Abducted on Prom Night (2023) Ending Explained: Lifetime TV’s new movie Abducting on the Prom Night is a story of friendship, parenthood, and the dark side of trust. Like the previous Lifetime films I have watched recently, this film falters in the most fundamental parts despite having the necessary ingredients. The dialogues are filled with whining and utter nonsense, the presence of unnecessary characters, and their faulty characterizations. Most importantly, it is filled with some of the worst performances I have seen.

I intend to talk about the movie in detail in this article. So, if you haven’t seen the film, I caution you not to read any further since there will be spoilers.

Abducted on Prom Night (2023) Movie Synopsis & Plot Summary

The movie starts at a party, and Kimber is ready to leave. She orders a ride share and turns down a ride from a cute jock named Luke. Her BFF, Everleigh, wants to stay and calls her friend a buzzkill. Kimber leaves anyway and gets into the wrong car. The Driver tries to kidnap her, but Kimber rolls out of the car and screams for help.

Four weeks later, Kimber has recovered and has a signed cast! She helps out at her dad’s office while going to school and has put the whole rideshare thing behind her. Kimber does cheat on a test which has her principal/mother, Shawna, worried. Kimber blames her parent’s divorce for her bad attitude.

A kid named Austin seems very presumptuous and asks the principal Mom to take her daughter to Prom (he even makes prom proposals, which can’t still be a thing, right?). A former BFF of Kimber’s named Joan helped Austin pick out the flowers. (Everleigh is annoyed.) Kimber feels bad for Joan and invites her to go to Prom with her and her friends.

Shawna calls her ex-husband Paul to let him know she is letting Kimber go to Prom with Austin. Both parents have worried about their daughter ever since the attempted abduction (Shawna tracks her daughter’s phone with an app). It is prom night! Everyone gets dressed up and excited to ride in the limo Austin booked for them. The Driver follows the rules, and everyone jumps in for a fun night.

Everleigh is trying to get drunk and harasses the Driver. Austin tells them he has another plan and drives everyone to a park for a pre-party. Joan is left out and ruthlessly made fun of by Everleigh. While at the teen’s party, The Driver films them. He sees them drinking and threatens to take them home. When they ask him to be calm, The Driver says he won’t tell if they give him their cellphones for the rest of the ride to Prom.

The teens reluctantly agree, but they keep drinking in the limo (everyone except Joan, she has a butterfly purse!). As they pull out of the parking lot, The Driver places the cell phones under the limo tire and runs them over.

Shawna starts to worry when her daughter doesn’t show up to Prom by 8 pm. Eventually, Kimber realizes they are going the wrong way and screams at The Driver. The doors to the limo are locked and can’t be opened from the inside. The teens call for help, but The Driver ignores them and watches them on a hidden camera. Paul is working late and gets a text with the video of the partying teens.

Austin promises to keep everyone safe, but he could be more helpful. Everleigh’s boyfriend, Luke, comes through and tries to open the door. They try to escape when the car stops, but The Driver opens the door, tases Austin, and forces Joan and Kimber to break into her dad’s office safe to steal a flash drive.

Meanwhile, Everleigh and her boyfriend try to open the door. Austin sabotages them and looks shadier every second. Kimber gets the drive from the safe and leaves an SOS note for her dad. When Joan and Kimber return to the limo, Joan tries to take the taser, and in the struggle, Luke jumps out of the limo to stop The Driver. The Driver tabs Luke and kills him.

The teens are still locked in the limo while The Driver uploads the information from the flash drive. Everleigh explains that the flash drive wasn’t a flash drive. It’s a crypto wallet. Paul and Shawna track Kimber’s phone and find a pile of crushed phones. They go to the office, and Paul checks the security cameras; he realizes all his money is gone. Paul has been aggressively investing his money because he has prostate cancer.

The stress starts to get to Joan, and she needs her inhaler. The Driver rolls down his window to pass the inhaler, and Everleigh tries to grab the crypto wallet. A tug of war happens with Everleigh’s ponytail. (It’s WILD!)

The limo stops, and Austin jumps out to block The Driver. The Driver chokes him out and throws Austin in the front seat just as the police pull up. The girls try to signal for help and get the police officer killed.

The Driver takes the limo to a garage and straps Kimber to a comfy-looking chair. Austin emerges from behind the car and reveals that he is The Driver’s bother. They are working together to get revenge on Kimber’s dad. Austin Facetimes Kimber’s parents and shows a tattoo on their arm, “Grace.”

Grace Adams is a woman that Paul had an affair, and then she died. Austin and The Driver were her sons, and they wanted the money that could have saved their mother. Kimber and Principal Mom didn’t know about millions of dollars.

To save his daughter, Paul gives them the code. Meanwhile, the police try to trace the call. In the garage, Austin and Emerson leave Kimber strapped with the chair and her friends trapped in the limo. A few moments after, Everleigh and Joan finally get their chance to come outside. They rush towards Kimber and come to know what is happening.

Meanwhile, The Driver returns to the garage, unstraps Kimber, and asks her to slow dance with him. While they dance, Everleigh and Joan make amends and realize they must help their friend. They attack just as The Driver tells Kimber his real name, Emerson.

Kimber beats Emerson with a tire iron and drives the limo out of the garage. Austin stops the car with a spare key. Just as Austin is about to attack the girls, Principal Mom and Paul run Austin over with their car. The police arrive on the scene shortly, and everyone goes home.

Abducted on Prom Night (2023) Ending Explained

Who is Austin?

Toward the movie’s end, the Limo Driver takes his hostages (Kimber, Everleigh, and Joan) to a garage. He opens the door and takes out Kimber. Then he straps her to a chair. While he is doing it, Austin comes from nowhere to Kimber. She becomes shell-shocked to see him as she believes he is dead.

But we know that he is the real mastermind behind all of these. Then, Austin video calls Kimber’s father, Paul, and threatens him to kill his daughter if he hasn’t given away the codes for the crypto wallet. When Paul asks him about his true identity, Austin shows him a tattoo written ‘Grace’ on his left arm. Paul realizes that Austin is the son of the woman with whom he had an affair once. She was the woman who was responsible for his divorce. But after the divorce gets finalized, Paul ends everything with Grace. From that grief, she started taking drugs in higher amounts and eventually died of an overdose. But Austin thinks Paul is the real culprit for his mother’s death. So, he makes this plan to destroy Paul and to take his revenge.

What Happened to Kimber and Her Friends in the End?

Austin threatens Paul to kill Kimber if he does not give him the code for the crypto wallet. With no options left, Paul gives away the code. After they receive it, they leave the scene with Kimber strapped to the chair and her friends trapped in the limo.

With much effort, Kimber’s friend, Everleigh and Joan, escapes the limo and come to Kimber. Kimber fills them with everything about what just happened. She also tells them to run away for their own life and not to care about her. Though reluctant, they opt for that, but suddenly, they find the phone in the jacket pocket of the Limo Driver (who comes out to be Austin’s brother). With that, Everleigh sends their current location to Paul’s phone. When Paul and Shawna receive that, they head out for the site.

Meanwhile, the Limo Driver, Emerson, returns and tells Kimber to slow dance with him. After finding the perfect opportunity, Kimber beats him with a tire iron and drives the limo out of the garage. Austin stops the car with a spare key. Just as Austin is about to attack the girls, Principal Mom and Paul run Austin over with their car. The police arrive on the scene shortly, and everyone goes home.

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