Who is Erin Carter (Netflix Limited Series) Recap & Ending Explained: Who gets to have Harper’s custody?

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‘Who is Erin Carter’ is a new British action-adventure crime thriller series streaming on Netflix. Starring Evin Ahmad in the lead role, it follows a British woman named Erin, whose life in Barcelona takes a swift turn when she gets caught up in an armed robbery in a supermarket. It ends up exposing a dark secret from her past, filled with extreme violence. Written by Jack Lothian, it is set mostly in and around Barcelona. Besides Ahmad, the series also stars Sean Teale, Indica Watson, and Douglas Henshall in central roles. The first season has a total of seven episodes filled with drama, mystery, and thrilling action sequences. Spoilers ahead.

Who is Erin Carter (Netflix Limited Series) Recap:

What is ‘Who is Erin Carter’ about?

‘Who is Erin Carter’ is about Erin (Evin Ahmad), a substitute teacher in a school in Barcelona. After having lived there for five years, she gets caught up in an armed robbery attempt in a supermarket. It ends up revealing some dark secrets about her past. It also sheds light on why she suddenly fled England with her daughter, Harper (Indica Watson)

Episode 1

Erin suddenly decided to leave Folkstone, England, five years ago with Harper. Now, she lives in Barcelona and works as a substitute teacher at St Joseph’s School. One day, during her supermarket visit, she encounters an armed robber. She fights him like an expert. The man recognizes her. But she knocks him unconscious. Her husband, Jordi (Sean Teale), comforts her after this traumatic incident.

Meanwhile, she has to deal with another problem. During Harper’s school play rehearsal, she knocks a boy (Dylan) down in anger. So, Erin goes to his house to speak with his mother, Penelope (Charlotte Vega), to not let the matter go out of hand. He says she’s not home. But Erin finds her having sex with her badminton trainer.

Meanwhile, we also meet Erin and Jordi’s neighbor – Emilio (Pep Ambròs), who started living in his car after his wife left him. Erin’s friend from the school staff – Olivia (Susannah Fielding), informs her about a chance for her to get a full-time teacher position. At the same time, Penelope tries to get Harper removed from the school. Erin tries to change her mind about it but fails.

Eventually, she blackmails Penelope to disclose her affair with her trainer. Meanwhile, her photo gets published in the newspaper for her heroic act in the supermarket. Around the same time, some things come to light that make her look suspicious. Later, during Harper’s school play, a woman comes to school that Erin seems to know. Erin follows her and gets caught in a fight. To save herself from getting strangled, she ends up killing this woman.

Emilio finds her in that awkward situation. But instead of disclosing her secret, he decides to help her bury the body. In exchange, he expects she would do some confidential work for her. Back home, Erin feels worried about her family’s safety. So, she goes through her storage to find a gun. Harper follows her to notice the weapon in her hand.

Episode 2

Harper stays upset and worried after finding a gun in Erin’s hand. So, Erin tries to assure Harper it is only to ensure their safety. She explains that she once used to live in harsh neighborhoods where she needed a gun. Later, Emilio expects her help for a risky mission. He drives her to a villa and asks her to sneak in and steal the data on his computer.

Since the villa’s owner – Augustin, almost catches her during this attempt, she has to make an impromptu escape. Sadly, that makes her late for her school interview to be a full-time teacher. She still confidently answers all their queries and feels convinced she will get the position. But for some reason, she doesn’t get it and thinks Penelope is behind this.

On the other hand, she has to deal with Dylan, who drew obscene things all over his exam paper. Dylan’s wealthy & influential father, Daniel (Douglas Henshall), realizes this and instead offers to help her with her job situation. Later that night, Erin sneaks into a house to find Augustin hurting Emilio. She fights a couple of men and saves the police officer.

On their way back, Emilio reveals that he went rogue to pay off his big gambling debts. That is why he is fighting Augustin. Soon after, Augustin comes face to face with Erin. Before she could do anything, Emilio hits him with his car and drops him unconscious. Erin steals Augustin’s phone and leaves with Emilio. Back home, she starts panicking with a feeling that her whole life is falling apart.

Episode 3

Through information about Augustin, Erin learns about Valeria Estrada (Blanca Pares). She reaches Valeria’s house to learn that – Augustin asked Valeria to know who she is. Suddenly, two men walk into this house and attack both the women. They fight back and run away to the car. Valeria reveals that they are Augustin’s men who think she planned to steal their boss’s money. Since Erin ruined her plan, Valeria asks her to bring it back, or she will expose who she is to the local gangsters.

Meanwhile, Emilio learns that the woman who attacked Erin is someone named Margot Muller (Ana Ularu). Back in London, Lena (Denise Gough) learns about Margot’s death, which upsets her. Meanwhile, Harper notices how Penelope has Dylan’s photos, and Olivia has her child’s. But she has not seen her photos with Erin, which makes her increasingly curious about her past.

Later, while Emilio tries to reach out to Erin for help, she goes to an event at the Lang residence. Daniel offers her a job as Dylan’s personal tutor and promises to match her existing salary. But she does not accept it. Since Valeria keeps threatening to reveal her identity, Erin sells her jewelry to pay her back. Back home, Jordi gets a psychiatrist to help Harper with her mental health struggles.

Erin gets angry that he did it behind her back. She tells Harper that she is a bad mother and wishes to correct those mistakes. Meanwhile, Jordi happens to go through Erin’s old boxes to find some questionable things about her. There is no history to Erin Carter. On the other hand, Erin goes to Valeria’s place and returns only a part of her money. Within moments, she realizes that Valeria already disclosed her identity, which puts their lives at risk. The men shoot Valeria dead. Erin also gets shot but manages to escape.

Episode 4

As a six-year-old kid, Erin was abandoned by her parents. Years later, she was enrolled to be a part of the police force. But a white man criticizes how she got her position without merit. So she punches him out of anger, which ends in her expulsion—afterward, D.I. Jim Armstrong (Jamie Bamber) asks her to be part of a cover operation under his unit. He wants her to infiltrate a criminal gang and help them as an undercover cop. That’s why she entered a criminal group, as Kate Jones. That’s when she got to know Lena and Margot. This is also when Erin met Lena’s daughter, Harper. Erin agreed to be their driver and, meanwhile, formed a strong bond with the kid.

After one of their robbery attempts, the gang’s leader, Thomas (Ian Burfield), suspects Erin is working for the police. Erin tries her best to convince him that she isn’t with the police, and Lena supports her. But, because of this, another gang member gets killed out of suspicion of leaked information. During their next masked robbery attempt, they end up in a face-off with the police officers.

Somehow, they manage to flee, but some of them get severely injured. Margot thinks Erin betrayed them by joining hands with the feds. During their eventual shootout, Erin decides to escape on her own. But she feels terrible for young Harper being left alone after her mother’s probable death. So, she takes Harper with her. After that, she cuts traces of her identity and plans to move to Barcelona.

Episode 5

Who is Erin Carter (Netflix Limited Series) Ending Explained
Evin Ahmad and Indica Watson in Who Is Erin Carter? (2023)

After her run for life from Valeria’s house, Erin gets hospitalized. She also finds a way to escape from the hospital. While driving back in a police vehicle, Erin calls Emilio and seeks his help. She manages to dissuade them and hide. Meanwhile, in England, Lena gets imprisoned for attacking her employer. She uses the internet to learn that Erin/Kate is also in Barcelona, where Margot got killed.

Back in Barcelona, Erin decides to come clean to Jordi. But she ends up lying that she has a problem with alcoholism, which led to her recent, inexplicable behavior. Harper starts questioning whether Erin is her real mother or not. Erin sees signs of her memories resurfacing since she mentions Aunt Lena in one of her drawings. Nevertheless, she agrees to have missed Erin.

Erin fears Jordi wouldn’t love her if he knew the truth about her. She also starts panicking that she will get caught in the case of Augustin’s death. At the station, Emilio’s boss refuses to let his team work on the case about the criminal gangs. But restless Emilio looks for records of Lena and Margot online to find out about Kate Jones. He suspects Erin is Kate and confronts her about it.

After that, Harper directly asks Erin whether she is her real mother. Erin finally comes clear and reveals that Harper’s mother died years ago and that she rescued her. Later, she also tells Jordi that she is not Harper’s real mother. Besides, she reveals things from her past as a special ops agent. Jordi feels he can move on despite her dark past. But he cannot get over her betrayal and leaves.

Around that time, Emilio goes to the racecourse to find the person who runs the gangs. The kingpin is none other than Daniel Lang. He gets Emilio beaten to a pulp to find out which woman had helped him before. Erin reaches there just when Daniel slashes Emilio to death. Emilio shouts and tells her to run.  Back in England, Lena escapes prison.

 Episode 6

Erin, Jordi, and Harper attend Emilio’s funeral. Emilio’s superior refuses to tell any details about the case to Erin. Jordi goes on a vacation to distance himself from Erin. Later, Erin learns that she did not get the full-time job because of Olivia. Daniel meets Erin and tells her not to investigate further into his criminal activities.

Meanwhile, Penelope comes to Erin’s place and asks for help in taking care of Ana at the fireworks festival after Emilio’s death. Penelope also starts getting surprisingly closer to Erin as a friend due to her marital stress. Around that time, Lena arrives in Barcelona and asks Olivia for Erin’s address. She gets into Olivia’s house to learn about Erin. Eventually, she starts scaring Olivia into helping her get closer to Erin.

In the evening, Erin joins Penelope to help Ana with her loneliness. Suddenly, Olivia asks her to come to meet so that she can talk face-to-face. Ana fears she will struggle as a single mother. Daniel also offers to help her in this situation. Erin warns her not to accept it but cannot explain why. Erin learns about a location through a social media post and reaches there with her gun. She gets into a fight with Daniel’s bodyguard and severely beats him.

Then, Daniel arrives and asks her about her impeccable fighting skills. He senses she might kill him. So, he emotionally manipulates her into not doing so. On her way back, Olivia calls her to inform her that a woman is looking for her. In the bar, Erin/Kate finally comes face-to-face with Lena. She makes Erin drive up a mountain where she had stashed some gold biscuits. Besides, Lena wants to reunite with Harper. So, she shoots Erin and leaves her there on her own.

Episode 7

Erin regains consciousness and tries to walk back to town despite the struggle. Meanwhile, Lena goes to Erin’s house to find Harper with Jordi. Right when she is about to tear Erin’s family photo, two men take her away. Erin returns home by a truck with blood all over his body. Jordi tries to help her to the best of his abilities. On the other hand, Daniel questions Lena about her past.

She reveals Erin is Kate, who was working with their gang. Lena promises to give the cash to save herself. She starts texting Harper to form a connection with her real mother. Meanwhile, Daniel’s men attack Erin at her house. But she fights them and goes on the run. While Jordi and Harper go to Olivia’s place, Lena shows up and tries to steal Harper. Again, a few men arrive at her house and take the father and daughter away from the dangerous killer.

Who is Erin Carter (Netflix Limited Series) Ending Explained:

Who gets to have Harper’s custody?

Erin seeks Penelope’s help to get a lift to Olivia’s place. Penelope cries about how they both struggle to not show their true selves. During the ride, Lena calls Erin/Kate and asks her to meet. These old colleagues talk about motherhood and who deserves to be with Harper. Erin tries to convince Lena that they must do what is best for Harper. However, Lena’s agreement with Daniel puts Jordi and Harper’s lives in danger. So, Erin decides to sacrifice herself for the sake of the greater good.

When Daniel comes there to confront Erin, she and Lena join hands to fight against the common enemy. In that shootout, Daniel also gets shot. Afterward, Daniel threatens to kill Jordi to not get his truth exposed. Erin arrives there just in time to save her husband and Harper. She shoots Daniel and reunites with her family. So, in the end, Harper ends up with Erin and Jordi. Even though their lives seem to have come back to normal, there is another twist. Jim Armstrong shows up there and offers her a job. She did not accept it at the time. Later, she chooses to stay with her new identity of Erin Carter.

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