The Mosquito Coast (Season 2) Episode 7: Allie and Margot are not in agreement in regard to how they should proceed with their living arrangements. While he is happy with the current, volatile arrangement, she is looking out for security and stability for the children. Meanwhile, Charlie threatens Robert to leave their family alone due to his troubling relationship with Margot in the past. She is suspicious of Robert for what he is up to in the rainforest. With these new developments, ‘The Mosquito Coast’ is taking us further into the internal chasm of these individuals in a rather clumsy manner.

The Mosquito Coast (Season 2) Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7: The Burning of Judas

The recent episode titled ‘The Burning of Judas’ is directed by Marisol Adler. In the middle of the night, Margot (Melissa George) wakes up due to some noises and goes out to find that the locals are preparing for an upcoming ritual of the burning of Judas. The conflict between her and Allie (Justin Theroux) seems to have settled for the time being without any conclusion. He is still confident that they should not trust the government to do anything good for them. He is rather willing to give Sandpiper (the program he built that he did not want to give to the government) to Guillermo Bautista (Daniel Raymont), who is technically their landlord right now.

Guillermo drives through the wilderness all the way to meet his sister – Andrea (Cosima Cabrera), who was arguing then about the safety of her father and other guests. She speaks with Guillermo about the same attack where she assumes him being behind tampering with the video. However, he diverts the blame by noting it might be an act of a random radical or an environmentalist. Since he does not budge, she threatens him that if he or anyone comes in between the success of their upcoming project, it will not be good for them.

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Back at their place, Dina (Logan Polish) mentions learning about Margot and Robert (Ariyon Bakare) being behind the murder of an innocent person. She notes knowing it being the reason for them being on the run. The conversation soon turns into a heated argument where she finds both of the parents deranged. She blames them for constantly heading them (her and Charlie) down a path that only suits Allie and his idealistic choices. He keeps arguing back with his knowledge, filled with vehement hatred towards the controlling government in regard to access to knowledge and consumerism.

However, Dina does not budge even for a moment and stays confident about her opinion as confident he always is about his. She threatens that they leave the place right then, and he tells her to do it alone. Despite her factual remarks, he stays in his state of delusion, where things work according to the way he wants. On the other hand, Robert meets Margot while she is engaged in a chore and mentions being worried about Charlie for stealing his gun and pointing at him. He then notes that he will do what Charlie said (to leave their family alone) after finishing the task assigned to him by Isela (Natalia Cordova-Buckley).

The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Episode 7

Back in the rainforest, Charlie feels a sense of community by being a supporting part of the ritualistic practice of the locals. Meanwhile, Dina has a heartfelt conversation with Adolfo (Alejandro Akara) about her troubling present. While she thinks that her pain is the deepest, he tells her about the tragic stories from his life. Meanwhile, Robert takes Margot to show, from a distance, a piece of land where the construction is being done in the place where earlier natural habitat (wildlife) used to be. He then notes that their bombing made a difference by stopping genetically modified material from getting into the food chain and saving the world from it.

Soon after, Andrea arrives there along with her partner Carter Albrecht (Reed Diamond). He mentions them being the same people whose event was disrupted by Allie. They drive back to the rainforest and, on their way, stop at a gas station. While he gets the fuel, she goes into the store and offers her ring to the manager in exchange for his cell phone. Meanwhile, the rainforest gets raided by Guillermo’s traffickers, and the community runs to save itself. Robert and Margot reach there and learn about it from Isela.

William (Ian Hart) drives Allie to Guillermo’s place. He talks about using Sandpiper to make certain undesirable entities stay away from his land. For this job, he hires Caleb (Will Brice), a young, bright-eyed guy, to work with him. Caleb deeply admires Sandpiper and the way it is able to trace patterns. Guillermo immediately mentions that he wants Allie’s algorithm for Sandpiper to trace the locations of law enforcement agencies and for him to teach its working design to Caleb and then leave happily. But Allie does not want to let go of his control over this program and tells him that he will instead work alone.

The Mosquito Coast (Season 2) Episode 7 Ending Explained

Guillermo shows Allie his workplace, where he asks for more details to work on what they are asking from him. He has been given 72 hours to finish this task for them. William is told to keep a watch on him, and he feels that the period given to Allie is too short to finish the required task. He still keeps working on it dedicatedly. Meanwhile, the locals from the rainforest create a huge structure of Judas and bring it to the center of their land. Everyone is supposed to attack it as a way of letting go of their difficult emotions. Charlie does it and, amidst the cheering from others, feels a sense of catharsis through this act.

Back at their place, Allie mentions to Margot that after keeping it safe from the government officials for years, Sandpiper is sadly in the hands of a drug lord like Guillermo. Margot mentions the terrifying incident where Charlie puts a gun to Robert’s head and fears what their son is turning into. Isela gives a passionate speech to the locals about the intent behind the monster ritual, and then the figure is burnt to ashes.

Meanwhile, Allie contemplates the alternate solution proposed by Margot. He finishes the program for Guillermo and, while adding data to it, stumbles upon a suspicious document that has a mention of this drug lord. He suspects there to be a much sinister intent behind Guillermo’s work and not a noble one, as he claims. He is perhaps being used yet again, if not by the government, then by someone else.



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