The Mandalorian (Season 3) Episode 5: Alright, it is kind of getting out of hand now. I know we all simp Katee Sackhoff, aka Bo-Katan, but this is still Pedro Pascal’s show, and sidelining him is definitely not something I appreciate. Even though I have to admit that this is still a very well-made, brilliantly designed, really exciting episode overall where the inevitable “Nevarro versus The Pirates” happens. And it is absolutely fascinating to watch, from the build-up to the climax. In about forty minutes of time, the episode manages to properly close off all the essential stuff and then leaves us with a big cliffhanger, all thanks to creator Jon Favreau’s razor-sharp writing.

The Mandalorian (Season 3) Episode 5 Recap:

“Pirate Trouble, Again”

We are back at Nevarro, but things are pretty grim here. The planet is facing an imminent Pirate attack, clearly a repercussion of whatever happened in the first episode of the current season. Pirate King Gorian Shard gives a pretty much “surrender or die” ultimatum to High Magistrate Greef Karga. Seeing no other option, Karga reaches out to Captain Teva, a former member of Rebel Alliance and now in charge of Adelphi Rangers under the New Republic. Teva does not waste time after receiving the hologram message and hurries to Coruscant to obtain permission to assist from New Republic Headquarters.

Look who is back

Remember Elia Kane, the New Republic official (?) who recently deep-fried good doctor Pershing? Just as Captain Teva is discussing the possibility of assisting Nevarro with Colonel Tuttle of The New Republic, Elia Kane walks in to say “hi,” and takes the conversation to the point of unfulfillment for Captain Teva. In a scene perfectly capturing the essence of Government bureaucracy, Tuttle refused to help Nevarro, citing priority. I am not particularly sure if he is aware of the fact that they are not much different from the very thing they took down, i.e., The Imperial regime. However, I believe Elia Kane is up to no good, possibly even working for (the malevolent return of) Moff Gideon.

The Mandalorians coming in aid

With The New Republic basically leaving the Nevarro people to die in the hands of Pirates, Captain Teva’s last resort is to seek help from The Mandalorians. So he reaches the secret covert of “Children of the Watch,” where no one’s really happy to see him. In fact, they get pretty angry now that they have to relocate because their covert is found by an outsider.

Upon knowing his friend Greef Karga is in danger, Din immediately decides to help. Bo-Katan has no reason not to follow him. But Paz Vizsla and the other Mandalorians have a bone to pick, given Karga is the same man who is responsible for the death of a lot of Mandalorians during his “dark side” days. But The Mandalorians always do the right thing, and in a rousing speech, Vizsla inspires every single Mandalorian to join the fight.

The Mandalorian (Season 3) Episode 5 Ending, Explained:

The Mandalorians vs. The Pirates

We are in for another round of this, and this time Din is not the only one on the other side. Vane and Gorian Shard have come up with their full army. The Pirates have the advantage with the numbers, but The Mandalorians now have a mind as sharp as Bo-Katan’s, and thanks to her superior strategy, The Mandalorians get the upper hand in the battle, and The Pirates are soon taken to their heels. While Gorian Shard, Vane, and a few others meet their makers, the rest of the Pirates are captured and taken hostages by the Mandalorians and eventually presented in front of Karga.

A new home

A genuinely grateful Greef Karga shows his gratitude to all the Mandalorians and writes a substantial amount of land in Nevarro in their name. The Mandalorians may not have Mandalore anymore, but they now have a home at Nevarro. I don’t have to, but I am still adding the fact that I got legit goosebumps seeing Carl Weathers’s speech in this scene.

The Cliffhanger

While traveling back to his base, Captain Teva stumbles onto an abandoned Lambda shuttle in space. With a little investigation and scouring of his R-7 droid, Teva finds out that the shuttle is, in fact, a Prison transport. And yes, it was supposed to transport none other than Moff Gideon, which clearly went South, as Teva soon realises that Gideon was broken out of the shuttle. But the real surprise is Teva finding some Beskar steel upon scanning the ship, which naturally points the suspicion towards the Mandalorians. Remember Paz Vizsla once said Gideon should have been killed instead of getting prosecuted by The New Republic? I’m just saying.

Why did Bo-Katan remove her helmet?

With everything in Nevarro done and dusted, we now get a one-and-one with The Armourer and Bo-Katan, where the former surprises the latter by saying that she actually believes her regarding the claim of seeing Mythosaur. What I think happened here is looking at what Bo-Katan has done since she joined the clan. The Armourer finally became convinced that Bo-Katan is, in fact, the leader who might just make the lore a real thing. She wants to believe in the prophecy, despite all the skepticism, and Bo-Katan has finally given her the necessary hope and confidence to see the light.

Upon The Armourer’s request, Bo-Katan takes off her helmet and walks outside. When the other Mandalorians question her not wearing the helmet, The Armourer declares Bo-Katan walks both ways. The Armourer hands over the responsibility of uniting the other Mandalorians scattered all around the Galaxy to Bo-Katan, which seems very much fitting to me. There is no official announcement, but does this also mean we might be getting a Bo-Katan spin-off pretty soon?

This is the way.

P.S: This episode had very little of Din and Grogu, but with the potential return of Gideon, I’m expecting that will change in the remaining three episodes.

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