Titans (Season 4) Episode 10: Titans Season 4 returns its attention to the ongoing fight against Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, following an entertaining diversion through the Red and wider DC multiverse.

The latest episode brings us back to the main plot of the season, with Gar rejoining his old friends and Conner and Sebastian forming a team as Dick attempts to sever the bond between Rachel and Sebastian. This is a more focused episode than the two-part mid–season premiere was, and the episode is stronger for it as the series heads into its final episodes.

Titans (Season 4) Episode 10 Recap:

At the beginning of the episode, Gar awakens in the Doom Patrol’s house to the enthusiastic greetings of Robotman and Negative Man. They introduce him to Cyborg, also known as Vic, who discovered Gar unconscious inside the house at the end of the last episode. Cyborg also blames Gar for their current predicament, being less than welcoming to him.

Gar has been asleep for three days, and during that time, peculiar occurrences have taken place. Vegetation has sprouted throughout the house, which is not actually the Doom Patrol’s usual home. The group is stuck inside and unable to escape the house, unsure of their present location as well.

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In Metropolis, Superboy and Sebastian have a conversation at a cafe about collaborating in the future. Conner assumes control of LexCorp as its new CEO, succeeding Lex Luthor in the role, and extends an invitation to Sebastian to join him. Given that Sebastian’s aspiration was to design games, which is revealed during their conversation, Conner guarantees that he can work with him and help him achieve his dream.

Conner also plants a seed of doubt in his mind about the influence of May Bennet, his mother, on him and whether she actually cares for him, as she never asked what he wanted to do or what his dream was. Uncertain about what to do, Sebastian is left behind as Conner departs, but he leaves a card with his contact information.

Subsequently, Sebastian goes back to Mother Mayhem. She intends to sound the Horn that evening, which will revive Trigon, making Metropolis his initial target. Sebastian confronts her about what Conner had previously said, demanding to know why she never inquires about what he desires. He believes that summoning Trigon is unnecessary since they already have enough power without him. May dismisses his argument with a laugh, claiming that Sebastian is powerless without Trigon.

As their argument continues and gets more and more heated, May belittles Sebastian, calling him weak, cowardly, and pathetic. She also says that someone with these qualities could not possibly be her son to insult him further. She slaps him and commands him to use the Horn in their possession to summon Trigon back that very night.

Frustrated and infuriated by May’s behavior and her hurtful words, Sebastian employs the abilities bestowed upon him by the Blood Moon ritual and sets May ablaze. While he did not intend to kill her, he escapes without any hesitation or showing any remorse, leaving May’s remains to dissolve into ashes.

Soon after, Conner gave his first press conference where he announced that he is taking over LexCorp as the new CEO and promises to lead the company into a new direction across the globe with technical advancement, which would bring the world together instead of tearing it apart. He says this will be through clean energy and that they will work to eradicate things such as poverty and starvation. Sebastian is with him as he makes the announcement, satisfied by what he is hearing.

The Titans are watching this very press conference live on television and are wondering what Conner is planning on doing. They conclude that the only way to find out his intentions is to go to LexCorp and ask Conner directly. They leave Rachel behind to protect her from Sebastian, despite her vehement protests, because of the connection she shares with Sebastian.

In the lab itself, Kory opens a door, and instead of entering the other room, she finds herself in the same house where the Doom Patrol and Gar are currently trapped. Happy to be reunited with Gar, she is updated on their situation, and she isn’t pleased to hear that they have no idea what happened, where they are, or how to escape.

Meanwhile, not yet having noticed Kory’s absence, Dick contacts a friend in London who tells him about The Clavis Noctem or The Key of Night, which is a black magic ritual that could sever Rachel’s connection with Sebastian. The ritual is designed to expel inner evil and gives it a physical form so that it can be destroyed once and for all. Presented with the choice of whether to do this ritual or not, she agrees, but only if the other Titans are kept in the dark, as she doesn’t want them to see this side of her.

At LexCorp, Conner has used all the technology and resources at his disposal to create Sebastian’s game on their computers. Despite Conner’s apparent enthusiasm, Sebastian is afraid of the game failing and him becoming the laughingstock of the world. To prevent that from happening and ensure his game’s success, he uses his dark magic to tamper with the game’s code. While he does this, Conner tries to destroy the Horn using his powers secretly but cannot even make a dent in it.

In the house where the Doom Patrol is trapped, Gar reveals to Kory that they are in The Red and that The Red has a will and power of its own, so they need to understand by themselves why they are trapped in the house.

Elsewhere, Dick and Rachel meet with Helena, an Italian witch whose London friend said she would help them out with the Clavis Noctem ritual. Helena discloses that Dick will be the one to summon the evil out of Rachel and use a magical blade powered by his faith to kill it and that the physical evil will keep draining Rachel’s life force until he does so.

Abraxus, Sebastian’s game, is released to worldwide acclaim and popularity, with many playing it nonstop. Conner talks to Mercy via text to figure out a way to destroy the Horn, and he promises to buy her time with Sebastian. Sebastian reveals to a horrified Conner that whoever loses the game is infected with his dark magic, falling into a coma and channeling their life into him.

Through a comedic game of tennis, Kory realizes that she is grappling with the hatred she feels for Sebastian, having spared him before, and she decides to return to their world not because she hates him but because she wants to protect that which she loves. This revelation causes a new door labeled “back door” to appear, and Gar and Vic work together, and everyone escapes.

Titans (Season 4) Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

How Do The Titans Save Everyone From Sebastian’s Video Game?

Gar and Kory are back at the lab, where they reunite with Tim, who tells them that Bernard has fallen into a coma as well. He brings them up to speed on what Conner and Sebastian have done, and they all have to strategize to find a way to destroy the game and save the players. Tim decides to hack into the LexCorp mainframe and delete the game directly by corrupting their servers, despite it technically being a felony.

As Conner and Sebastian realize that they are being hacked, the latter uses his magic to make the cybersecurity even stronger, which makes it impossible for Tim to hack in. However, Conner uses his super speed to authorize access to the server for the Titans when Sebastian is distracted, just as Tim is about to give up. Gar and Kory convince him to try the backdoor hacking route based on what The Red showed them earlier.

At the same time, Dick manages to kill Rachel’s physical evil, severing the bond between her and Sebastian, which devastates Sebastian, along with realizing his game has now been deleted. Back at the lab after the ritual and looking at the hacking data, Dick realizes that they hadn’t actually managed to hack in but were let in by Conner, proving that he is actually on their side.

Bernard, though, is still in a coma. Conner and Mercy communicate again, and she reveals that she has found a way to destroy the Horn. At the Metropolis morgue, May/Mother Mayhem comes back to life using a magic spell and is furious with Sebastian for killing her. The episode ends with Sebastian realizing that he is truly powerless without Trigon, and maybe he should summon him after all.

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