“We did what people always do. Discover and then destroy”.  The Meg is a monster movie that perpetuates the debate around science versus nature. Wrapped with a thin blanket of spectacle, the monster films do not lose their propagandistic essence. The Meg is no different.

The Meg (2018) Movie Synopsis & Plot Summary:

Jonas Taylor is on a rescue mission to revive passengers of a damaged submarine stuck in the deep crevices of the Philippine Trench. Faced with what is now common in the discourse as the ‘trolley problem,’ Taylor leaves behind some to save the lives of all. Taylor feels the presence of an underwater creature. Dr. Heller, who was, in fact, saved by Taylor, does not buy his theory. He is appalled at Taylor’s decision to desert the crew purely on the basis of ‘pressure-induced psychosis.’  The story then traverses to Shanghai five years later. Billionaire Jack Morris has pooled his money on the underwater research station called Mana One. Mana One is helmed by Dr. Minway Zhang and his daughter Suyin. Since the time its depth was plumbed, Mariana Trench has been deemed the deepest place on Earth. However, Zhang and his team believe that the bottom of the trench might not be its actual floor at all but actually a thermocline layer of hydrogen sulfide. Beneath that cloud, the existence of a whole new world is estimated.

To gauge this, the mission has deployed a submersible that is piloted by Lori, Toshi, and ‘The Wall.’  Their exploration of the trench begins but is cut short by an ambush by a colossal underwater creature. The station loses connection with the submersible just at the point Lori sends the message, “Jonas was right.” Knowing the full incapability of the crew to rescue Lori and the rest, James “Mac” Mackreides, Taylor’s old friend and Mana One operations manager, immediately summons Taylor to attempt a rescue. Dr. Zhang and Mac fly to Thailand to get Taylor on board. Although Jonas is not convinced to join them initially, Mac plays the recorded transmission of Lori, the ex-wife of Jonas and the rest. Back at Mana One, in the absence of her father, Suyin attempts to tow the submersible up. However, a giant squid attaches itself to her submarine and begins to suck it. But she gets saved as the Megalodon, the colossal shark, attacks the squid. Suyin drives back up. Jonas, having arrived from Thailand, ventures into the water to rescue Lori’s submersible. The shark, too, returns to attack the submersible.

Jonas manages to save Lori and ‘The Wall,’ but Toshi sacrifices himself to save others.  Although all of them return to Mana One, the megalodon keeps following them through the fissure created in the thermocline by the research team. They find out that the Meg is a colossal prehistoric species of shark that was thought to be extinct but was living in uncharted depths. Meanwhile, while playing in the corridors, Meiying, Suyin’s daughter, comes face to face with the megalodon, which tries to attack her from outside the underwater tunnels of Mana One. The crew is resolute to take down the megalodon by poisoning it.

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The Meg (2018) Movie Ending Explained
Jason Statham in The Meg (2018)

Seeing the havoc the megalodon is creating even above water, Taylor jumps to shoot the megalodon. Suyin is put inside a tank designed bearing safety from shark attacks and submerged in the water. However, Suyin gets attacked by the Meg and starts going out of oxygen. Taylor comes to her rescue. Before leaving, Suyin made sure to poison the shark. So when the shark attacks them, it gets caught in the line and dies. However, their moment of celebration is actually premature as a second Meg jumps out of the water to devour the dead Meg and ‘The Wall.’ The ship gets destroyed, and Dr. Zhang is fatally wounded in the process. In the water, Heller distracts the Meg to save Jaxx, a crew member, and gets eaten up. Mack comes to their rescue in a lifeboat, with the Meg following them. Dr. Zhang dies on the journey.

The Meg (2018) Movie Ending Explained:

Is it really the end of the Meg?

Back at the Mana One station, Morris gathers everyone and proclaims that he has informed the Chinese government about the presence of the Meg in the waters. The Chinese government has promised to send two destroyers to take down the creature. Since Morris believes that tackling the Meg is beyond their capability, he is closing down the Mana One. Morris heads out of the station and gets picked up by a helicopter. It is then revealed that Morris has secretly employed a mercenary crew to destroy the Meg with depth charges. The crew deploys the depth charges but kills a whale instead. This episode ends with Morris getting devoured by the Meg. The group soon learns of Morris’ chicanery.

Jaxx hacks into Morris’ satellite tracking system to track the Meg. The Meg makes its way to a crowded beach and causes a bloodbath. The Mana One crew hatches a plan to direct the Meg toward them by using a whale call. Jonas and Suyin take submersibles each to get to the bottom to kill the Meg. However, a helicopter accident splinters the Mana One ship, and Suyin has no other choice than to leave Jonas to rescue others. Taylor attacks Meg with practically no help. He injures the Meg with the help of his vehicle and pierces its eye. A lot of blood comes out, which attracts a shiver of shark that gobbles down the dying Meg.

Suyin rescues Taylor, and both of them board the wedding ship, where they find their other members. Taylor hints at taking a vacation with Meiying and asking Suyin out. Underwater, another Meg makes its presence known sonically, which means the Meg population has not been completely uprooted. In the end, the film does not end with a closure that shows the end of the Meg.

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The Meg (2018) Movie Cast: Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, Cliff Curtis
The Meg (2018) Movie Genre: Sci-fi/Mystery & thriller, Runtime: 1h 53m
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