You are very well aware that UPI allows you to send money from one bank account to another without a need to always add your bank details or other important information whenever you want to initiate a transaction. This convenience has compelled many bettors to prefer UPI betting sites over others and you too might be looking for such betting sites. Some people find entertainment in films while others find fun in watching films. But there are a few important things that you must be mindful of if you have found your ideal UPI betting site. In this article, we have listed the top 5 ways to find trusted UPI betting sites online with the help of experts at

1. Learn how UPI works to avoid fraud

Before anything, you must know how UPI works as it will help you avoid any possible fraud. 

  • You only need to create a UPI ID connected to your bank account to make UPI deposits. Apps that offer the UPI service allow you to create your UPI ID. Your cell number will be the first part of a UPI ID, followed by @ and the name of the app you are currently using. 
  • UPI wallets serve as a bridge for the transfer of funds between bank accounts. Every UPI wallet requires you to enter your cell phone number during the setup procedure, which is the first step. 
  • After that, an SMS will be issued to request your bank information. Your UPI-enabled bank account will then appear on your screen; you must check that it is your bank account before creating a 4-digit PIN.
  • It’s important to remember that no matter which UPI wallet you use, your UPI PIN will be the same for the specific bank.
  • Never give your UPI PIN to anyone posing as a customer service representative on the phone or in a message. They won’t ever inquire about your UPI PIN. These calls prey on your fear of losing access to your account.

2. Check if the betting site has a license

Only use betting sites that have been granted a license by a recognized betting regulator to avoid scam sites. If a betting site has a license, it implies that it has gone through the procedure of being authorized and controlled by the gambling authorities in that nation.

  • A betting site must clear many hurdles before being granted a license, including enabling its books to be audited, adhering to specific gaming laws in India, and paying a sizable fee.
  • Only trustworthy bookmakers will be able to successfully apply for a license from a betting regulator. 
  • You can be confident that no phony betting sites have a license as a result. And by only using legal sites, you can prevent ever having to deal with fake betting sites.
  • Betting sites with licenses are reliable and legal.

Where can I find out if a betting site has a license?

Licensed betting websites are required to prominently display their license seal on each page. All you need to do is access a betting site, browse the footer, and check to see if the page has a seal.

What licenses are the most trustworthy?

The Malta Gambling Authority License, the Curacao Egaming License, and the UK Gambling Commission License are a few of the most typical gambling licenses you will come across.

The source of the license is not so important, but the fact that the betting site has a license is more significant. This makes sure that the betting site is supervised and bound to follow a particular set of guidelines and limitations.

3. Always check the About Us page to ensure the legitimacy

Every trustworthy betting site has an “About Us” page where you can read more about the site, its background, its guiding principles, the people who work there, and other things. The absence of an About Us page on the betting site is a very bad sign that should worry you. Typically you should look for the following things on the about page:

  • When did the betting website launch?
  • Was it just opened yesterday or has it been around for like 20 years?
  • Have they got a real company address?
  • Can you reach them by phone, live chat, email, and other means as well?
  • Who is responsible for the betting website?
  • Was the website ever in bad news or controversy recently?

It’s likely a legitimate betting site if the About Us page can satisfactorily address these concerns. However, it’s a good indication that the betting site cannot be trusted if the About Us page leaves you with more questions than answers.

4. Always go through reviews

Reading reviews to find out more about a betting site is another approach to determine whether it is a scam or not. It’s crucial to look for honest and objective betting site reviews when looking for reviews.

  • A good review should provide you with a variety of relevant details about a betting site, including not just its features but also its reliability. 
  • The betting site is generally legitimate if the review leaves you with a positive overall sense of it.
  • However, it is a major red flag if the evaluation brings up issues like players being denied payouts or winning bets being cancelled. You should ignore the betting site and hunt for better options if you come across any reviews that mention this kind of issue.

5. Observe the layout and interface

It is very easy to tell whether a betting site is real or fake by looking at its user interface, layout, and overall aesthetic.

  • The majority of bogus betting sites are ugly and outdated. Genuine betting websites have a modern, updated appearance!
  • Legitimate betting sites are updated frequently. They appear stylish and current.
  • You can check out a few of the most well-known betting websites on the globe, such as Betway or Bet365. These betting websites look great, are simple to use, and are well-structured. 
  • There are no bogus betting sites that resemble this.

Lastly, use only the betting sites that have been suggested by a reliable source if you want to make sure you’re not utilizing a scam site. These were a few bits of advice for you before you choose a UPI betting site. Remember that prevention is better than regrets. So, always do good research before you start betting online.

Author: BetShah

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