The Mandalorian (Season 3), Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: All Hail Bo-Katan Kryze. Yes, yes, I do remember that I whined a little about sidelining Pedro Pascal for the most part of the season and giving Katee Sackhoff the center stage. The latest episode is not an exception either, but I gotta hand it over to the show makers for brilliantly pulling it off episode after episode this season. One thing I really admire about The Mandalorian is the show has always taken its craft very seriously, no matter what content they have in hand.

This episode is a prime example of why technical craft is an important aspect, when your content is not particularly riveting. While the main story is pretty much silly and nothing exceptional, the execution is absolutely fantastic. Not to mention, bringing in a galaxy full of cameos by the likes of Jack Black, Lizzo and and none other than Christopher “Doc Brown” Lloyd was a great idea and works very much in favour of the episode.

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The Mandalorian (Season 3), Episode 6 Recap

We are introduced to a group of Quarren in the mid-rim, when they come across an Imperial vessel being run by Mandalorians, led by Axe Woves – yes, the Mandalorian from Bo-Katan’s clan who has come to Din’s aid more than once in the past. In present days though, Axe walks in a path far different from that of Bo-Katan. Her former fleet is also led by Axe now. And this group of Mandalorians aka the “Night Owls” have come to take the son of a Mon Calamari viceroy from the Quarren.

That is not exactly surprising considering the two species have an ancient history of rivalry between them but soon we realise it is actually not that but a matter of heart. The son of the Viceroy and the Quarren captain Shuggoth are actually in a romantic relationship which doesn’t sit well with the Mon Calamaris. Hence they have hired the “Night Owls” to get the boy home, in whatever possible way. And who better to do the task than these mercenaries? That was rhetorical, but Axe Woves and his fleet manage to complete the job without any trouble. The lovers part ways, and we are greeted with the familiar intro.

The mission to unite the Mandalorians

Picking up from where the last episode had left us; Bo-Katan, Din and Grogu are on their way to find other Mandalorians in the galaxy and unite everyone. The first step of doing that is reclaiming Bo-Katan’s further fleet aka “Night Owls.” The destination is an independent planet called Plazir-15, where the “Night Owls” are hired as privateers to save the planet from outside threats. Upon reaching the futuristic looking Plazir-15, the trio find out that to meet the Night Owls who are camping outside the planet, they have to meet the Planet’s leadership and thanks to the automated system of the planet, it is unavoidable.

And guess who are these leaders? Well, it is Jack Black and Lizzo, playing two very colorful characters that absolutely suit them. Black is Captain Bombardier, a former member of the Empire who has done questionable things in the Imperial era, but now reformed and has found love in Lizzo, who is the true royalty of the planet. Together, they have made the planet what it is; a colorful paradise with all the great tech amenities where people mostly live their lives by “chilling”.

However, there is one issue: a revolt of rogue droids. Plazir-15 employs Imperial combat droids, but they have been reprogrammed to serve the residents as instructed, which is why this issue must be resolved as soon as possible. Since the planet is not permitted to have external weapons on its soil, they are unable to hire anyone from outside to fix the problem. That is why getting two Mandalorians for whom weapons are part of their attire instead of anything extra, seems like getting the moon in hand.

Bo-Katan and Din saving the day

Seeing there is no other option but to complete this side quest in order to get access to the “Night Owls,” Bo-Katan and Din quickly get into it. They soon meet Commissioner Helgait (Christopher Lloyd mixing his Doc Brown persona with an annoyed old man persona), who shows them several surveillance footage of the rogue droid related incidents. When Din mentions the entire problem can be solved by switching off the droids, Hewitt explains that the citizens of Plazir-15 have voted against that because they are extremely dependent on the droids doing all the necessary work which allows them to laze around.

To get further information, Bo-Katan and Din meet the Ugnaughts who are responsible for mining the droids and working on them. While Bo-Katan fails to communicate with the Ugnaughts, Din’s past experience (remember the very first episode of The Mandalorian?) comes very handy and he runs most of the communication. The Ugnaughts understandably refuse to take any responsibilities for the droid problems but Din does manage to get the possible locations where the rogue droid can be found.

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They visit the docks where Bo-Katan plans to observe and investigate but Din seems to have a whole other method, which is nothing but instigating every droid by attacking them until he finds one. Believe it or not, this actually works out and a droid soon attacks them. However, after a chase through the city, they manage to decommission it. From the dead droid they manage to find the location of a droid bar called The Resister.

While Bo-Katan still wants to take a measured approach, Din seems to be in a real mood and starts threatening the droids in the bar. Surprisingly and ironically, the droids in the bar are just as worried about the droid issue as the Citizen, fearing that they will soon be decommissioned and replaced by “humans.”

The bartender droid tells them that in The Resister the droids are only served one drink- Nepenthé, and all the malfunctioned droids were served from one particular batch of Nepenthé, which was most likely contaminated by someone intentionally. They take the investigation to the morgue where a medical droid attacks them but Din soon takes care of it with the darksaber. With a little more digging they find out a chain-code which leads them to the man behind the curtain. It is none other than Commissioner Hewitt, who is a droid hater as well as a Separatist and not at all a fan of Bombardier.

The Dutches and Captain Bombardier are shocked to find out their trusted commissioner being the man causing all the trouble, and they exile him to the Moon of Paraqaat. Now that the Droid problem is handled, Din and Bo-Katan are granted their promised access to the “Night Owls.” But that’s not it. They also receive several honours from the Captain and the Dutches; a key to Plazir-15 for Bo-Katan and for Grogu, who by now has become literally the “apple of the eye” for the Dutches, Knighthood under the order of Independent Regencies.b

The Mandalorian (Season 3), Episode 6: Ending Explained

How does Bo-Katan reclaim her fleet?

Bo-Katan doesn’t get a warm welcome from Axe and her former fleet. Given how they deserted her after she accidentally lost the darksaber to Din, it is not surprising. But the current Bo-Katan is not someone who is going to return empty handed. So like a true warrior, she challenges Axe Woves in an one-on-one battle with the winner taking the fleet. Woves agrees immediately and we get a fascinating Mandalorian battle sequence where Bo-Katan shows Woves his place pretty easily. Woves yields but still seems to hold his grudge against Bo-Katan for allowing a “brainwashed zealot” like Din to hold the darksaber.

Bo-Katan shuts her up by saying there has been enough spillage of Mandalorian blood and Din is as much as a Mandalorian as any member of the Night Owls. Just because his way is different, his integrity and recognition as a Mandalorian should never be questioned.

Why does Din handover the darksaber to Bo-Katan?

Seeing the conflicting situation right in front of his eyes, Din decides to hand his darksaber to Bo-Katan, who is the rightful owner of it anyway. But the darksaber is not a thing which can be handed over just like that. There is a rule that the individual who owns it must win it over from an opponent. And Mandalorians are not known for disrespecting rules, so Bo-Katan understably declines the nobel gesture.

But Din reminds everyone that it is not a gesture as Bo-Katan has actually earned her way back to the darksaber. How so? Well, remember episode 2 of the current season where Din was captured by the gigantic crab-like creature and eventually rescued by Bo-Katan? In that case, you must remember Bo-Katan picking up the darksaber from the floor and killing the creature; which basically brings her right back to it. So Din giving the darksaber back is actually the right thing to do as it belongs to Bo-Katan.

This is the way.

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