“Daughter of the Night,” episode 4 of season 2 of Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time, deals with the aftermath of the last episode’s emotional twist with poignancy while establishing another darker twist to herald the arrival of a new character. Wheel of Time continues to intrigue its audience – fans of the book series and non-fans alike.

The Wheel of Time (Season 2) Episode 4 Recap:

The episode starts with Ishamael (Fares Fares) visiting an ancient place and chanting in Old Tongue. The intention quickly becomes clear as the bloodied figure of a woman appears. It seems Ishamael called the woman and set her free with his incantations. Ishamael seems to be happy to see the woman.

Nynaeve and Egwene

Nynaeve (Zoe Robins) struggles to cope with her actual reality after coming out of the arches. She becomes an Aes Sedai as she has completed her task. People who thought she died are now in awe of her for becoming an Aes Sedai so quickly. Words about her being able to use the One Power inside the arch-reality have traveled fast, too. Nynaeve, however, is not finding any solace inside the walls of the White Tower. Not even Egwene (Madeleine Madden), her best friend, can make her feel whole again.

Nynaeve has seen what her future could have been. She lives a utopian life with her friends, her husband (Lan), and her daughter. Losing her non-existent daughter in the real world has been the biggest shock for her. Surprisingly, it is the Red Ajah leader, Liandrin Aes Sedai (Kate Fleetwood), who offers some words of comfort. Liandrin advises that Nynaeve would continue to need something to cling to because an Aes Sedai lives a long life and would face many losses.

Mat and Min’s Adventure

In the last episode, we saw that Min (Kae Alexander) was appointed by Liandrin to keep Mat (Donal Finn) in check. We see Mat and Min having a gala time in a local pub. No danger seems to be lurking anywhere; except when Min goes to sleep. Min sees herself dragged to occupy the chairs of a fortune teller.

This seems to be a memory of hers. Her aunts used her skills that enabled her to see people’s futures for their profit. She was forced to work in carnivals.

Understandably, Min wants her skill to go away. Her ability is traumatic for her. During these dreams, Min is visited by Ishamael. Ishamael reminds her that she is to bring Mat to him. It seems Min has already been in contact with Darkfriends’ leader. Ishamael promises that the skill required to remove her from her foretelling ability is lacking in any Aes Sedai power set. But the Dark One can do so. For that, Min has to bring Mat to Cairhien. Cairhien is the place where Rand is hiding (Josha Stradowski).

Perrin Finds His Calling

After the Seanchan invasion, Perrin (Marcus Rutherford) was rescued from their clutches with the help of his wolf friends. The tracker, Elyas (Gary Beadle), gradually explains to Perrin what we have known for a long time. Perrin is now a Wolfbrother or Wolfkin (gender neutral). That is the reason he can communicate and build a relationship with wolves and has some wolf-like characteristics.

Rand And Selene’s Trip

Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 4
A still from Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 4

After breaking her bond with Lan (Daniel Henney), Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) goes to Cairhien. In Cairhien, she meets her little sister, Anvaere (Lindsay Duncan). We have seen Anvaere meeting Rand in the last episode, where he was trying to sneak some expensive wine out. Anvaere, not being an Aes Sedai, looks a lot older than Moiraine. There is frostiness between them. Anvaere feels hard done by Moiraine’s departure to become an Aes Sedai. She shows Moiraine that she is now one of the most influential people in the entire city.

Moiraine visits Logain (Alvaro Morte) in the institute as well. She tells him that she would offer him what Logain wants the most. A knife. To kill himself – a man cut from the One Power desires death the most. But before that, Logain has to train Rand to control the One Power. Rand had already asked him in his previous visits, but Logain did not pay much heed. This might just do the trick.

Rand, in the last episode, burned the inn where he was staying by accidental usage of his One Power. He feels guilty about that and tries to avoid his girlfriend, Selene. Selene asks him to come with her on a trip to a forest cabin that she owns. So Rand accompanies her. But they are attacked by a faceless Fade there and Rand uses his One Power to eviscerate the creature, causing Selene to fear him.

The Wheel of Time (Season 2) Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Who is the Daughter of the Night?

Rand tells Selene the truth about him being a male channeler of the One Power. Selene becomes fearful at first, but when she learns that he loves him, she asks him to give that relationship a chance. As they go inside the cabin, she ties Rand seductively. But, things change soon, as we see her channeling the One Power. She tells Rand that Rand does not need to be afraid to be a ‘monster’ in front of her. Because she is one herself.

Just when she seems to be gaining full power, Moiraine appears and drives a knife through Selene’s heart and slits her throat. This is before it becomes clear to us that Selene is the elusive Daughter of the Night. The name of the bloodied woman Ishamael had woken up is Lanfear, and she is one of the strongest Forsaken (followers of Dark One, like Ishamael). Lanfear loved the original Dragon and was in a relationship with him. So, it becomes clear that when Lanfear told Rand about hoping for Rand to replace her old flame, she meant that as Rand is the reincarnated version of the original Dragon. Moiraine tells Rand that they should hurry as she has not killed Lanfear, even if it looks like that. As Moiraine and Rand leave in haste, we see Lanfear wake up from death.

Why Did Liandrin Attack Nynaeve and Her Party?

Back in the White Tower, Liandrin tells Nynaeve that they have heard about an attack in the west, referring to the Seanchan invasion. Liandrin says that Perrin and Loial are reported to have been captured by these attackers. This prompts Nynaeve to reach out to Egwene and tell her that she is leaving to help Perrin and others. Egwene, as an Aes Sedai apprentice, cannot leave. But Egwene tells her she wants to go anyway.

As Nynaeve and Egwene take a secret tunnel to get out of the tower, they are surprised to find that they are followed. Elayne (Ceara Coveney), Egwene’s new friend, has followed them. When they meet Liandrin in the tunnel, she is not happy to see Egwene and Elayne along with Nynaeve. Elayne, especially, is the daughter-heir of Andor. And her life cannot be risked. Liandrin is taking Nynaeve on this adventure without official permission from the Tower. She cannot take chances with novices being there, especially if that novice is supposed to be the next queen.

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