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The Flight Attendant (S02) Episodes 3 & 4: Recap & Ending Explained

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The Flight Attendant Season 2, Episodes 3 & 4: Recap & Ending Explained:  The Flight Attendant returns this week for more of Cassie’s madness. Her tumultuous start as a CIA asset is only getting more adventurous as her personal obligations stand in the way. We see some unraveling of sorts in these two episodes. Cassie is still unsure about her perfect life and is at the precipice of slipping back into the old habits. She is holding on for dear life, while at the same time helping her friends and the CIA. Another interesting subplot involving Annie and Max shows cracks in their relationships, something we didn’t expect going into it.

Megan is finally back to face the demons of her past life. She is treading a very unsafe path of evading national governments and risking her family’s good health. It will be an emotional moment to watch her face her husband after betraying his trust. Read on our recaps for episodes 3 and 4 of The Flight Attendant’s season two!

Before we deep dive into The Flight Attendant Episodes 3 and 4, you can read about the earlier episodes here.



We start the third episode in Cassie’s neighbor’s house, right where the second episode ended. The Diazes have bugged Cassie’s house to extract more information for their “mission”. Annie and Max’s conversation can be heard in the speaker. The Diazes then proceed to put on a disguise by dying their hair – ironically, blonde. Cassie reaches the house after sending Marco’s pleading to move in with him down the drain. Cassie’s next task is then to decipher Megan’s SOS message (that she received from her son) with the help of her “mind palace”. The result is this: “Urgent, bestie. Get the puffin keychain to the queen of Long Island (referring to Megan) in Reykjavik. Emergency”.

In a bid to go help Megan, Cassie breaks the rules (again) and leaves the house, despite being instructed by Dot to take a break. Although she is able to make her way on a flight by using her deviousness and blackmailing a corrupt flight attendant (Carol), she spots Shane on the flight. She suspects that this can’t be a coincidence and that Shane is also going to check on Megan. Or even be following her. Cassie welcomes (or not) a new entrant into her palace. She is that Cassie who makes all the perfect decisions in her life and is as far away from trouble as the real Cassie is closer to trouble. Her voice of reason does not sit well with Cassie, as she makes a list of spots of where she and Megan visited in the city.

The Flight Attendant Episodes 3 4

As discussed in the previous episode, Annie and Max get ready to meet his parents. While they’re walking in, she takes off the ring, much to Max’s chagrin. In Iceland, we see our goofball flight attendant visiting all the places that she had noted down on her pad. She has brief flashbacks of all the times she spent partying and dancing in those clubs with Megan. Although there is some regret in those moments, she also misses that time wherein she had so much fun. Annie and Max arrive at the parents’ house but so do the Diazes, who discuss “stepping things up” to speed the process of completing their mission.

Sadly, for Max, Annie’s interaction goes horribly with her parents. She is overwhelmed as soon as Max’s mother mentions her getting pregnant and settling into a life on the West Coast. Cassie and Shane have dinner where he reveals to her that he suspects she has again landed herself in some kind of trouble. He reprimands the impulsive choices she is making but also implicitly reassures her of his protection. Cassie gets a message on her phone about someone shopping from her credit card. The list of items bought from the hardware store includes things like ropes, chains, and duct tape.

The events really affect Cassie who goes into a panic attack. Seeing the alcohol in her room, she fights with her instincts to remain sober. She gets her things and tries to find a local AA meeting. Through pure coincidence, Cassie stumbles upon a man who talked to Megan last week. Annie and Max have a big fight. They argue about Annie’s episode at his parents’ house. Little do they know, that the couple is waiting for them inside. They render them unconscious and prepare to tie them up. Cassie, meanwhile, at the same time, leaves Annie a voicemail about the second slide from the View-Master – the German car – and its connection to the Lake from the previous episode. Cassie finds Megan but to her surprise – and confusion – she didn’t want Cassie to find her.


There are two reunions that happen inside Charlie’s bar: one, more emotional, between Cassie and Megan; the other, in a lighter vein, between Miranda and Cassie. To rejig your memory, Cassie had texted Miranda seeking her help and expecting her to send an agent, not herself. Megan reveals that the North Koreans are sending spies in order to kill her and retrieve the evidence she has against the North Korean government. Charlie and Megan have a plan to use the mushrooms (from the first episode) to kill the agent. However, Miranda’s intervention is needed as Hak’s colleagues arrive to look for him.

Cassie, Miranda, Megan, and her friend Charlie run from the bar as they arrive. They are chased through the city but they’re able to get away. Miranda, who came back to the field operations for the thrill, drops Cassie and Megan back in LA and leaves for good. But we do not know for sure. Charlie and Megan understand their circumstances and thank each other for being their rock in those hard times.

Max and Annie are questioned by the Diazes. Those are some nervy moments as they show the arsenal of tools, they have to get the answers from them. To everyone’s surprise, the Diazes are actually after Megan as she has a sizeable bounty on her head, and not Cassie.  The Berlin connection had all of us fooled when we saw them in the lobby of the hotel where Cassie was staying.

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They discover that Megan is indeed in Iceland and prepare to go there to find her After they leave, Annie and Max free the older couple in the neighboring house and phone the police. In a very brief sequence at Echo Park, we see the blonde impersonator walking away wiping her bloodied knife, indicating that she has again murdered someone. The things she bought at the hardware store are put to this use. To protect her from the North Koreans, Cassie leaves Megan at her sponsor Brenda’s (from the AA meeting) house for a night. She promises to meet her the next day. Cassie then meets up with Annie and Max and recognizes the man from a picture Max clicked while being hostage.


Cassie decides that she has to reveal all this to her handler, Benjamin so that her name is cleared and the murderer can be found. She goes into his office late at night when everyone’s gone back home. She finds him drinking heavily. It is revealed that the two bodies from the Park were actually CIA analysts. Benjamin feels guilty about them. Cassie, despite the voice in her head saying that she should leave, stays back and sleeps with Benjamin. In that split second, she undoes all the good work of the last year. Cassie’s perfect life might spiral out of control now and we can see her go into her self-destruct mode once again.


For me, personally, the ending of the fourth episode was heartbreaking. For the duration of the two episodes, Cassie struggles to fight the vices that have controlled her for so long. It almost seems impossible for her to resist the urge but she does a great job. And finally, when she had to walk away, she stays. After the mostly lackluster first two episodes, the combination of 3 & 4 really gets the groove doing. It reminds you of peak season one, where watching the show became a necessity. Cassie’s sudden springing back to life has brought the show to the brink of binging once again. But wait for the next recap of episode five someday later in the week!

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