Shantaram (Season 1, Finale), Episode 12: The final episode of ‘Shantaram,’ ‘All The Way From There Just to Get to Here’ pretty much gets it all right in terms of what a finale should do. At the same time, it ends on a highly disruptive cliffhanger just when it seemed like it had tied up most of its loose ends. And for anyone who might’ve gotten invested in the show, closure is not something they’ll be rewarded with, as Apple has canceled any future seasons the series’s creators were hoping for.


Shantaram (Season 1, Finale), Episode 12 Recap

Lin asks Prabhu to drive him to Karla’s place as it’s the only safe place for him. He arrives there just as Abdullah has and finds Modena shot on the floor. Lin wants him taken to a hospital, as only Modena knows where Karla and Lisa are. At the Palace, Madame Zhou is informed by Karla about how Khader had nothing to do with the exposé. She doesn’t care. She plans on selling Lisa and Karla as prostitutes to the highest bidder and has them incarcerated till the requisite proceedings can kick off. 

Shantaram (Season 1, Finale), Episode 12

Kavita’s story is published and causes a furor across Bombay. She is infuriated though, as Nishant put his own name on the story, not Kavita’s. Walid has launched attacks on all of Khader’s businesses and plans on continuing to do so till he gets Khader, who is now locked up in his own home. The bosses of other gangs (called ‘companies’ in Bombay) have refused to intervene in this war on anyone’s behalf, letting Walid run wild. Walid wants Nishant to be taken care of, thinking he is the one behind the entire story. When Modena wakes up at a hospital, he tells Lin everything that went down at Karla’s. He also gives him a key to the locker at a train station where the money is. Lin retrieves the money, and the bundles of cash baffle Prabhu. Nightingale waits for Prabhu’s taxi to turn up, which Chavan informs him is a process that’ll take time, especially with Bombay in the midst of a gang war.

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Karla begins to hollow out a wall in the room they’re locked up in, knowing Zhou has hidden spaces next to every room for eavesdropping. When a goon enters the room because of Lisa’s screaming, Karla ambushes her from behind, and the two escape. Kavita goes to her office with Vikram and gives Nishant a piece of her mind, who tells her that he put his name to protect her. Just as Vikram and Kavita are angrily leaving, a young boy enters the office and shoots Nishant, killing him and shocking Kavita. A police officer, Sanjay, informs Khader about how precarious his position is because of Walid’s continuing attrition. Abdullah suggests surprising Walid by attacking him in his nightclub, where he’s holed up. Khader agrees. Sanjay goes over to Walid’s nightclub and informs him about the attack about to take place on him, stating that he is passing on this information as he only cares about the winners. He asks Walid to surprise Khader by attacking him when he’s on the way to the nightclub.


Lin and Prabhu take the money to Didier’s, where the former puts the cash in a separate bag from the one in which Modena had kept it. Didier offers Lin a gun, but he refuses, though Prabhu secretly takes it from him and puts it in the bag with the cash in it. Lin plans to use the cash as a ransom for getting Karla and Lisa out of the Palace. People across Bombay are gathering outside the Palace to destroy it following Kavita’s story, seeing it as an affront to their morals that can no longer be ignored. Prabhu waits in his taxi as Lin goes into the Palace. Lin offers the money to Zhou, who refuses it, so he then tells Maurizio, who’s present there, that if the mob enters, he won’t get his money back, and Lin won’t get Karla and Lisa. Maurizio gets a gun, hits Lin, and uses him as a shield, and he is about to escape the room when Karla and Lisa pounce on him. A scuffle ensues in which Lisa shoots Maurizio in the back. They leave the Palace together as the mob outside the place breaks down the gates and enters. Prabhu, in the meantime, leaves after noticing the police keeping a watch on his car. Just as Lin, Karla, and Lisa are escaping the Palace, he sees Nightingale, who has arrived and is dismayed at the taxi being gone. They take another way out since Nightingale doesn’t notice them.


Khader, on his way to Walid’s nightclub, with his entourage, is stopped by two police cars. He realizes that something is fishy, and just then, Walid’s car appears on the horizon. Yet, to Walid’s surprise, it turns out that Sanjay was working for Khader all along. Passing on the information of Khader’s planned ambush was a ruse played by him to draw Walid out of the club. In the ensuing shootout, Walid’s men are killed, and he gets shot by Abdullah. Khader, therefore, wins the war. 

Lin, Karla, and Lisa go to Didier’s place to hide. They discover Khader’s victory and suspect that Prabhu has run off with the money, but he arrives just then with it. Lisa leaves to meet Modena, and Lin gives her the money. Karla asks them to meet her at her place. Kavita, drowning in guilt, feels that Karla used her, and her attempt to save Lin cost Nishant his life. Outside Karla’s place, Lin gives Prabhu some money he took from Modena as a farewell gift and thanks him for his help, stating that Prabhu is one of the finest men he’s ever known. Prabhu promises to drop Lin off at the train station the next morning. Modena, despite being badly injured, has escaped, much to Lisa’s disappointment. At Karla’s place, Lin spends the night, and the two make love. Back in Sagar Wada, Prabhu gives Parvati the cash and promises to engage only in honest work from then on. The following morning, Karla decides to pay Khader a visit, to thank him for his help in the past and to get Lin’s passport. Just then, Lisa arrives and informs them about Modena’s escape. She believes that Modena will contact her when he can, and only then will she leave, not with Lin and Karla.


Shantaram (Season 1, Finale), Episode 12 Ending Explained

Kavita confesses to Nightingale about having lied regarding Lin’s whereabouts and gives him Karla’s address. Khader has forgiven Karla, being glad that she’s alive, and hands over Lin’s passport to her as a farewell gift. He asks her to tell Lin that he still loves him like a son. Abdullah, glad to see Karla alive, is tasked with dropping her off at the railway station. Lisa divides the cash in half and gave one bag to Lin. Nightingale arrives at Karla’s house just then. Lisa’s distraction allows Lin to escape, who runs off to the roof, but not without Nightingale noticing it. On the roof, Lin is cornered. He offers the money he has in the bag to Nightingale, but he is far too obsessed with destroying Lin’s life to bother with that. Lin notices Didier’s gun in the bag that Prabhu had placed. He pulls it out on Nightingale to stop him as he jumps across the roof to the building next door, leaving the cash behind. 

Prabhu arrives in the morning to pick up Lin. Nightingale, who’s been waiting there, gets into the taxi and threatens Prabhu to take him to Lin, who doesn’t respond. Karla waits for Lin at the station, and he arrives, though she doesn’t notice him because of how crowded the place is. As Lin is moving towards Karla, he is accosted and taken away by some men. Lin is held up and beaten by police officers as one informs him that someone wants him to suffer. A teary-eyed Karla leaves Bombay aboard the train the two of them were meant to take together, thinking that she was abandoned by Lin and hence, betrayed in love again. 



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