Horror is a genre that has a strange fandom that loves getting high on jumpscares. Mix it with Dark comedy and you get something out of the box which appeals to an even larger audience. We have a great addition to this Dark Comedy Horror genre in Some Like it Rare, a french movie originally titled Barbaque.

Directed by Fabrice Eboué, who is also one of the lead actors, the film is about a couple who are Butchers by profession. Their marriage is on rocks, the business is down and things escalate for the worse when a vegan activist is accidentally killed by them. And they do what they know best to hide the corpse, i.e make it smaller. Interestingly, the wife unknowingly keeps it on the shelf and it sells, leading to more customers lining up for the new meat that is much better. And their business? It finally booms.

Starring Marina Foïs and Fabrice Eboué, the film showcases how they hunt for vegans to provide a supply for their shop which now has more buzz than ever. Their marriage, which was also in a wobbly state and about to shatter stabilizes. As the film proceeds, we are hit by the dilemmas they face, the choices they make, and how it all turns gruesome.

The mix of comedy with the horrors of murdering people to keep the business afloat is quite an interesting premise, to begin with. Both the lead actors’ chemistry as partners in life and crime is very peculiar and makes the film more intriguing. It also helps that their comic timings are great as the characters try to come up with new ideas to stage. A movie like this certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat when the laughter mixes with the gruesome.

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After a premiere at Fantastic Fest 2022, the film is ready to be released in the US this October 7th in a limited capacity. It will be available exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse cinemas in New York City and Los Angeles. You can check Fandango for tickets if you are in NYC or LA.

Distributed by Brainstorm Media, the film will also be available to Buy/Rent on Apple iTunes on October 14, 2022. We can also expect it to be on other Video on demand services soon. As of now, there’s no info about its release on streaming services yet, but we’ll update this space once that happens.

Watch the Some Like it Rare Trailer Here:

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