Willow (Season 1), Episode 5: With last week’s episode, we’re now halfway through Disney’s “Willow.” We learned how Willow and his team were on the run from the Crone’s little minions. They all finally arrive at Wildwood, a place where our heroes are forced to enter in order to hide from the Gales. Willow starts giving Elora magic lessons upon reaching there, growing more confident about her eventual role in saving everyone. At this point, he finally talks about divination (the ability which allows one to look into the future by vibrations of the universe) to Elora. She asks him whether he has seen her in his future, a question that meets silence. What happens, then? Will this new place called Wildwood lead our team to a better place?

Willow (Season 1) Episode 5 Recap

As Willow and Ellora sit and talk, he brushes over the importance of concentration. Meanwhile, Boorman neatly observes how Graydon perhaps is falling in love with Elora. Graydon, of course, dismisses any such claim yet asks him about secrets on how to ignite passion in a relationship. He tells him how Cherlindrea’s wand is an extremely powerful instrument of unimaginable destruction. But before the two can reach anywhere with the conversation, they are attacked by the Bone Reavers and, thus, taken to their secluded village hideout.

Willow (Season 1), Episode 5

It’s here when we are introduced to the Bone Reavers’ head, named Scorpia. In fact, she used to be an acquaintance of Boorman long back, but Boorman had apparently betrayed her by faking his own death in the Dread Mines of Skellin. The place, as we soon learn, is run by trolls. She orders her minions to tie everyone up and then proceeds to interrogate Boorman personally by asking him what he has been up to all these years. Boorman claims that he fought his way out of there and then talks about fighting off the death dealers. In reality, he was captured by Sorsha, something that he does admit but while fabricating the rest of the story. He goes completely dead silent when asked about Madmartigan.

Meanwhile, an imprisoned Kit continues to throw insults around to Elora while deeply worrying about Jade, the latter of which is kept somewhere else. Elora tries to calm her down, telling her how love is the most powerful force in the universe. For some reason, she’s convinced that Jade has been killed, but eventually, Elora brandishes something that could help them escape. She manages to bust out after a futile attempt when she breaks the spell ‘Avag gahdu’, but the pair find themselves surrounded by the Bone Reavers. Kit immediately demands Jade to let free, who happens to be tied up to a tree. But every single person around turns their back on Jade, and she finally manages to break from her loose binds off the tree. She then goes toe to toe along with Scorpia. But right before hitting the final blow, Scorpia, fortunately, notices a tattoo on the back of Jade’s neck and decides to send her over to her tent nearby. Why did she do this?

Why did Scorpia save Jade?

Scorpia doesn’t lend her final blow to Jade as she finds a red emblem on the back of her neck. Meanwhile, Willow talks with Rool, who gives him some not-so-useful directions on escaping Wildwood. However, he does compare Graydon to Franjean and Rool and even says that he’s got a hero’s heart.

Now, back to the tent, where Scorpia tells Jade about what the markings really say. She tells Jade how it’s the mark of General Kael, who was the first Bone Reaver and had 15 children. Scorpia and Jade are the only ones left out of his entire bloodline. Scorpia tells Jade how Madmartigan killed her father at the battle of Nockmaar, as we had seen, but also reveals how her mother was killed by the same rangers who had kidnapped Jade and taken her to Tir Asleen. We know that Kael used to serve Bavmorda, so naturally, Jade can’t comprehend this, but Scorpia reiterates how Bavmorda had made a pact with the slaves of Galladoorn where she would help them escape if they were to stay loyal. After the battle, the Bone Reavers were pursued by the armies of Tir Asleen and Galladoorn, and now those who survived wait to rise again. She explains that by kidnapping Jade and raising her as one of their own, Sorsha essentially stole a piece of the Reavers’ dark future. Since Jade was taught to see the Reavers as the true enemy from her point of view, she loved Tir Asleen. But for Scorpia, Tir Asleen still remains the enemy for turning one of their own against them.

Willow (Season 1) Episode 5: Ending Explained

At the episode’s end, after learning that Jade is indeed her own sibling, Scorpia takes them all to a lively party. They all feed upon truth plums and get high. Graydon is given a quick shave while the rest are dancing, whereas Scorpia and Boorman end up kissing on the dance floor. Kit even gets helpful advice from Ellora, who advises her to confront Jade finally. Kit does, and the two finally come closer to finally kiss. But right at that moment, there’s yet another ambush – this time by the Trolls. Everyone runs away, and the episode ends with a shot of a troubled Boorman. This time, he has to go into the Dread Mines of Skellin and figure things out for himself (and the team) without making any stories. Will he be able to help everyone? 


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