The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2), Episodes 1 & 2: The emergency was averted and the young members of The Mysterious Benedict Society moved on. However, a return remained possible and probable due to the availability of the source material. This isn’t like Big Little Lies or Game of Thrones, where the showrunners decided to proceed despite having exhausted the written content. Another reason for a return was the show’s final moments in Season 1. Dr. Garrison told L.D. Curtain that The Whisperer was just one small thing. She proceeded to hand Curtain the plans to something else. 

It is this something else that takes center stage in The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 2.


The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2), Episodes 1 & 2 Recap: 

Episode 1: A Perilous Journey 

The episode begins with Madge delivering letters to Reynie, George, and Kate. It is for a reunion of sorts at Mr. Benedict’s mansion. Constance doesn’t receive one as she is loving with Mr. Benedict; adopted, but without the paperwork. We see Mr. Benedict and Number 2 in Europe. Benedict seems unhinged as his brother, L.D. Curtain, has put up posters of himself as ‘The Man who Solved the Emergency’.


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On a TV chat, he urges people to choose happiness. Curtain’s choice of words changes the interviewer’s mood, making her overjoyed. 

Benedict didn’t like his brother getting the credit and tried to stop it. Number 2 looked to distract him from his paranoia, but she was unsuccessful as he lost his sanity for a bit. Through her words, audiences learn that Benedict was the subject of ridicule for his apparent attempts to steal credit. As he makes his way through a crowd, Benedict disappears and Number Two frantically looks around for him. She, too, vanishes a few seconds later.


The quartet reconvenes and breaks the ice by addressing the multiple elephants in the room. Before going to the house, Reynie expressed his dismay at George, not having replied to him yet. At that time, his guardian, Miss Perumal, tells him that people communicate in different ways. The two boys don’t get to dwell on this as news about Benedict and Number 2’s disappearance emerges. 

The Mysterious Benedict Society wishes to help, but Rhonda and Milligan refuse their assistance. They even make arrangements for Reynie and George to go back home to Miss Perumal’s flat and the Boatwright Academy, respectively. Undeterred, the quartet takes matters into their own hands. Constance swipes the first clue of the now canceled pan Europe scavenger hunt. A book within a book notifies them that they must take a ship (The Shortcut) to Lisbon.


Benedict and Number Two are being driven to an unknown location. They, mostly she, try to create a ruckus, but learn that they are just prisoners. The vehicle has food of top quality, but the duo can’t escape as the handle came off the door when Number Two tried it.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 2 Episodes 1 2 Recap Ending Explained (1)

The children were turned away at the harbor counter, but sneaked on board in a sugar crate. Miss Perumal reached the mansion to take Reynie away and received the news that he and the other three children had gone to Europe. They sprinted to the docks to catch them, but the ship had departed. Per a grab earlier, Milligan, Rhonda, and Miss Perumal weren’t the only ones tailing the four.


The episode ends with Dr. Curtain performing a maniacal dance before being informed it is time. He departed his private chamber to bring the episode to a close. 

Episode 2: A Bit of Light Chop

Episode two begins with Mr. Benedict and Number Two having breakfast. Dr. Curtain drives up to meet them, with Benedict’s sidekick assuming a fighting position. The good twin argues with the evil twin and gets fed with the same take on happiness. Curtain tells his brother that by instigating the emergency, he managed to solve it as well. Number Two wants to break out; Mr. Benedict agrees but reminds his assistant that they need to get to the bottom of his brother’s devious plans first.


The Shortcut’s captain receives information that there are four stowaways and instructs Cannonball to hunt for them. Kate and Constance almost get caught once but escape. Cannonball nearly gets the four of them again at dinner. However, they sneak off. They try to find a room and encounter a few comical situations. When the four zero in on their room, they learn that the ship has reassigned it, as they didn’t officially check-in. At night, the Mysterious Benedict Society breaks in and retrieves their second clue.


At Curtain’s location, Jackson and Jillson take Mr. Benedict and Number Two on a tour. The duo has mastered the art of saying the same thing at the same time. They even reveal that they aren’t the only Executives to be on the property. Benedict and Number Two come across Sebastian, who talks about his journey from Brazil to happiness.


At nightfall, Mr. Benedict and Number two reached the edge of Curtain’s property. Number Two offered to give her boss a boost, and he agreed. He leaped onto her hand and onto the gate where the current sent him crashing back into the grass. Mr. Benedict stormed into his brother’s office, where he discovers the new trick for world domination. 

On another thread, Miss Perumal, Rhonda, and Milligan hop into a blimp for Lisbon to save the children and find Mr. Benedict.  

The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 2 Ending, Explained: 

Mr. Benedict recognizes his brother’s game. It most likely is what Dr. Garrison, who took the fall for orchestrating ‘The Emergency’, had in mind. He calls out Curtain for using neurobehavioral techniques to trigger chemical releases in the brain to create a sense of artificial moods.


Curtain just smiles, as he knows Benedict may not be able to stop him. After all, he is established in the series’ world as the jealous twin who tried to steal his brother’s credit. Is being happy a bad thing? The episode shows a little something to drive audiences’ minds in this direction.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 2 Episodes 1 2 Recap Ending Explained (2)

What is the cause of Sebastian’s smile?

Sebastian is one of the many who bought into Dr. Curtain’s philosophy. It is to be noted that he is rich and successful, which may have helped the evil genius orchestrate his plan/motivate many other well-to-do people to commit to life in his sanctuary. 

Toward the end of the episode, he walks through a dark forest and comes to an abrupt stop. He then gives a sinister smile akin to the Clown Prince of Crime. It may be a side effect of Curtain’s technology that is being used to ensure attention and obedience to his every command.


Who are the people in the blue tracksuits?

When Reynie, George, Kate, and Constance climbed into a bus, two people kept a close eye on them from the car. It becomes obvious that this is a tail when the four board the ship and are part of Cannonball’s safety routine. They (under the guise of a water polo team) appear at the dining room scene and strike up a very robotic conversation with Kate, who joins them at their table.


Later, after the quartet figures out Mr. Benedict’s second clue, we see the water polo/blue tracksuit squad kick open a door and storm in. 

It’s clear that these four are Curtain’s men sent to trail the four gifted children. Constance could be the target as she destroyed The Whisperer and caught Curtain’s attention. It remains to be seen if they actually broke into the right room.


Can Mr. Benedict make inroads to stop his twin’s evil plans for world domination? Will the quartet manage to find the clues in Europe? Will Milligan and co join up with the children? Or will they face resistance from Dr. Curtain? There is no way he would not have planned for the adults to fly across the pond to free their leader. 

Find out next week. 

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