Yellowjackets (Season 2), Episode 4 & 5 Recap & Ending Explained: If the network can pull it off right, I don’t see why Yellowjackets shouldn’t tread some Final Destination waters. It’s a significantly stealthier production, enriched furthermore with fabulous actors bringing in the tenebrous clouds of dread. With cascading petals of a ghastly mystery that itself is layered beyond expeditious comprehension, the ruptured plane and its broken passengers collide into a most arcane black hole of a curse that is unlikely to let up.

Yellowjackets (Season 2), Episode 4 & 5 Recap

Long Time No See, Van

Tai’s predicament has finally gone far enough to be at such a point of stretch that it’s getting progressively harder for her to deny that something needs to be done. Senator on the run, Tai finds herself hitchhiking through scorching Pennsylvania to reach out to someone she hasn’t seen in ages. Hello, Van! The mangled girlfriend in the woods did find a way to put a short-term stop to Tai’s nightmarish escapades.

Although how far Van would have gone without Lottie’s wind-obsessed prayer group does remain an enigma. A dreamy collision of two long-lost lovers, one of whom is seeking the same remedy that the other used to provide, makes for quite a captivating journey for Tai and Van to circle around each other’s predominant troubles one more time and hopefully, come up with a solution. Well-versed with the “bad one” that time and again takes over Tai, Van’s primary objective is to understand why it wants them tethered to the obscurity of the woods.

Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree Afterall

Let me just take a moment and appreciate how Shauna absolutely was created for the queen of cryptic terror that is Melanie Lynskey. The stronghold Lynskey has on the character who is deceptively mellow at times only to shake you up with her dark lunacy makes Shauna seem even more threatening than the curse of the woods at times. It’s wickedly amusing to see just how similar Callie is to her mother who she mostly doesn’t approve of. It takes her but a second to be cool with it when Shauna rules out the possibility of a ginormous blunder and comes clean about Adam’s murder to her teenager.

Quick on her feet, Callie outmaneuvers the undercover cop’s amateurish trap and feeds him the lie that Shauna has been involved with her dad’s best friend Randy. Impressed with her daughter’s shocking presence of mind and the conniving instinct she has clearly inherited from her mother, Shauna plays along with Callie’s lie and sets up a meeting with Randy at the motel to make the cops buy into the theory. But when there’s Randy involved, you can bet on a crucial component going horribly wrong. Unable to perform under stress, Randy fills up a condom with lotion and gives the cop the very proof they needed to cement their suspicion about Shauna.

A Cult Here And A Cult There

The cauldron stewing up tension between the survivors and Lottie was getting to reach a more explosive state with Javi coming back and Shauna and Natalie being increasingly more skeptical of her. At the same time, Javi’s overwhelming silence about how he has survived the harsh winter alone out in the wilderness only provoked some of them to latch on to the prophet of the pines as she was the closest thing to hope that they had out in the uncaring woods. Ghosts of the troubles past haven’t only come back for Nat, Tai, and Travis.

Having her alarming schizophrenic visions triggered out of the blue has sent Lottie down to her psychiatrist to pick up an untimely prescription of medications. Lottie’s vision of a bloodthirsty corpse deity haunts her in the present and makes her slice through her palm with the hope that this would be enough. With the primary goal to unveil the fraud that is her cult-leader friend, Nat has extended her stay at the retreat and has even gotten close to Lisa to so a surprising extent. Her attempt at breaking into Lottie’s cottage is halted by the sudden arrival of Walter and Misty who are promptly shooed away by Nat.

Yellowjackets (Season 2), Episode 4 & 5 Ending Explained

What Does Natalie’s Vision Mean For Their Futures?

Being blamed for refusing Lottie’s blessings, Nat proposes a hunting match. While she discovers a frozen stag stuck in the icy water and runs back to get help, Lottie is stuck in a vision of an airport that looks a bit too much like the afterlife. The only odd business is that both the dead and the alive are there to welcome Nat to a feast. It’s wouldn’t be so odd by the time we’re done with the episode.

The off feeling Shauna gets from Lottie only increases tenfold when she finds her whispering to the baby bump. Mimicking the furious storm off in a snowstorm that killed her best friend, Shauna runs out in the disastrous weather only to find herself in the freakish state of panic when she goes into labor. It would be fascinating to find out what went wrong with Shauna’s newborn. Did he die of natural causes or did he become sustenance for the starving survivors. Fate had death written all over Crystal’s path when she went off with her new bestie to the edge of the mountain.

A light game of sharing embarrassing truth turns grim when Misty makes the mistake of revealing to her that she was the one who destroyed the plane’s transmitter and caused them to be stuck in the woods. Plummeting to her death, Crystal sure did regret being friends with the outcast she took pity on.

Present day Nat is finally able to break into Lottie’s belongings and finds what she believes is a load of unsurprising yet incriminating evidence against the leader of the purple people. Lottie has taken hold of all of her followers’ mortal possessions, the catch is that they relinquished those to her completely willingly.

When Nat inevitably does break down, Lottie leads her through a hypnotic method of accessing traumatic memories that she had buried. We finally get a whiff of what Travis indicated in the last note he left behind. When Nat reconnected with Travis and the two drowned in cocaine, Nat ODed and was almost on the brink of death when she has a consequential vision. In her vision, the fate of everyone on that place was singular–they had all died, and they weren’t alone in the plane that crashed.

An antlered being transmitted a message through Nat’s subconscious which was given the warning that they would have to pay for evading sure death. With Lottie now possessed by what looks like an antlered being they’ve brought back from the woods, we’re closer to the certainty of the conclusion that it was somewhat supernatural all along. There’s no way Javi would’ve survived all alone in the dreary deathbed of the wintry wilderness without someone or something keeping him alive. And when he does admit that “she” told him not to be back, we know for sure that Javi didn’t make it alone.

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