In “A Shop for Killers,” episodes 7 and 8, we get a lot of answers to the events in the series. The first episode unfolded in an abrupt manner, with people getting killed and vaguely understanding the relationships between people. In episode 7, we get clarity on what exactly happened. Episode 8 is filled with action, with a twist at the end. Ji-an comes into her own and finally accepts Murthehelp as her own. She makes impressive choices, and this attitude helps her save herself and others. This article contains spoilers.

A Shop for Killers Episode 7 Recap:

The episode begins with a flashback. Jin-man sends Min-hye to his friend Hond’s house. He asks him to take care of her until he comes back. Jin-man’s mother is in the hospital, and he visits her often, but he makes sure he visits him separately and not with his brother. Honda is mute and deals with arms. Jin-man breaks into Honda’s shop, and they reunite. Min-hye is excited to see Jin-man.

Honda tells Jin-man that he should start an online shop for arms dealing and that his brother can help set up the shop. He also tells Jin-man that Min-hye is talented as she has assembled a gun independently without anybody’s help. As promised, Bale decides to go after Jin-man’s family. He sneaks into the hospital and kills Jin-man’s mother. This explains the fight between Jin-man and his brother.

Bale comes after Ji-an’s parents next. He kills them and fabricates it in such a way that it looks like Ji-an’s father has killed her mother, and he has jumped from the terrace and killed himself. Jun-cheol calls Jin-man, informing him that Bale is alive. Jin-man leaves Ji-an alone in the house and tells Honda to protect Ji-an. Honda manages to protect Ji-an as long as he can before he is killed, and Ji-an escapes from the room window.

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Meanwhile, Bale’s men ambush Jin-man, but he outsmarts everyone and escapes. Bale’s men then visit Honda’s shop to kidnap Min-hye, but she manages to kill both men and light the place on fire. Jin-man is seeking refuge inside Pasin’s shop. Pasin comes to the shop and notices someone is inside. He gets inside and finds Jin-man hurt because of a bullet. Pasin treats his wounds and lets him rest.

Yong-han meets Bale and asks him to cool off and let Babylon handle Jin-man. He promises to kill Jin-man and send a message to the rest of the group. Ji-an from the hospital hides inside the morgue, and Jin-man saves her. But briefly, Jin-man sees Bale, who is waiting to shoot him. A group of people walk between them, giving Jin-man a chance to escape. Pasin asks Jin-man why he had tried to kill Bale, and Jin-man says he wants to make things right. During the trial, Jin-man had lied, and after seeing what Bale had done to the women during their mission, he wanted to fix things.

Jin-man asks Pasin for a gun as he knows Bale won’t stop. Pasin does not want to get involved, but he gives him a gun. Jin-man visits Yong-han’s house, and when Yong-han arrives, he is uncomfortable seeing Jin-man with his family. Jin-man tells him he will stop this chase as he is punished enough. Yong-han informs Bale that Jin-man is ready to stop hunting him if he does the same. We see Bale laugh, and Jin-man knows Bale won’t stop.

Jin-man talks to Pasin and tells him before Bale makes another move, he needs a long-term plan. After that, he starts to build a house and a shopping mall in the countryside. Jin-man takes Brother’s (Honda’s brother) help to make the shopping mall. Pasin trains Min-hye to fight. Jin-man is constantly afraid that he and Ji-an might be attacked, and he takes the opportunity to train Ji-an.

A Shop for Killers Episode 8 Recap:

The episode begins in the present. Pasin is helping Min-hye treat her wounds. Brother walks around, finding safe hiding spots and walking through the passage behind the washing machine. He inspects it and realizes it’s a trap. Jeong-min is annoyed because everyone keeps hanging him upside down. He struggles a lot but manages to free himself.

A Shop for Killers (Series Finale) Episodes 7 & 8
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Pasin wants everyone to hide in the passage behind the washing machine, but Brother stops them saying there is a booby trap there. He is also visibly annoyed as he has worked with Jin-man for many years, and he didn’t know about it. Ji-an is also informed that there is always a manager in the shop and that he insists on her not leaving it.

While discussing other hiding methods, Brother notices someone accessing the shop server. The four of them are talking, and they hear a robot move, and it starts to emit a high-pitched noise. Pasin tries his best to shoot it but fails. He asks Ji-an to hide inside, and she runs and notices that Brother has fainted. She starts dragging him, and Min-hye tries to shoot the robot when a jeep comes inside the house, and the high-pitched noise stops.

In the jeep are Seong-jo and the twins. Pasin takes on the twins, and Seong-jo wants Ji-an. Ji-an tries to escape but is caught. Fortunately, Brother rescues her. He clings to Seong-jo, giving Ji-an a chance to run. Seong-jo is annoyed and shoots Brother. Pasin manages to kill one of the twins and lets the other one mourn. The other twin is irked and starts to chase and attack Pasin, but we hear gunshots, and the other twin is dead.

Ji-an is trying to enter the shop, finds a gun, and grabs onto it so she can protect herself. Seong-jo and Ji-an chase each other. Seong-jo tries to play mind games with Ji-an by talking about her parents. As they are face to face with guns pointed at each other, Jeong-min comes down with a gun. They both hide. Jeong-min cusses Babylon for taking credit for killing Jin-man. He also curses Ji-an as he feels she is arrogant because she knows how to fight.

Jeong-min aimlessly fires with a rifle. Once he runs out of bullets, Seong-jo comes out and kills him. Ji-an makes a run towards the shop, and Seong-jo follows. She sees the weapon collection and tries to break the lock, but Seong-jo catches up. He can’t see her but says Jin-man is not a good man to lure Ji-an in. He asks her to stop taking revenge and start a new life. Seong-jo places many laser sensors, and Ji-an gets caught in one and is injured.

Before Seong-jo catches up to her, she escapes and treats her wounds while having a breakdown. Brother is alive as he wears a bulletproof vest. Ji-an sets a trap for Seong-jo, and he falls for it. His laser sensors hurt him, and gasoline falls on him. She fires at the liquid, and he is on fire. But Ji-an is not safe yet because sprinklers from above get activated and save Seong-jo. Ji-an’s fight or flight kicks in, and she shoots him in the head.

Brother finds Ji-an. Min-hye and Pasin are alive. Brother notices that the Baylon has put a shoot-at-sight order on Pasin, Min-hye, Brother Ji-an, and many more people who are buyers from Murthehelp coming towards the house. Brother asks her what to do as she owns the shop now. All the other members are closing in and trying to find the shop. Pasin and Min-hye wait inside the room with the weapons to shoot anyone who enters.

A Shop for Killers (Season Finale) Episode 8 Ending Explained:

Is Ji-an Ready to Lead Murthehelp?

Ji-an decides to step up and sends Brother to the warehouse. She goes on the intercom and promises these regulars of Murthehelp that she will divide the money that Babylon promises to give to kill them equally and without taxes, and they can continue to work with her as they did with Jin-man. She gives them more incentives, and before they decide, she shows them Seong-jo’s head and asks them to decide in 3 seconds.

Everyone decides to take up Ji-an’s offer. Something is wrong with Min-hye. Ji-an comes out, sees the mess, and has another breakdown. She is now highly suspicious. She can’t find Pasin or Min-hye, and she sees a bus coming towards the house and stops them. They inform her they are the clean-up crew. She lets them take care of the mess. Another car approaches, and the clean-up crew and Ji-an get ready. From the vehicle emerges Jin-man, who seems to be hurt and not completely fit.

Min-hye’s death was upsetting in this episode. She just died, and nobody except Pasin knows. If she is dead, that is, considering Jin-man is back, who knows if there are other plans for Min-hye. It’s most likely she is dead, but let’s hope in the next episode, we get to see the gang at least mourn her. Jin-man’s return was predictable, but what direction will the story take now that he is back? Jin-man does not seem fit, so he probably won’t be able to fight like he could. He will remain a guide to Ji-an, and maybe Ji-an will be the one to take out Bale.

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