Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 6: Will Trent is finally back after a two-week hiatus owing to the State’s Union address last week. The ABC drama’s new episode titled “Should I Go Get My Tin Foil Hat?” makes another impressive statement about the nexus of the elite to protect each other. As we see in crime films, those in positions of power are frequently corrupt and exploit the system for their own gain.

In this piece, we recap episode 6 of Will Thrent’s Season 1 while also answering pertinent questions about the ending: what happens when Angie is tasked with finding another sex-trafficked girl, who is Faith’s son Jeremy’s father, and how Amanda might have destroyed her future in the force.

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap:

Should I Go Get My Tin Foil Hat?

We see a couple, Sally and Kevin, hurriedly pack their suitcases in a house in Druid Hills, Atlanta. It seems they are running away from something or someone. When they hear the door and the noises outside their room, Kevin asks Sally to hide in the closet. A masked man enters and shoots him. We then cut to a high-end hotel where Amanda has dinner with Director Armstrong. The latter cannot wait to reveal the rumors that have been around his tenure in the division. Armstrong is retiring and wants Amanda to take over the post of Director of Statewide GBI. Amanda is flattered and gladly accepts his recommendation. Less fieldwork, more shaking hands with Georgia’s elite!

Will comes back home and finds Nico is still with Betty. The two are sitting satisfactorily on the couch when Will learns that he does not have any ingredients to make food. He asks Nico to stay for longer so he can order takeout. But she goes back home, leaving Will alone. It is quite evident he does not want to be alone since Angie moved out. The desperation for the human company is clearly visible on his face. Jeremy and Faith find out that there is an intruder in the house. It is Charles, Jeremy’s father. He concedes to Faith that he feels he is being followed.

Charles is a veteran and takes medication for an ailment. Faith initially believes it is just paranoia. But he says a silver Lexus has been following him around for the past few days. Alarmed, Faith agrees to call Will to check out his house and the neighborhood. When they make their way up the stairs to the rented space Charles lives in, Will finds dirt marks near the window. Charles says he vacuumed in the morning, and Will believes that someone stood right there and watched the house below from the window.

That house belongs to Kevin and Sally. When they investigate, they find that the masked intruder has killed Sally too, and she is sitting up, tied to a chair. Katie, the girl that Angie rescued in the last episode from the house, has been arrested. Officer Wirth informs Angie that she is looking for heroin.

Katie is testifying against sex trafficker Matty Ellwood. When Angie confronts Katie, she accepts being bored in her safe house, despite making the AA meetings. She is clearly distressed and asks Angie to rescue another friend of hers, Jade. It turns out that Jade is just 15 years old. Angie has no other option but to track her down. Charles is heartbroken and feels that his neighbors are dead because of him.

The assailant initially targeted Charles before shifting his sights to the couple. Will investigates the crime scene and “does his thing,” where he takes out the recorder and makes presumptions about what went down and how. Sally and Kevin were packing to leave town. He tied Sally up, and looking at the state of the house, it seemed he was looking for something specific. But Will feels that she did not give up that item. Will also notices something strange with Sally’s hands. They discover that she drew a star under the chair she was tied on with her own blood. But what does this mean exactly? What was she trying to tell the detectives?

Sally Wallace used to work as an engineer with Selantus, the company that designed and manages all the electronic systems in the station. Amanda asks Will and Faith to check out Sally’s colleagues. Amanda admonishes Faith for hosting Charles, making her upset with Amanda. What is the relationship between Amanda and Faith? She got pregnant at the age of 15 and had Jeremy. Amanda is actually Faith’s auntie, perhaps her mother’s sister. Charles went to Afghanistan at Faith’s mother’s and Amanda’s behest and developed PTSD when he came back.

Vince, head of software, greets the detectives at the Selantus office. He learns about her death. He praises Sally for her coding talents and friendly demeanor. Reese Fox, the CEO, also offers to help. Faith feels that Vince and Reese are perhaps hiding something, as Sally’s desk was cleaned out. Faith spots a poster for a tech conference held last month at the Cavinridge Hotel, sponsored by Selantus. That is the hotel where Charles worked. The security manager said that someone from GBI called him a while ago to ask for the name of the staff whose key card was used to open the conference room. But Will clarified that GBI did not make the call.

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap Ending

Since Charles was out of town, they review the video footage and find out that Sally used his card. She took something that day, and Will deduces the intruder was looking for it when he invaded their house. Faith learns from Charles that Kevin gave him tickets to a concert for his birthday to send him out of town. Rocky from Digital Forensics shows the detectives the extracted backup from Sally’s phone. When they search for a star emoji, they find a contact saved with just the emoji. A woman picks up and hangs the phone when Will mentions the GBI.

Angie asks Ormewood to accompany her to get Jade. There is something going on with Nico as Will discovers she stole $20 from his wallet last night. She says she quit the job and walks out. Charles is getting his PTSD tremors once again, but Faith handles it well. Will goes for a run and finds a car tailing him: a silver Lexus. Faith finds someone who broke into her house and wrote “Back off” on the mirror. She contacts Will, and he tells her about the Lexus. He confronts the car, and it turns out that the “star” from the phone is Jess Noonan, a reporter. She was the one driving the car as well.

Jess warns the detectives not to say anything about her case until “it is over.” Sally and she went to college together, and a few weeks ago, she came to her with a tip. Sally told her that Selantus had a backdoor in the GBI records. Basically, they are spying on the force, which would explain how they got the tip-off about the visit the other day. Jess asks them to look up the investors of Selantus to investigate further. Jess wanted proof, a hard drive with the relevant code, and that is what Sally was procuring that day. She gave Jess a key and said she would call when to use it. But before she had a chance, she was killed.

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

Who killed Sally and stole secrets from the GBI?

Jess also tells Will and Faith not to use their phones or computers if they want to live. As she is getting up, a black car drives by, and someone shoots Jess through the window. The detectives take their discovery to Amanda. Rocky informs them that someone unauthorized is doing the maintenance on the servers, and Faith claims that Selantus is trying to scrub the code. Will asks Amanda not to discuss the issue with Armstrong.

Caroline, Amdanda’s secretary, tells her that Armstrong is waiting in her office. Special Agent Mitchell is on his way to the GBI as well.

Director Armstrong tries to take the blame off Selantus. But Amanda recalls a case against Morne Renfield a few years ago. He now sits on the Board of Selantus. Amanda claims his defense was the best she’d ever seen, implying he was aware of the files on the servers.

There are definite signs that the director is also taking part in the spying. Charles tells of a box where Sally might have kept the drive. Angie and Ormewood go to Matty’s and find Jade. She is afraid that she will lose her chance to become a star. But Angie informs Jade that Matty is a sex offender and will “sell her ” after a while. When they reach the location, they spot Vince, who has already taken the drive. He also has a gun and shoots at the detectives.

Ultimately, they are able to get him under control, but Vince is able to destroy the hard drive successfully. Reese denies any culpability; without the drive, she cannot be prosecuted. She puts all the blame on Vince and says that “his time with the army desensitized him” and that he sold the secrets from the GBI to the highest bidder.

Amanda puts her foot down and forces Armstrong to declare that the GBI is severing their relationship with Selantus effective immediately. Faith finds Charles in her office. She apologizes for everything that happened to him from her family’s side. The two have surely made amends in their relationship. Will learns that Nico got into a fight. He talks to her in the interrogation room, and she tells him about someone called Troy. He is extorting money from her. Nico is reluctant to tell more, and Will asks her to move into his house. He decides to convert the garage into an ADU like Sally and Kevin did.

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