Greta Gerwig bestowed the cinematic universe with the gem “Barbie.” From its premise to its cast, “Barbie” is undeniably one of the best films of 2023. Before its release, the film was highly hyped among the audience, and ever since then, its status has remained the same. Apart from great direction and screenplay, the credit for the success of the film goes to its star cast, as each actor involved in the film made the film a masterpiece. Nowhere in the entire film, the viewers would have felt that something was missing in the film, as the film felt complete in every sense.

Although there was no such loophole in the film, there was the inclusion of a renowned actor in the film which failed to happen. Oscar-winning actor Ben Affleck was up for a cameo in “Barbie,” but due to scheduling conflicts, he couldn’t make up for it. Since Affleck couldn’t make up for it, Michael Cera got the opportunity to perform the role. Cera played the role of the sole Allan doll in Barbieland, representing a line of male dolls originally marketed as Ken’s friend who could also fit into his clothes.

Affleck was supposed to feature in the scene where Allan Doll was seen indulging in a fight with Kens. Since he was busy shooting Air, the scene was shot with Cera, and he undeniably aced it.

During a Q&A session, Cera revealed that Affleck was the first choice of the makers for the cameo scene, which he ended up doing. He said:

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“I wasn’t even supposed to fight in the movie. Am I allowed to say what it was supposed to be? It was supposed to be Ben Affleck. Right? Am I allowed to say that?

I think Ben wanted to do it, but he was directing his movie. They’re like, “Okay, Ben’s out, something has to happen here. So you’re gonna fight them.” So I had to jump in with the stunt team.

I had just gotten over COVID, and they had me training, and I almost died. Just doing the warm-up! I had to lay down in my trailer, and they sent the nurse to see me, and I was sent home. So then we had a second rehearsal, and I learned it. That’s the story basically.”

However, no official declaration was made by the director of the film, Greta Gerwig. If Affleck had a role in the film, it would have been like a treat for the viewers. Regardless of the potential cameo of Affleck, Barbie’s monumental impact on the audience remains unchanged.

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