The Mosquito Coast (Season 2) Episode 6: Based on a novel by Paul Theroux, The Mosquito Coast tells the story of a radical idealist whose ways are at odds with his world. It starts becoming harmful when his family becomes captive to his ambitions. Starring Justin Theroux, Melissa George, Logan Polish, and Gabriel Bateman, it shows the story of their family and their struggle for survival. While Allie’s vision of the world seems noble in the beginning due to his heartfelt devotion toward the betterment of the world, it soon slides into being dangerous due to his narcissism. Sadly, the series is too muddled to make use of this theme to its complete potential.

The Mosquito Coast (Season 2) Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6: Goat Head Taco

The sixth episode, titled ‘Goat Head Taco,’ is directed by Alonso Alvarez. In the previous episode, Allie (Justin Theroux) and William (Ian Hart) were trying to escape from the venue they entered to publicize the conglomerate’s deeply troubling agenda. While they try to get out from the door on the rooftop, two security guards consider them as their guests trying to escape. The guards escort the two along with them while the daughter of a wealthy businessman questions the organizer about all the guests being held hostage in this way.

The guy from the video room is called upon as a witness who had seen the faces of those who initiated the havoc with their video. Upon seeing him, Allie gets scared by the fear of getting exposed. However, this guy does not reveal them as the preparators and leaves them puzzled about why he saved them. Nevertheless, they manage to leave the space safely. Back at their place, Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) still struggles to make peace with the fact that he killed a man. Margot (Melissa George) and Dina (Logan Polish) suffer from their own set of worries.

Dina reveals to Charlie that not Allie but Margot was behind the family being on the run. She mentions that while their parents were on a break, she was with Richard (Ariyon Bakare), and during one of their missions, they planted a bomb at a place, getting a person killed. While Dina finds the thought of her mother having killed someone disgusting, Charlie does not consider her to be a bad person. He rather believes that Richard would have made her behave in that way. While he notes their mother’s claim of Richard manipulating them, he is largely speaking from the guilt of having killed someone himself.

Meanwhile, JJ Raban (Matt McCoy), who Margot calls for help in exchange for Allie’s whereabouts and information about his plans, gets in touch with his superior. He informs her about finding where Allie, Margot, and Richard are and possibly stopping killing innocent civilians for their mission. While the officer keeps insisting on its insignificance, JJ insists on its importance in stopping people from dying on a bigger scale. Back at the rainforest, Richard walks around, trying to trace a location. Margot follows him, and she hides when he is about to notice her.

Soon after, she seems to be surrounded by several locals pointing their guns at him. One of them hands a bag over to him. He picks it up and heads back. Margot notices all of it while hiding behind a bush. When he reaches his house, Charlie puts a gun to his head, determined to kill the old man. Richard tries to sway his mind to save himself by using some of the lines from his prior lectures. He attempts to manipulate Charlie with his words, but Charlie does not budge. Upon firing, Richard learns that there is no bullet in the gun and takes it in his hand. He then realizes that Charlie played out this plan to scare him to stay away from his family.

Back at their place, at night, Dina apologizes to Margot for doubting her judgment. On the other side, Allie and Isela (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) speak about the incident which cost them getting caught by the authorities. Allie finds their struggle futile since they threaten people and their families and make people feel unsafe without a strong purpose. He tells Isela to inform Guillermo that it is the last time he will be working for him. Isela notes that it is not a favor but to ensure peace for the people living in their land.

Since he is the landlord of their jungle, Isela chooses to do everything he tells her. While Allie does not wish he would do anything with him, Isela has no choice but to stick with every other plan he decides for them. She considers Allie’s brave act today as paying her rent for the month. Allie notices the voice from the video they played being of Richard and questions Isela about it being that way. However, she does not answer his query right away.

While he continues his tirade against Richard, Isela mentions that, unlike him, Richard gets things done. Besides, Guillermo wants him to be a part of the operation, and she needs to follow his order. Allie could run away from one land to another any day, and he has responsibility only for his family. But unlike him, she has to take care of all the inhabitants of the jungle and needs to do the thing that is best for their livelihood. He finds it stupid that because of this, she resorts to terrorism and justifies killing innocent people.

The Mosquito Coast (Season 2) Episode 6 Ending Explained

Back in the jungle, Charlie mentions to Dina that he took care of Richard’s matter and told him to stay away. While she is puzzled about how he did it, he just shares the assurance of their well-being in the future. Meanwhile, Allie is disheartened by the distrust of the people he considers to be on his side. With this thought, he tells Margot that they need to leave the place soon. While he does not have a plan, she mentions one by making a deal of offering Richard in exchange for immunity for their family.

He does not wish to make any deal with the government and does not want his kids to return to the education provided. However, unlike his experiment, she wants the kids to have a safe future. While he opposes her taking any step in that direction, she is determined to do so. As a result, it will be interesting to see how the narrative will navigate Allie’s conundrum. While he wants the family to leave the jungle with him due to the feeling of betrayal, he does not want the government to have anything to do with it.


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