The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained – What does Twig find out about June?

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4

Would you continue a relationship with someone based on lies, overbearing manipulation, and their controlling nature to protect you from the harsh realities of the world? Episode 4 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart digs deeply into the intricate complexity of a person with a troubled past. The show takes us inside the mind and textbook nature of a person who grows up to become a fully evolved person based on their own trauma and experiences. These people navigate life’s choices by carefully calculating every step to avoid mistakes. However, when a broken individual encounters someone who displays a slight understanding of them, they almost immediately become inclined to reconsider their decisions.

In the latest episode, Alice’s character aims to free herself from the cocoon that her grandmother vastly controls. Simultaneously, although we understand the reasons behind June’s drastic actions in her life, we also realize that her behavior of inflicting further pain upon those around her remains unacceptable. Will Alice discover the inner peace she seeks? Or will she go down the same road as her mother? Can June rectify her actions? Or is she inadvertently paving the way for more distressing and unbearable revelations later in the series?

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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4 Recap:

Part 4: River Lily, Meaning: Love concealed

In part four, a 14-year time jump takes place, showing a grown Alice who is visibly frustrated as she rummages through June’s office in a desperate search for something. Boo, calls her out, but Alice ignores it, grabs her packed bags, and leaves the estate in her truck. Meanwhile, June and Twig return home after undergoing surgery to remove her uterus. To their shock, they find their home in complete chaos, with Alice nowhere to be found and the office space completely torn apart. Boo informs June about Alice’s erratic behavior, which seems to begin after fetching the mail from the post office. Upon closer look, June discovers a torn envelope mailed directly to Alice and a symbolic flower that signifies betrayal. It becomes clear to June that Alice must have become privy to a piece of information known only to her that triggered such a severe reaction in the young girl.

June inspects the torn envelope to identify the letter’s sender intended for Alice but to no vain. Feeling confused, she reaches out to Sal to inquire if Alice has been in touch with her. This moment also provides a glimpse into Sal’s life as they celebrate that their son is now out of danger and won’t require frequent doctor visits unless an emergency arises. In a prior episode, it was revealed that Sal and John had ultimately taken in Alice’s brother as part of a pact with June. In the meantime, Alice redecorates her truck after getting away from the town, aiming to divert attention from herself due to her recognizable name and connection with June Hart. She drives straight to Tukurta National Park, which might hold possible links to her mother, Agnes. Back at June’s place, with Alice gone, she secretly wrestles with the overwhelming emotions of hiding the complete truth from Alice all these years.

After reaching Agnes Bluff, the gateway to the national park, Alice notices the stray she picked up earlier is severely injured. She takes the dog to a nearby vet clinic and encounters the veterinarian Moss. However, while interacting with him, Alice suddenly faints. Concerned, Dr. Moss offers help, but she snaps at him in response.

What happened with Alice before she decided to leave Thornfield?

Alice and Oggi developed a close bond as they grew up, often making plans to travel the world together. However, their situation takes a turn when Oggi reveals that he is without a valid passport (because his father left him and his mother in the country before moving to Bulgaria), making him susceptible to deportation at any time. He shares that he can never return once he leaves. Alice proposes they elope, get married, obtain new passports, and continue their dream of traveling together, just as they had imagined.

On the day they were supposed to elope, Oggi doesn’t show up, leaving Alice heartbroken. A few years later, Alice receives a personal letter from Oggi directly addressed to her. In the letter, Oggi expresses his shock at receiving emails from Alice about their breakup. He explains that after being deported to Bulgaria, he met someone and is engaged to be married. At the time, June had informed Alice about Oggi’s deportation, which now makes sense to Alice. She goes through June’s computer and realizes that June was the one who betrayed her like this. Overwhelmed, Alice finally calls Candy and tells her that she will never return to Thornfield due to the immense pain that June has caused her throughout the years.

Next, we see Alice exploring various hiking trails in the desert region. Along her journey, she meets a friendly man who suggests a sweet spot for a swim. On her way to the place, the hotel manager informs her that she should visit the vet first to get her dog. At the veterinary clinic, Moss agrees to take the dog to his place if they go out for a drink. The two end up sleeping together after a few drinks, conversing about her artwork and her association with flowers.

Why does June call John?

A still from The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4.
A still from The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4.

After hearing from Alice, Candy goes through June’s email on her computer only to realize that Alice was right about June. Angered and betrayed, Candy snaps at Twig when she learns of her participation in everything June had done to Alice (could she also be the victim of June’s overbearing protection?) Twig warns June about fixing everything before she loses yet another child. Seeing Twig get upset with her, June calls John, but Charlie (his son, June’s grandson) picks up the phone instead.

Upon hearing her name, Charlie gets delighted and tries to tell her about his health progress. However, June (despite getting soft in her heart and knees to hear his voice over the phone) maintains a cold demeanor with him and demands to speak to John immediately. When John takes over the call, June asks for help finding Alice. Later, at the greenhouse, while telling Twig that John agreed to find Alice, June, who is still recovering from her surgery, falls and faints.

At the bar, Alice and Moss hang out together. As they drink, they learn more about each other. Moss often visits his parents’ home but likes to be in the desert. Alice shares details about her parent’s death and how her grandmother could easily push people out of her life due to her overprotective, controlling instincts. Moss’s friends soon join them, and Alice realizes that one of his friends, Lulu, is wearing a shirt with the logo of a flower from the national park she plans to visit. Amazed that Alice hasn’t taken the national park’s tour since she entered the town, Lulu immediately puts her and Moss’s names for a next-day visit to the park.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4:

What does Twig find out about June?

After noticing that Charlie had not spoken much following his call with June, Sal couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of keeping quiet about how June is ignorant towards her grandson. Unable to stand another moment of June making calls for everyone, Sal phones June. Twig, who, along with Candy, stands by June while she is still unconscious in the hospital, receives the call and is shocked to learn from Sal (who is clueless that June had kept Charlie a secret from everyone) that June has a grandson and never attempted to meet or maintain any contact with him.

Despite receiving all the updates about his health, she has always maintained that Charlie was dead right after birth. Shocked by the news, Twig drives straight to the house, goes to June’s back office, and finds a box named Charlie. Inside the box, she discovers hospital records, bills, and adoption papers that state Sally and John Morgan as Charlie’s adoptive parents. Completely heartbroken, Twig curses June as she stumbles upon a small tin box filled with letters addressed to Alice Hart and a single letter by Charlie Morgan containing his photographs from his growing years.

Why does Alice lie to Moss?

Back at the bar, as Alice steps out for a smoke, she unexpectedly encounters Dylan, the man she had met earlier during her hike. There is an obvious underlying tension between them, and he subtly flirts with her, noticing the flower she is wearing on her pendant. Lulu joins them outside, making it evident that she and Dylan are a couple. While dancing with Moss and her overly friendly friends, Alice and Dylan constantly keep an eye on each other. The following day, Lulu messages Alice, informing her that she and Moss are scheduled for a morning tour at the park. However, Alice lies to Moss, stating that Lulu could only secure one pass for the tour. It could only mean she wants to spend more time with Dylan as she intended in the lake on the first day they met.

How does the confrontation between June and Twig go?

Back at the farm, June attempts to mend her relationship with Twig, who is seen chopping down the plant she had planted in memory of Charlie to honor his death. Twig is visibly furious, hurt, and shattered by June’s grave betrayal of keeping such a crucial secret from her, the family, and especially from Alice, who had been burdened by guilt, believing her brother had died because of her. In an outburst of anger, Twig confronts June, expressing her deep resentment. June tries to justify herself, claiming that she kept secret to protect Alice, considering that Charlie also carried Clem’s blood and might have turned out like his father. However, Twig dismisses June’s explanation (making a valid point of how her behavior is no different from the men they have encountered in their life), asserting that if June had been truthful with Alice and had shown more compassion towards both children, rather than suffocating Alice with her overbearing, manipulative, and controlling nature, perhaps Alice and Charlie could have grown up together as they were meant to. She then delivers the final blow to the plant with her axe, completely uprooting it.

The ending of episode 4 of The Lost Flower of Alice Hart shows Alice going to the national park alone, lying to Lulu that Moss couldn’t join her. Meanwhile, June creates a bouquet for Twig to convey the message, ‘Forgive me; without you, I am lost.’ However, when Twig receives the bouquet, she remains furious and heartbroken, symbolizing her hurt by destroying the flower arrangement. Finally, Alice comes to terms with her mother’s passing as she visits the place that likely held significant meaning in Agnes’ life – maybe with an intention to move on.

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