Previously, on The Winter King on MGM+, we saw Derfel and Morgan bring Bedwin’s body back to Caer Cadarn. Upon learning Gorfydd’s intent to marry Ceinwyn to the Saxon king Aelle, Arthur makes an ambitious plan. Meanwhile, Derfel realizes that Arthur banished Nimue over an accusation – which said that her curse killed Christian men. Eventually, he learns the truth about their deaths and decides to help save Nimue. Now The Winter King (Season 1 Finale) Episode 10 shows Arthur meeting Aelle to make a deal – to accept peace in exchange for tin from Kernow. On the other hand, Derfel embarks on a journey to the Isle of the Dead to find Nimue.

Spoilers ahead.

The Winter King (Season 1 Finale) Episode 10 Recap:

Arthur’s Journey Toward the Saxons

Arthur (Iain De Caestecker) decides to go meet the Saxon king Aelle to buy some time for their kingdom. Restless Guinevere (Jordan Alexandra) joins them on this highly ambitious journey. Eventually, they reach the land and see fires in the woods. Arthur understands that the light  shows the land the Saxons have taken. Guinevere agrees to be the translator for them. Although Arthur is worried for her safety, he is happy that she is with him. By the time it gets dark, Arthur’s men sense another presence around them. Arthur stops Tristan (Gabriel Tierney) and the others from using swords or weapons because he plans to have a peaceful discussion with the Saxons. When the Saxons finally show up, they refuse to reveal Aelle’s face at first. Eventually, Aelle (Craig Parkinson) walks up to Arthur himself and takes off his helmet. He recognizes Guinevere and proceeds with a dialogue with Arthur. Aelle listens to Arthur’s proposal to not accept the alliance with Gorfydd (Aneirin Hughes).

Aelle’s Decision

Arthur claims Gorfydd will double-cross Aelle and plans to attack him right after his marriage with Ceinwyn. To agree to full peace between their lands for the period of twelve moons, Arthur offers tin from Kernow. But it does not satisfy Aelle, who asks for grain and land instead. Aelle’s men capture Guinevere to blackmail Arthur. But Guinevere rescues herself by promising the path to Ratae in exchange for agreeing to Arthur’s terms. So, finally, Aelle accepts the proposal. Later, Arthur and Guinevere discuss how there was no right option to proceed. He respects her decision and also accepts his mistake of banishing Nimue (Ellie James). While others head to Caer Cadarn, Arthur heads to the Isle of the Dead to save Nimue. Sagramor (Ken Nwosu) decides to join him. They reach the island and look for the prison where she might be. Arthur recalls how King Uther got it converted into a prison.

Derfel at the Isle of the Dead

The Winter King (Season 1 Finale) Episode 10
A still from The Winter King (Season 1 Finale) Episode 10

While Arthur heads toward the Saxans, Derfel (Stuart Campbell) reaches the Isle of the Dead in Southern Dumnonia to find Nimue. Along the way, he witnesses some brutal scenes. It makes him aware of the horrifying land he is about to set foot in. He enters a deep hole and falls down on piles of debris. Upon walking through the dark caves, he comes across a group of humans exiled by King Uther in the past. Derfel says he will take them to the light. After asking about Nimue, Derfel learns that she left the caves for the black tunnels. Despite their warning of possible danger, Derfel decides to go there to find Nimue. Along the way, the wind blows off the lamp in his hand. So, in the darkness of the abyss, he tries to find something that he can latch on to. He heads toward a person he believes to be Nimue. Although he guesses right, he finds her completely changed. She was too distraught and bewildered over the terror she faced in the terrifying darkness. Eventually, she realizes that Derfel has come to her and hugs him. But, because of having been starved, she cannot think straight. Derfel decides to get her out of the dreadful place.

Morgan’s Dilemma

Back in the castle, Morgan (Valene Kane) notices Sansum (Andrew Gower) baptizing a civilian and converting them into Christians. She stops him and later, they discuss the difference between their faiths and their gods. Morgan mentions how Merlin sees their Gods in their dreams. She rejects the notions imposed by Sansum and his men. Still, Sansum continues to defend his faith and stands firmly by his views about it. He then hands over a scripture of Song of Songs to her.

The Winter King (Season 1 Finale) Episode 10 Ending Explained:

What happens to Nimue in the end?

Derfel and Nimue try to escape the dark caves with each other. Nimue believes that the Gods will lead her on the right path. Still, she worries about the threat that the People of Utter Darkness pose to their lives. Eventually, they notice a source of light in a wall full of stones. They both try to break it to find a way outside. By that time, Arthur and Sagramor meet the prison guard Malldyn (Ned Dennehy) to understand the truth about the land. While Malldyn starts rambling, Arthur asks him to take him to the cave where Nimue and the others are kept. So, Malldyn walks them to the cave and reveals how King Uther wanted people to rot inside. Despite Malldyn’s opposition, Arthur decides to release all the prisoners and give them the life they deserve. They reach the same wall of stones that King Uther might have put up to block the entrance to the cave. Derfel realizes that Arthur is outside. They try to break the wall from both sides. By then, Nimue notices People of Utter Darkness walking towards them. While they try to kill her and Derfel, Arthur uses his mighty sword to break through the wall. He manages to crack open the entrance and find Nimue and Derfel.

Does Nimue agree to return to Dumnonia?

Arthur breaks the blockage to the entrance to the cave in the Isle of the Dead prison. Then, he finds Nimue and Derfel and saves them from the People of Utter Darkness. Soon after, he meets the people who were held captive to rot inside as per Uther’s wishes. Instead of letting them suffer further, he rescues them and blesses them with free life. But it does not satisfy Nimue, who thinks Arthur is only trying to assuage his guilt. Although Nimue decides not to return to Dumnonia, Arthur gets down on his knees and convinces her against it. At the end of The Winter King Season 1, we see Merlin discover a sign of possible danger for the kingdom, whereas Arthur decides to avenge the lost lives in Ratae and kill the Saxon king Aelle.

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The Winter King (Season 1 Finale) Episode 10 Cast: Iain De Caestecker, Daniel Ings, Jordan Alexandra, Stuart Campbell, Ken Nwosu
The Winter King (Season 1 Finale) Episode 10 Genre: Historical fiction, Fantasy drama | Runtime: 10 Episodes, 55–60mins


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