Tonight You’are Sleeping With Me (2023): The newly released Polish movie, Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, is a romantic drama where the protagonist is stuck in a loveless marriage. Based on a novel by Anna Szczypczynska, this movie starts simple but gets tangled into a messy extra-marital affair. Just 15 minutes into the movie, you’ll know where the story is headed.

It’s a short movie with a direct plot. There are no gasp moments, a strong storyline, or heart-wrenching moments. The characters and script fail to keep the viewers entertained or interested. If you think the climax will be worth the wait, you will be greatly disappointed. Nothing about the protagonist’s love affair or marriage will compel you to finish the movie.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

Nina, a journalist, is a great mother, and she is good at her job. The working woman, however, is unhappy in her marriage. Her husband, Maciek, works for a publishing house and is always busy with his job. They have two daughters, but there is no equality in the marriage when it comes to taking care of the kids.

Nina is always the one to compromise. Her father thinks the same. Nina knows this, yet she defends her husband. Moreover, Nina has a love-hate relationship with her mother, who thinks she is lucky to have a husband like Maciek. The mother and daughter clearly have unresolved issues, which they don’t delve deep into in the movie.

Who is Janek?

Nina is surprised when she sees Janek at her workplace. Janek joins as a trainee. He is her former lover, and it’s clear that they still aren’t over each other. The reason for their breakup was the age gap between Nina and Janek. Nina was older than him, and this worried Janek that this might cause problems in the future.

When Janek finds out that she has two daughters, he is shocked to learn that she named them Zuzia and Lina. They had decided to name their kids the same name when they were together. This reignites Janek’s feelings, and he tries hard to impress her again.

Why did Maciek and Nina have a fight?

Maciek is planning to go on a trek alone to Iceland. Nina is a successful, career-driven woman who takes care of the kids. She balances everything perfectly. However, she is mad at Maciek for leaving her alone with the kids. The responsibility of looking after the kids solely relies on her now when she also has to go to work.

This gets on her nerves, and she has a fight with Maciek. But this doesn’t change his decision to go on that trekking trip. He leaves her alone with the kids and isn’t even feeling guilty about it. He seems very happy to be on his own.

Do Janek and Nina start dating again?

Tonight You Are Sleeping With Me (2023)

Over the next few days, Nina is struggling to manage the kids and focus on her work. Just when they were about to have a moment, Nina gets a call that her daughter is sick. When she gets back home, she finds out that Maciek has taken all the medicines with him. She calls Maciek, and he is rude to her about it.

She asks Janek for his help. He gets all the medication and arrives at Nina’s place. He also brings over some food for Nina and him to enjoy once the kids are out to bed. But Nina is so tired that she sleeps next to Zuzia. He leaves a cute note for her with the food and leaves.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me Ending Explained:

Does Maciek find out about Nina’s extramarital affair?

Janek frequently visits Nina and strikes a good chord with her daughters. Their love affair gets hot and heavy when she starts forming an intimate relationship with him. She even contemplates leaving her husband for him, but her mother reminds her that family is everything and that her daughters should be her first priority.

On the other hand, her father advises her to make the right choice because her daughters wouldn’t be happy if their parents were miserable and stuck in a dissatisfied marriage. She decides to leave her husband for Janek and heads over to his place. When the two of them are making love, Maciek is on the phone. His number was probably pocket-dialed. He initially hears only noises and soon hears everything that happens between Nina and Janek.

Do Janek and Nina end up together?

Maciek calls her later and confronts her about this. He asks who she is cheating on him with. He assumes it’s Janek, and she cuts the call. She tells Janek that she can’t do this and has to go to Iceland and meet Maciek. She wants to sort this out. This doesn’t make any sense because she is anyway going to leave Maciek.

Anyway, while she is on the way to meet him, she gets a phone call that Maciek is in the hospital. Maciek tries to help a fallen man but gets stuck in the pit during the trekking trip. He is in a coma now, and Nina is at the hospital waiting for her husband to wake up.

Janek calls her and asks when she is coming back. Nina says no, and Janek tries to convince her. She is firm that she wants to be with her husband and hangs up the phone. Janek visits her at the hospital and tells her that he will take a step back so the two of them can try to fix their marriage. Maciek wakes up, and they are both heartbroken to find out he cannot feel anything and cannot move his body. He can speak, but he is paralyzed.

What happens to Nina?

Nina says it will get better, and the film ends. That’s it. We don’t know if Nina will continue the marriage or goes back to her boyfriend. Perhaps it’s the former because Nina doesn’t seem happy in the end, but Maciek is. The movie is bland, and nothing about their affair is exciting. Nor does it make the viewers feel like their adultery could hurt the husband.

The film fails to evoke any kind of emotion inside the viewer. It doesn’t move the audience. The characters are underwhelming, and none of them get a happy ending. Their pain isn’t alleviated or justified. The film is all about miserable people who continue to be unhappy.

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