The Morning Show (Season 3) on Apple TV+ covered more socially relevant topics than its prior seasons. It focused on the racial injustice, the pay disparity, and the influence of wealthy, powerful personalities in the media landscape. Cory decided to save UBA’s future by getting a deal with Paul Marks’s Hyperion. But things got complicated when Alex and Paul started dating. Meanwhile, Laura got back together with Bradley, only to learn that she hid the truth about the Capitol Riot assault incident to protect her brother. Stella got a job offer to replace Cory as UBA’s CEO. But her investigation into Hyperion’s shady past made her evaluate this decision. At the end of the season’s penultimate episode, we saw Paul threaten Bradley and Cory, who posed a threat to his future plans. Bradley suddenly decided to resign from her position at UBA, whereas Cory was roped into a scandal where he was called to be a sexual predator. Now in The Morning Show (Season 3 Finale) Episode 10, with the Hyperion-UBA deal coming to a vote, Bradley confronts her past related to the Capitol Riots incident, whereas Alex makes a major decision about her future.

Spoilers ahead.

The Morning Show (Season 3 Finale) Episode 10 ‘The Overview Effect’ Recap:

The Aftermath of Bradley’s Resignation

The tenth episode of The Morning Show Season 3 begins with a glimpse into Bradley’s (Reese Witherspoon) traumatic childhood when her father was arrested and taken to the police station. Because of witnessing that incident, she now fears any such confrontation. Cory (Billy Crudup) worries that the article claiming he had a sexual relationship with Bradley might have taken a toll on her. So, he shows up at her doorstep, hoping to have a conversation. But she tells him to go away. It seems like she cannot handle the stress of the breach of her privacy and the impending threat to Hal’s (Joe Tippett) life. Meanwhile, after seeing the article about Cory, Alex (Jennifer Aniston) keeps trying to reach Bradley but fails. She does not like the fact that Paul (Jon Hamm) purposefully made this false claim about Cory. Despite their differences, she does not think Cory would have done this. Later, she asks Paul why he went into Bradley’s dressing room before she made the big announcement about her resignation. Paul says that he went to speak about Bradley having covered evidence to protect her brother. He blatantly lies, but Alex has no clue. She only sees it as Paul trying to protect her image, considering her close bond with Bradley. 

UBA’s Future with Hyperion

Stella (Greta Lee) tries to find Kate (Natalie Morales) to have a word with her about the Hyperion scandals. Meanwhile, the article claims Cory’s sexual misconduct makes him a liability on the UBA’s board. So, Leonard (Stephen Fry) can think of no other option but to get Cory out. Cory defends himself and mentions the falseness of all the claims. He also tries to convince Leonard not to go ahead with the Hyperion deal. However, considering the negative press, Leonard does not want to take that risk. Once he leaves the room, Cory calls Cybil (Holland Taylor) for her help in his future plan. Meanwhile, Mia (Karen Pittman) panics to find their anchor in Bradley’s absence. While speaking with her, Stella indicates the threat to UBA’s future because of their deal with Hyperion. Upon brainstorming with Christina (Nicole Beharie) and Yanko (Nestor Carbonell), they decide to get Chip (Mark Duplass) to reveal Paul’s disastrous plan to the people. He gets passionate in expressing his anger and frustration and even ends up using expletives on live television. It makes him go viral on the internet because of his anti-billionaire stance.  

Alex’s Realisation

Morning Show (Season 3 Finale) Episode 10 Ending Explained
Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Cory tries to find alternate options to save UBA from getting into Paul’s hands. He meets an old business friend and hints at internal problems in Hyperion. Meanwhile, Alex goes to Bradley’s house to check on her. Bradley opens the door but tells Alex to leave all her belongings, including her phone, outside. Once Alex walks in, Bradley accepts that she hid the evidence. But on another note, she claims that Paul might be listening to their personal conversations – because he knew about her conversation with Laura, even though it happened at her house. After leaving her house, Alex sends Bradley a text message and tells her to ‘go back to Hanover’. Through that, she tries to check if Paul really has control over their phone records. Back at Paul’s house, Alex discovers that Bradley’s claim is true. It terrifies her that Paul is reading their private chats. So, she goes to meet Laura to speak with her about it. Meanwhile, Chip’s outbreak on television creates a massive stir and causes the board’s trust in Paul to drop. Cory gets happy hearing that he may just be able to save UBA from Paul’s hands. But Paul somehow manages to learn Cory’s plan and manages to sabotage it just in time. Cory refuses to take any money from Paul.

The Morning Show (Season 3 Finale) Episode 10 ‘The Overview Effect’ Ending Explained:

Bradley texts Hal, saying she is ‘coming home.’ While she packs her bags, Cory calls his mother and sends her a voice message. He tries to warn her about some terrible things that will come out in the wake of his clash with Paul. Meanwhile, Alex receives a text from Laura saying, ‘She’s in’. The next day, Paul arrives at UBA HQ to speak with the board about their deal. Alex also comes right after and makes a shocking, last-minute counter-offer. She proposes a merger between NBN and UBA. She shares claims that make the Hyperion-UBA deal pale in comparison. It obviously upsets Paul, who starts following her out of the room. Along the way, he finds Kate and Stella, who have evidence against Paul and his mismanagement of Hyperion. Turns out, Paul told Kate to cut the transmission on the rocket launch (when Bradley and Cory joined him in outer space) to hide the malfunction on Hyperion’s part. He buried the results by hacking into UBA’s system. Upon hearing all the proof against him, all Paul can think of is looking for ways to silence them further. So, Alex makes him understand how nothing can make her be on his side anymore. 

What happens to the Hyperion-UBA deal?

After Kate blows the whistle on Hyperion’s internal issues, the Hyperion-UBA deal crumbles. Two weeks later, we see Chris and Yanko on TMS. The discussion about the merger goes forward. Stella will probably go on to become the new CEO. On the other hand, Bradley gets investigated for the claims of sexual misconduct by Cory. She reveals she was afraid of Cory, not because he posed a threat to her life, but because ‘he saw her for who she really was.’ After their individual interrogations, they say an emotional farewell to each other and part ways. In the end, an uncertain future awaits Paul and Hyperion. 

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The Morning Show (Season 3 Finale) Episode 10 Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Duplass, Billy Crudup, Greta Lee
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