Your Honor (Season 2), Episode 8: It is quite evident that Peter Moffat’s ‘Your Honor’ relies heavily on its acting performances. They help compensate for the mediocrity of its dramatic turns and provide an arresting hour of television every weekend. 

In its previous episode, Michael was seen devastated by the new revelations of his late wife’s death. While Fia was looking for a place that she could call her home, Eugene lost his chance of finding one. The Baxter family members were still figuring out how to tackle their internal conflicts, whereas Big Mo was looking forward to her new venture. 

Let’s find out what happens in its latest episode streaming on Showtime. Be aware that there are spoilers ahead. 

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Your Honor (Season 2), Episode 8 Recap:

‘Part Eighteen’ begins on the same note where the show previously left us. After speaking with the priest, Fia (Lilli Kay) arrives with baby Rocco at Michael’s (Bryan Cranston) place. Unlike in the past, he makes her feel at ease and assures her that his mother-in-law does not regard her or Rocco as a burden. While he wants her to be safe and sound, Olivia (Rosie Perez) makes it difficult for him to do so.

Despite Michael’s denial to assist any further, she returns to his life and asks him to persuade Fia for help. She sees her as the closest link to the Baxter family to learn closely about their crimes. But Michael does not want Fia to be in danger. So he denies helping out in that matter.

Meanwhile, Carlo (Jimi Stanton) confidently takes Frankie’s place as his family’s new security head. Shortly after getting appointed by Jimmy (Michael Stuhlbarg), he starts running the operations competently. He resumes a new service that would enable them to see security footage even on their phones.

Gina (Hope Davis), who wasn’t too keen on Jimmy’s decision, still supports Carlo’s initiative since he is her kin. Seeing that Jimmy has not worked on bringing Fia back, she asks Carlo about her whereabouts. He informs her that Fia is still at Desiato’s place.

Besides this matter, Gina is also fixated on snatching any kind of joy from Big Mo’s (Andrene Ward-Hammond) life. Knowing that Big Mo’s new club is just opposite their house, Gina asks Carlo if he is taking care of their security – considering people from all walks of life (especially the ones she does not want around her family) will come there. He assures her that he has made the necessary arrangements.

Meanwhile, Eugene’s (Benjamin Flores Jr.) shouting incident in the hospital saves him from getting caught by Rudy but gets him imprisoned. Lee (Carmen Ejogo) is still devoted to helping this young kid from getting lost in prison. She meets prosecutor Jarek Rall (Damon Gupton) to ask what his plan of action is. He says that due to Eugene’s clear case of murder, he will have to face 30 years of prison. Since Lee thought his admission to a non-juvenile prison was in itself dangerous, she gets concerned by this new information.

Jarek notes that Eugene needs to provide some crucial details related to Big Mo’s organization to offer a better deal. Lee thinks that it would rather put him in danger with Big Mo’s men during his prison term. They would consider it snitching. Jarek assures to take responsibility for his security. She tells it to Eugene, who does not want to snitch either. Lee is worried that if she pushes the other side too much, it will affect them badly.

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Still, she meets Jarek and first tries to guilt trip him for putting a black kid in such a long jail term. He notes Adam’s death, which is why Eugene can’t be saved. She then offers a piece of information herself about Michael, who helped a guilty killer (Carlo) fixed his trial and let him walk free. If that information gets out, every case that Jarek fought under Michael’s judgment will go for retrial. She basically decides to use it to blackmail him. But he is unmoved by her threat once he realizes she lacks concrete evidence to back it up.

Back at Big Mo’s crib, she starts neglecting Chris (Gavin ‘Chief’ Meredith) in any new responsibility. Probably because of his brother’s death and his family’s insulting treatment, she decides to give new responsibilities to Russell (Kelvin Witherspoon) instead of him. It does not sit well with Chris, who stays back at Buffa’s (their home base) while Russel comes to their new place with her.

Gina comes across a grieving meeting member – Donetta (Rya Kihlstedt), whom she had disrespected in the past. While knowing all too well that it’s a sensitive issue, she said to Donetta’s face that her son died of a cocaine overdose. Now through their dialogue, they manage to find a connection with each other. Their rage connects them. Donetta was enraged at her husband for not taking their son’s issue seriously.

As a result, when Gina opens up about Jimmy’s lack of concern toward Fia, Donetta says that she needs to hold on to her children no matter what. She even shares Gina’s rage in her plan to burn down Big Mo’s place since Big Mo is linked to the recent deaths in her family.

Meanwhile, Big Mo is excited about the opening of her new club. Seeing her partner, Janelle (Ciara Renée), will perform at this place makes her even happier. However, Gina cannot stand this joy and is hellbent on smudging it off her face. She escorts Carlo to join her when she enters the club. He is caught choosing between her and Jimmy’s way of handling this issue. He also says that Jimmy advised him not to deal with it impulsively (or aggressively). That makes her even angrier due to their own ego battle. She convinces Carlo to come along.

When she decides to enter with the attitude that the entire town belongs to her, the security guard stops her. Moreover, he tells her to get in line. She attacks him, and he retaliates. Then Carlo pushes him, and to not let the matter go out of hand, Raphael intervenes and invites Gina in with the kind of special treatment she assumes she deserves.

Upon meeting Big Mo, Gina hands her a bottle of expensive alcohol to demean the cheapness of her place. Big Mo understands her insinuation and pours down that expensive alcohol on the floor. Gina leaves only after warning Big Mo that her joy won’t last beyond this opening night.

Your Honor (Season 2), Episode 8 Ending Explained:

Does Olivia make Fia snoop on her family’s crimes?

Despite Michael’s refusal, Olivia approaches Fia about her family’s shady deals. Fia is not ready to snoop into those matters since they are her family members. That’s when Michael arrives home, where he and Olivia pretend that they do not know each other. Later, he meets her alone outside his house and offers himself as a link to the Baxter family instead of Fia (so that she will be put out of danger). The smile on Olivia’s face makes it clear that it was her way of manipulating Michael into it. 

Who attacks the Buffa’s? 

While Big Mo is celebrating the grand opening night with Janelle, Russel rushes in to tell that the Buffa’s has been hit. She returns to find their lockers empty with just an inflated balloon inside, making it clear that Charlie attacked them. While her family is suffering a breakdown, Baxters are no exception to it either. Since Gina cannot get over considering Jimmy the reason for their son – Rocco’s death (for gifting him a motorbike), she is determined to break their long marriage.

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Does Eugene accept Lee’s bargain deal? 

Lee returns to meet Eugene and tells him that the prosecutor can take his case down to ten years. But, he declines Lee’s offer to plead guilty and rather wants to have a trial so that he can speak truthfully about what happened.  He does not want to be seen only through people’s preconceived notions of him. Instead, he wants to reveal the complete truth through his trial. But Lee is worried that he is endangering his life in the process. 

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