Trauma haunts different people differently. Of course, healing from it is difficult for all of us, especially those who suffer from Survivor’s Guilt. It eats away at our lives slowly. The latest War Veteran film, “Mending The Line,” deals with the same issue of trauma that changes one’s life forever. The film is about the healing journey of war veterans Colter and Ike with the help of Fly-fishing. 

The movie follows Colter, a war veteran who returned from Afghanistan after a tragic incident where he lost many of his troop members under his command. He develops trauma that physically and emotionally manifests within him. His doctor recommends he should try fly-fishing and connects him with Ike, a Vietnam War veteran trying to heal his trauma way past his last war.

Following Ike, Colter goes out in the wild, trying to calm the demons inside with serene views and fly-fishing. Later he also connects with a librarian Lucy, who has her own trauma haunting her. The journey of these broken people toward healing is inspiring to watch and might serve as a sign to people who are hurt and want to get better by taking a step forward.

Fly fishing has been found to be an effective method for trauma healing. Engaging in the peaceful, rhythmic movements of fly fishing can provide a sense of calm and relaxation, which can be especially valuable for individuals who have experienced trauma. Fly-fishing can serve as a form of mindfulness meditation, as it requires a keen focus on the present moment and the surroundings.

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The film stars Brian Cox as Ike, Sinqua Walls as Colter, Perry Mattfeld as Lucy, Patricia Heaton as Dr. Burke, and Wes Studi as Harrison, among others. Dubbed one of the best films of the year, the film promises a great performance from the cast and stellar storytelling by Director Joshua Caldwell and Writer Stephen Camelio. With 79% on Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, it speaks volumes of the film’s response amongst Critics and the general audience alike. 

Where to Watch and Stream “Mending The Line” Online?

The film was released in limited theatres across the US on June 9th, 2023, by Blue Fox Entertainment. For theatre listings, you can visit the Fandango website or the official website of Blue Fox Entertainment. Currently, the only way to watch the film is in theatres. 

There’s no official information on streaming the film. Still, we can expect the film to be available to buy/rent on Video-on-Demand services like Amazon, VUDU, and iTunes after its 45-day theatrical run. 

As far as subscription-based streaming is concerned, Blue Fox Entertainment has not made any announcement about which streaming platform “Mending the Line” will be playing on. However, like most movies these days, we can expect it to land on any of the leading platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc. Till then, watch out for this space for future updates.

Watch the trailer Here:

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