Titans (Season 4) Episode 11: Titans has well and truly begun its final stretch, with the penultimate episode setting up the biggest confrontation with Sebastian/Brother Blood, despite his plans being thwarted in the last episode. Conner reunites with the Titans, and we see Sebastian grapple with whom to trust between Conner and his mother while Tim makes a detour to Gotham City following a lead and ends up meeting with a former Titan. This also turned out to be the longest episode in the entire series thus far, and it especially shines when it comes to the individual moments for each character’s arc. As we head into the series finale, viewers will likely be simultaneously eager and sad.

Titans (Season 4), Episode 11 Recap:

Opening with Starfire inside the lab trying to find Sebastian, the episode then shows her dream as she has fallen asleep, where she sees a large ball of blue light. Outside the lab, she talks with Dick, letting him know that Sebastian couldn’t be found and he must be in hiding, and Dick deduces that Conner must be with him.

The two then discuss how the normal people in the world see and live their lives without knowing about things like Trigon, the Horn, and magical powers. On being asked by Kory, Dick says he would like to spend his time with Kory in the place they were, and Kory admits the same herself.

Inside the lab, Tim is worried about Bernard, who still hasn’t gotten out of the coma he was in after playing Sebastian’s game in the previous episode. He is then approached by Dick, who wants to send him to Gotham City to chase a lead which is a man named Venta who has intel regarding Mother Mayhem. Although reluctant to leave Bernard, Tim leaves for Gotham with a suitcase given to him by Dick.

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At his and Conner’s hideout, Sebastian is distraught and angry that his video game plans were ruined as he watches the news on TV and also because his powers are gone. He blames everything on the Titans, but Conner sees things differently, believing that his powers are gone because Mother Mayhem took them to punish him for not summoning Trigon by blowing the Horn. To get Sebastian’s powers back, Conner suggests killing Mother Mayhem.

Mother Mayhem, meanwhile, is at her headquarters at the Temple of Azarath following her resurrection. She summons Sebastian’s ex–girlfriend, also an acolyte. After confirming her love, devotion, and loyalty to their cause and Sebastian, she kills her by ripping out her heart and creating a jewel with it using her magic.

In Gotham, Tim is suited up as Robin, the suit which was inside the suitcase, as Batman’s Bat–Signal is in the sky behind him. He meets two criminals in the middle of a heist. While questioning them on Venta, he reveals himself as an ally of Dick Grayson, and negotiations break down. Tim fights them and doesn’t do very well until he is saved by Jason Todd, who shows up as Red Hood.

Back at the lab, Rachel finds out from Gar that he is spending an increasing amount of time in The Red, and he isn’t sure where he is supposed to be – there with the Titans or in The Red. Rachel suggests dedicating himself to The Red and elaborates a little, but Dick interrupts, asking if they have seen Kory. They haven’t, and with the help of a Star Labs employee, they find out that she is tracking Conner alone.

Having located Sebastian in his hideout, Mother Mayhem wants him to use the Horn to summon Trigon and promises him power and everything else he wants if he summons Trigon. She leaves after telling him to rendezvous with her at the Temple of Azarath that very night.

When Conner returns, he is unhappy and worried to learn of these new plans and to persuade Sebastian of his truthfulness, he brings the Confessor before him. After being tortured, the Confessor reveals that once he summons Trigon, he will be nothing, and Sebastian is enraged to learn that.

In Gotham, Tim helps Jason solve a puzzle left by a criminal he is tracking down, despite Jason saying he works alone now. They spar for some time after that, and Jason gives Tim some advice on his fighting style.

Meanwhile, Starfire has tracked down Mercy Graves at a LexCorp facility, who reveals that Conner has gone silent on her and that they may need to kill him if they want to kill Sebastian. At that point, the rest of the Titans show up, and Kory insists to Dick that they do this her way, but Gar and Rachel may have found another way on the computer at the facility.

Titans (Season 4), Episode 11 Ending Explained:

What is Project Starfire, and why does it need Kory?

Lex created “Project Starfire,” a weapon capable of emitting blue light similar to Starfire’s abilities, before his death. He intended to harness Kory’s power to defeat Brother Blood but also desired that power for himself. Though he was able to replicate it successfully, the laboratory location remained unknown. The information is encrypted within files that the Titans took from Mercy, who was trying to delete them, and Conner also possesses them, having been given them by Mercy earlier.

At their hideout, Sebastian drinks the Confessor’s blood to regain his magic, on Conner’s suggestion, as his blood was charged with Mother Mayhem’s magic, and their plan works as Sebastian regains his magic powers.

Jason doesn’t intervene in a gang fight on purpose so that Tim can learn by doing and truly understand the danger of the job. Tim leaves without finding a lead on Venta, albeit with a new bike given to him by Jason. Dick then calls Jason, and it is revealed that the whole exercise was for Tim to understand better how to be Robin, with Venta being a concoction for the same. Jason tells Dick that Tim will be a better Robin than he ever was.

Dick and Kory locate the Project Starfire lab, with Gar and Jason on standby and supporting them in their truck nearby. They find Conner already there, who apologizes for all his mistakes, explaining a need to prove to Lex, Superman, and Dick that he could stop Sebastian and his mother by himself without any help. Dick welcomes him back after hearing him out and getting confirmation that it was Conner who helped them stop the game in the last episode.

The Starfire Project sphere was discovered by the three, and though it was fully constructed, it lacked the necessary energy source for activation. This energy source was identified as Starfire’s blue light, and so the Titans made the decision for Kory to provide the necessary energy while the rest of the team worked to stabilize the process. Kory successfully infused the sphere with her powers, but the transmission proved to be unstable and highly dangerous. As a result, Dick intervened and cut off the power before it could escalate. The process remained incomplete, leaving the Titans to hope that it would be enough to defeat Sebastian.

After Conner takes the orb to the Temple of Azarath with Sebastian, they meet with Mayhem. Sebastian chooses to believe Conner, and together they confront Mother Mayhem. Sebastian kills his mother with the Horn and absorbs her powers for himself.

Conner then attempts to defeat Sebastian with the orb, but the attempt fails, and Conner is defeated instead. The episode concludes with Sebastian blowing the Horn and summoning Trigon once again, as Kory recognizes that she alone has the strength to put an end to all of it.

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