As we move forward in The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), we get to see how the relationship dynamic between the three leads is constantly on a roller coaster, and episode 5 is no exception to that. Taking off from where we were left in episode 4, the latest episode starts with all three of them realizing that all the stuff in the beach house is now gone.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), Episode 5 “Love Fool” Recap:

In this episode, the perspective shifts to Jeremiah, revealing his struggle to accept that the memories of Susannah are now gone. Conrad becomes furious and confronts Julia, but she insists it is her only option. She assures them that she has stored the beach house belongings safely and separately. Conrad accuses Julia of harboring jealousy towards Susannah because their grandfather favored her.  Later, Skye delivers even worse news that the house can actually be sold. Conrad is now seething with anger at their dad for abandoning them, but Jeremiah being himself, takes a stand for Adam’s perspective. Jeremiah attempts to control and help Conrad, but he is too upset to listen to anyone. The seven teenagers exit the beach house and ponder their next move now that the house stands vacant. Cameron then adds that he would have invited them to his place, but it’s too small to accommodate all six of them. Jeremiah leads the group to the Country Club and attempts to use his old keycard from his previous job there. Unfortunately, the keycard does not work, but Cameron comes to the rescue by offering his mom’s code to access the exclusive club. He requests the group to keep the club tidy to ensure that his mom does not lose her job.

In the club, Cameron and Skye set out to find food while Steven convinces Taylor to accompany him in search of clean bedsheets and pillows for their rest. Jeremiah takes the initiative to search for a sleeping spot and invites Belly and Conrad to join him, but they politely decline, leading Jeremiah to venture on his own. Conrad holds himself responsible for going to the boardwalk with the teenagers and leaving the house unattended, which leads to an unfortunate situation. Belly comforts him and encourages him to persevere while Jeremiah observes their interaction. He reflects on his own hurt feelings when Conrad was in love with Belly and when Belly chose Conrad over him.

In a flashback, Jeremiah is at their house when Conrad unexpectedly arrives, and they talk about Belly. Conrad apologizes to Jeremiah for kissing Belly but confesses that he deeply loves her and wishes to be with her desperately. Reluctantly, Jeremiah reluctantly gives Conrad his approval, and Conrad thanks him without considering his brother’s emotions. In the present, Jeremiah attempts to reassure himself that Belly will always prioritize Conrad over him. However, to his astonishment, Belly appears and accompanies him as they search for a suitable place to rest. They head to the screening room and end up watching “The Apartment,” which happens to be one of Susannah’s beloved classic films.

Simultaneously, Taylor and Steven search for warm clothing for the group to switch into. Taylor discovers some weed in one of the leather jackets and discreetly keeps it. They engage in playful banter before heading to the hall where the debutante ball takes place. Steven arranges some music and invites Taylor to dance, explaining how the debutante ball traditionally unfolds. Ignoring Jeremiah’s text summoning them to the screening room, Steven and Taylor savor the moment together. Belly and Jeremiah also have an intimate moment. Jeremiah expresses how much he missed her during the past year and how he had wanted to call her. Cameron, Skye, and Conrad arrive with plenty of food from the kitchen’s leftovers.

Conrad has thought of utilizing his trust fund to rescue the house and contemplates employing Liam’s lawyer for the task. Inside the screening room, Jeremiah and Conrad search for Taylor and Steven. The episode delves into another flashback, taking us to the last Thanksgiving when both Belly and Jeremiah’s families had gathered together for one final time before Susannah’s passing. Jeremiah finds it difficult to witness Belly and Conrad’s closeness. Following lunch, Jeremiah has a private conversation with Conrad, requesting his brother not to involve him when he plans to bring Belly around. In the present, the brothers unintentionally interrupt Steven and Taylor just as they are about to kiss. The group returns to the screening room, and Belly continues to gaze at Jeremiah.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 5 Recap
A still from The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 5

Conrad sends a text to Liam, requesting his assistance with his trust fund. Cameron observes how everyone in the screening room is acting clumsily. Worried about Cameron’s mom losing her job, the group relocates to the lawn, deciding to sleep under the stars. Skye assists Taylor in crafting a pot bong out of an apple while Belly and Taylor discuss Steven and Conrad. Both girls acknowledge that the boys have caused them considerable pain and conclude that first love is overrated. Taylor and Belly make a promise never to take Steven and Conrad back.

The group gathers, and Taylor urges Belly to text their coach, informing her that Belly intends to rejoin the volleyball team. The boys also participate, and together, they engage in a game of truth or dare. During the game, Conrad expresses his belief that he envisions himself living in Cousins for the next 10 years, spending all his summers there, just as they did when they were children. Skye challenges Belly to kiss Jeremiah, but he declines, stating that they are not kids anymore.

A flashback reveals that Jeremiah fell in love with Belly last summer when he saw her all grown up for the first time. He also noticed that Conrad had developed feelings for Belly in the same way he did. In the present, Belly feels hurt that Jeremiah passed up the chance to kiss her. Cameron discusses the loss of his sister, and the Fisher brothers empathize, sharing their own experiences coping with their mother’s death and expressing hope for a brighter future. Skye and Cameron settle down on the sheets while Steven sleeps close to Taylor. He apologizes for the almost-kiss, and she forgives him.

Meanwhile, Conrad searches for articles on how he can reclaim the beach house using his trust fund. Belly receives a text from her coach advising her not to rejoin the basketball team. She feels heartbroken but pushes it aside to talk with Jeremiah. Wondering why he is been ignoring her, she asks him directly, and he admits that dealing with his feelings for her has been challenging. Jeremiah is convinced that he would not be able to control his emotions if he were to pursue a romantic relationship with Belly.

In another flashback, Jeremiah recalls the time he spent with Susannah on Belly’s prom night. He reflects on how Conrad made the occasion all about himself and failed to be there for Belly on her special day. Jeremiah wonders how differently he would have handled things if he had been the one with Belly instead of Conrad. Later, Jeremiah confides in Susannah about his feelings for Belly, and she, being now deceased, urges him to always be there for his brother. In the present, Belly shares with Jeremiah how she watched his graduation ceremony through her mom’s phone because she wanted to support him.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), Episode 5 “Love Fool” Ending, Explained:

 Jeremiah and Belly go to sleep next to each other and wake up the next morning, seemingly drawing closer. Taylor is unhappy to discover that she had unknowingly spooned Steven while sleeping. The group awakens when Cameron’s mother arrives. After tidying up the area, they all head back to the beach house. Conrad informs Jeremiah that he intends to confront Adam, regardless of Jeremiah’s feelings about it. Jeremiah assures Conrad of his support as the older brother. Upon reaching the beach house, the group is taken aback to discover that Julia has already sold the house to the first potential buyer. And the episode concludes with Jeremiah and Conrad devastated by this shocking news.

A few dwelling questions that remain from this solution which are going to keep us waiting for the next episode, are – Is Jeremiah still in love with Belly? Does Belly also feel the same? Will the trio be able to save the beach house and the memories of Susannah?

All will be answered in due time with upcoming episodes. Till then, we can enjoy Frank Ocean’s “Moon River,” which Steven plays for Taylor in the Ballroom.

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