We have some major answers now. That is understandable, given that A Murder at the End of the World Episode 6 is only one chapter away from drawing the curtains. However, with this episode Batmanglij- Marling duo makes it very clear that this was never a story about a serial killer, but it was always about two people who fell in love while getting drawn to the darkness. Naturally, the reveal is not particularly surprising, considering this show doesn’t depend on shock value. We still don’t know who killed Bill, though, and the show has managed to keep us in complete darkness regarding the matter.

A Murder at the End of the World Episode 6 Recap:

It’s really admirable how “A Murder at the End of the World” never uses any parlor trick to wow its audience. So we don’t have to wait at all to find out Darby’s fate in the pool, as we see someone rushing in and breaking the roof to get her out.

Who saves Darby?

Guess nobody imagined David, out of all people, would be the savior, but life sometimes is surprising indeed. David is not alone, as Darby sees a concerned Lee with him as well. The two of them take Darby to a safe room, which is one of the few places where Andy’s surveillance can’t reach them. Once Darby is out of the health hazard, Lee finally does the reveal. Andy is, in fact, not good news. The man is literally obsessed with Zoomer, the son he no doubt loves, but in an extremely weird and controlling way. Lee explains how she had tried to get away with Zoomer (hence the different passport and driving license), but Andy managed to oversmart her.

With Andy building what should literally be considered a fortress in a remote place like Fljot Valley, it would be literally impossible for Lee to escape. Hence, the retreat was supposed to be her only chance where Andy would have remained distracted, effectively offering Lee the opportunity to take flight with Zoomer. But then Bill got murdered, and everything fell apart. Upon hearing all these, Darby realizes that she has to find out who the killer is, in order to save everybody from the danger that is unknown, as well as Andy.

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And the best possible place to restart the investigation is to focus on the victim instead of the Killer. With Andy undergoing his life-extending treatment (which further proves the man is reckless), Darby sees a window to jump into the investigation. Lee and Oliver (who’s clearly on their team thanks to his closeness with David) join in.

Heartbreak in the past

A Murder at the End of the World Episode 6
A still from A Murder at the End of the World Episode 6

While we don’t particularly get anything new in the past timeline, other than getting an in-depth look at what we’ve already seen in the first two episodes; the emotional impact is much more severe here. When it began, it was just two people getting into the lair of a vicious serial killer we don’t know much about. But now that we’ve known Bill and Darby and pretty much invested in the (already doomed) love story, it was heartbreaking to see the final bit of the relationship ending abruptly.

Well, Bill ended it, to be fair, as he couldn’t deal with Darby’s obsession with darkness. In fact, we do see Bill and Darby arguing over the serial killer Frank Bell. For Bill, he doesn’t mean anything other than just a serial killer. Unlike Darby, he refuses to give the whole thing any kind of meaning. We already know it eventually leads to Bill leaving, Darby suffering from a subsequent heartbreak, and ending up writing her book. This episode pretty much fills up all that was left for us to know in the past.

A Murder at the End of the World Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

Does Darby find the killer?

The trio of Darby, Lee, and Oliver look for Bill’s belongings in order to find anything that would help them find the killer, and they land on Darby’s book in Bill’s room, now all bloodied. Given the book is the only thing he went to moments before his imminent death (and not the phone or anything else), the trio quickly determines something must be in the book, especially in the final chapter. That’s where the past timeline occurs as Darby reads the final chapter to Lee and Oliver, and we get to see exactly what happened and how that happened in detail. Darby usually doesn’t read the part, which justifies the show’s decision to show us things in bits and pieces.

After reading it, she understandably becomes overwhelmed as Lee and Oliver comfort her. They zeroed upon “faulty programming,” something that Bill said during his argument over the meaningfulness of the serial killer with Darby. However, it is still not clear what exactly this means. And his parentage of Zoomer is also a valuable piece in the whole puzzle which is yet to be solved. But there’s immediate danger, as the trio soon realizes that they have been found by Andy and Todd, who knock on the door with a knocked-out David and with no good intentions. We can expect an explosive finale next week where the killer will finally be revealed, and hopefully, Darby will be able to find some closure for herself.

Some notes:

  • Lee mentions there might be something romantic going on between Eva and Andy. Considering Todd is really loyal to Andy, is he even aware?
  • Bill’s argument of the serial killer not having any meaning is a very anti-pop culture thing, which has always romanticized serial killers in many shows and movies. This clearly sets “A Murder at the End of the World” apart from everything else.
  • Before getting caught by Andy, Darby asks Lee to get away with the help of Rohan’s boat, which she and Sian found in Episode 4. Are we gonna see the boat again in the finale? Most likely, yes.

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