While the trilogy may have concluded with its third installment, the appetite for The Equalizer 4 and further narratives featuring Denzel Washington’s compelling portrayal of Robert McCall remains insatiable. Denzel Washington has consistently steered the cast of each Equalizer film since first embracing the role in 2014, culminating in the latest release, The Equalizer 3, in 2023. The triumph of The Equalizer franchise owes much of its success to Washington’s gripping performance as the retired US Marine turned vigilante.

The dynamic duo of Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington once again joined forces for the third installment in the thriving Equalizer franchise, amassing a staggering $190 million in global box office earnings. Audiences reveled in the return of Robert McCall to the big screen, tackling his most formidable assignment yet against the formidable backdrop of the mafia.

Yet, the burning question remains: will there be an Equalizer 4? Or must we content ourselves with the notion that the original trilogy encapsulates the entirety of McCall’s narrative? In the following article, we will discuss the possibilities and the confirmations we have thus far about a possible return for Denzel’s character.

What is ‘The Equalizer 3’ about?

Having abandoned his life as a government assassin, Robert McCall grapples with the haunting memories of his dark past. Seeking redemption, he discovers an unusual sense of solace in dispensing justice for the oppressed. In the picturesque landscapes of Southern Italy, McCall unexpectedly finds himself intertwined with a community whose lives are manipulated by local crime lords. As the stakes escalate into a perilous situation, McCall is compelled to embrace his calling once again: to shield his newfound friends by confronting the menacing forces of the mafia head-on.

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Will there be a ‘The Equalizer 4’?

Despite Columbia Pictures not officially confirming the future of The Equalizer franchise, there have been intriguing insights into the potential trajectory of The Equalizer 4. Regrettably, if a new installment materializes, it appears that Denzel Washington’s iconic character, Robert McCall, won’t be making a return.

In a candid interview with ET in 2023, Washington disclosed his intention to step away after The Equalizer 3, expressing, “This is the end for me. It may not be the end; they may do another one, but it’s the end for me.” While this doesn’t definitively rule out the possibility of The Equalizer 4, it does signal that any continuation will need to chart a course forward without the central presence of Washington’s McCall.

What can be the story of ‘The Equalizer 4’?

A compelling avenue for The Equalizer 4 could involve the continuation of the narrative with Dakota Fanning, who played Emma Collins, the co-lead in The Equalizer 3. As the god-daughter of McCall’s former handler, Susan Plummer, Emma’s intricate connections to McCall position her as an excellent bridge character to assume a leadership role in The Equalizer 4, providing a seamless transition without Denzel Washington at the helm.

The potential for narrative exploration in The Equalizer 4 is vast, with ample source material available for inspiration. While an original storyline is within the realm of possibility, the franchise’s roots in the 1980s TV show of the same name offer a rich trove of ideas and characters to be reimagined for a modern audience.

If The Equalizer 4 secures confirmation, it is likely to weave a fresh tale centered around the successor to Robert McCall, introducing a new central vigilante character for what could become the next trilogy in the franchise. Alternatively, an intriguing notion that has been in discussion involves a prequel delving into the earlier years of Robert McCall, potentially steering the narrative away from a direct sequel in The Equalizer 4. The possibilities, it seems, are both diverse and captivating.

The Equalizer 4 Possible Release Date:

The anticipation for The Equalizer 4 comes with an air of uncertainty regarding its release date, contingent upon the official confirmation of the movie. Notably, the development of The Equalizer 3 spanned from early 2022 until January 2023, with Antoine Fuqua revealing his intent to create the film as early as 2018. Drawing from this timeline, it’s reasonable to infer that The Equalizer 4 release date is poised to be a few years post-announcement, potentially landing in 2025 or beyond.


The most significant shift in The Equalizer 4 cast would unquestionably be the absence of Denzel Washington. Until the film is officially greenlit, predicting the remainder of the cast becomes a formidable challenge. Without insight into the central character, following the conclusion of The Equalizer 3, which neatly tied up loose ends without dangling any cliffhangers or hints about the next protagonist, the ensemble remains shrouded in mystery.

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