the house and sees Joo Hyun lying down. He helps her up and a man is seen trying to attack them. They both chase him, but the man escapes. Joo Min tries to catch the culprit outside, but Ji-hoon stops her. The man escapes. The next day, the police and the forensics team arrive at his house to collect evidence. Mu-chan and Joo Hyun visit Seok-joo at prison. In prison, the prison guard, as a form of story, told Seok-joo about the events that took place outside regarding the explosion.

At the prison, Joo Hyun asks Seok-joo if she knows anything about Gaetal and if he suspects anyone. Mu-chan directly asks him if he is Gaetal. Seok-joo tells Joo Hyun not to trust Mu-chan as they were close before. He also tells them that his daughter was stabbed 22 times, and he was killing the murderer the same way, and the thirteenth time, he made a mistake. He also mentions Mu-chan’s name as someone he would suspect as he was keen on his case.

The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 3 Ending, Explained:

Is Gaetal the Hero or the Villain in the eyes of the public?

During Gi-chul’s funeral, his wife contemplated reaching out to Mu-chan about something that had happened on the night of Gi-chul’s death. She takes the phone to message him but is hit and killed by having money stuffed into her mouth. Joo Hyun is annoyed and asks Mu-chan to explain his closeness with Seok-joo. She even asks him if he knows that the video was made in Seok-joo’s house and had already visited there once.

Gaetal goes live and apologizes to the viewers as he is doing a broadcast on a short notice. He wants to clear his name, and he shows a video of the day the explosion occurred; in the video, we can see Joo Hyun rescuing Mu-chan. Gaetal exposes Mu-chan’s lie to the public. Gaetal asks the people to question Mu-chan on what justice means to him. Mu-chan and Joo Hyun are about to leave the prison, but news reporters are capturing their pictures. They ask Mu-chan to comment on the events, and Mu-chan tells Gaetal that he will catch him at any cost.

Joo Min’s teacher seems like real trouble. He is surely associated with Gaetal and Min-soo, who is executing some things for Gaetal. Seok-joo’s statement to Joo Hyun will surely leave a seed of doubt in her mind towards Mu-chan complicating things. But irrespective, Mu-chan and Joo Hyun’s relationship is slowly building. Gaetal makes a move, putting Mu-chan in a difficult spot, but it does not seem like Gaetal will stop with the killing vote.

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