A more compassionate and less nihilistic Bay-ness is what Ambulance (2022) can most aptly be defined as. That is to say, Michael Bay’s signature destruction is not just there to appease the vile, bloodthirsty fun that has been seen as his style in his previous ventures. Jake Gyllenhaal’s wild, coked-up lead sees its antithesis in Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s emotional, humane approach to why a moralistic man would turn into a bank robber. But even the ethically approved characters don’t blunt our explosive director’s auteurism. There’s lunacy aplenty, accompanied by a frantically screaming lead, over 2 hours’ worth of fiery chase scenes, and nauseating drone shots. Could it have a shorter run time? Yes. But would we miss out on some messed up, bonkers action that we all watch Bay’s movies for if we’re being honest? Also yes. It’s safe to say that at this point in his career, Gyllenhaal has accepted his stereotype in the industry as some unhinged, charismatic lead, and nobody is complaining.

Inspired by the Danish movie of the same name, Ambulance’s storyline sees some changes in the loyal hands of Chris Fedak who made sure to add more cliches for the benefit of the director. In this LA-based heist, a respectable war veteran turns to his criminal brother for money to save his cancer-stricken wife; letting lose a bizarre chain reaction of bloody defenses, deadly explosions, and doomsday chaos.

Ambulance (2022) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

Rejected by the insurance company and with drained finances, veteran Will (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is desperate to arrange the money for his wife’s experimental cancer surgery. He seeks the help of Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal), an eccentric criminal who has been a brother to him since Danny’s late father had adopted Will.

Instead of handing him the money, Danny convinces Will to be a part of their massive bank heist that he has been planning with a group of equally odd criminals. Not knowing that undercover cops are waiting for them in the bank’s vicinity; Danny, Will, and their group walk right into a trap that demolishes their easy-in, easy-out plan. To make matters even more difficult for them, Will accidentally shoots a cop, officer Zack (Jackson White), whose partner Officer Mark (Cedric Sanders) is now after them with extreme vengeance.

When a local ambulance comes to the bank in order to help Zack, Danny and Will take it hostage, along with seasoned, gutsy paramedic Cam (Eiza Gonzalez) who was unfortunate enough to be at the scene. Being chased by countless LAPD cars and choppers led by Captain Monroe (Garret Dillahunt) Will drives the ambulance through countless streets of LA while Cam tries to tend to injured Zack. Will works as Zack’s blood bag while driving frantically with Danny’s crazy instructions.

Cops get a more experienced help in the form of FBI agent Anson Clark (Keir O’Donnell) who knows Danny from their days at the academy. Anson warns Monroe about Danny’s unpredictable dangerous nature that would require more tricky maneuvers to be tamed. Meanwhile, Cam and Will are trying to save Zack in the back of the ambulance. Following the instructions of skilled surgeons over facetime, Cam manages to get the bullet out of Zack’s spleen. But just as soon as the device runs out of power, disconnecting the call, the spleen ruptures, forcing Cam to use her presence of mind in a situation of acute stress and use her hair clutch to close the wound.

Ambulance (2022) Movie Ending Explained

While Morgan and Anson are foolishly busy trying to manipulate Will into going against Danny; their late father’s mob friend Papi (A Martinez) makes a deal with Danny and agrees to save them. Papi with the help of Roberto (Jesse Garcia) fashions a massive explosion along with a self-driving car that continuously empties its endless bullet magazine into the cop crowd. Distracted by the bloody mayhem, the cops run to save themselves while the notorious ambulance takes shelter inside Papi’s factory. When Roberto is caught and killed by Mark, Papi is angered beyond belief; creating further danger for Will, Danny, and the hostages.

Ambulance (2022) Movie Review:

Getting his own dog to play a ridiculously hilarious cameo is probably the most meta signature Bay could’ve conjured up for his movie. Even though the dizzying cinematography seems like a distracting ploy at first, the audience will soon realize that the director has enough caliber to pull off flawless action sequences that don’t require drone gimmicks. Then why the rollercoaster-view shots, you ask? Because it’s Michael Bay. Every time there’s a possibility of the flow lagging, a new conflict is introduced to keep the tension high. It is not just the adrenaline that keeps you hooked; the 2 hours 16 minutes runtime of flashy action is softened by timely comic reliefs that never feel forced or out of place.

Casting Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II for the lead was probably the smartest decision for this movie. Jake’s peculiar character, who most likely drinks red-bull for hydration, is perfectly complemented by Yahya’s sensible and calm lead. Gyllenhaal going absolutely bonkers can arguably save any action thriller, even if everything else leaves room for disappointments. Bay’s action thriller is engaging throughout. Despite having a budget much lower than his previous works, not for a second does he make the movie feel the lack.

Ambulance (2022) Movie Ending, Explained:

Did Danny and Will escape?

Will is not a hardened criminal like Danny. He is visibly uncomfortable to be around Papi and his people. When Zack regains consciousness, Cam comforts him and warns him against making any move. Disagreeing with their previous deal of 8 million, Papi demands more money and when Danny uses his past with their father as a way to soften Papi, he decides to let them go. However, Papi and his people demand that they leave Zack and Cam behind. Terribly unhappy with leaving them with the criminals, Will puts his foot down and refuses to go despite every attempt by Danny to make him leave. All hell breaks loose when Danny decides to side with his brother and the two start attacking Papi’s people.

When Will goes to let Cam know that they’re ready to leave, panicked Cam ends up shooting him thinking he is somebody else. Danny comes back to the ambulance and is heartbroken to see Will unconscious. Not knowing that Cam is the one who shot Will, Danny allows her to take care of him while he drives out in the middle of the cat-and-mouse police chase once again. Knowing that Danny is now vulnerable, Anson tries to convince him to give it up and surrender.

Danny, out of his mind with fear that he will lose his brother, ignores the cops and tries to help Cam save Will’s life. When he finds out that Cam is the one who shot Will, Danny uses Cam as bait against the cops and threatens to shoot her if they don’t back off. Knowing Danny and his dangerous, erratic nature, Will is certain that Danny can really end up killing Cam. In a matter of a second, shocking everyone, Will shoots Danny through the chest, killing him and saving Cam. Upon meeting Will’s wife, Cam comforts her, assures her of Will’s heroic nature, and without her knowledge gives her the money that Will had kept aside earlier.

Will’s goodness is acknowledged with the utmost sincerity by everyone, making it easier for his wife to forgive him. Even Zack points to his picture and identifies him as the man who saved his life. There is no doubt about the love that brothers Danny and Will shared. Both were ready to die for the other but Will had no choice but to kill Danny when innocent Cam’s life was threatened. Cam, who was known for having her guard up against emotions, for once decides to give sensitivity a chance again after going through the horrifying experience. She realizes that it’s the system that failed someone as wholesome as Will. His criminal actions were the result of the desperation he felt when he thought that he would lose his wife.

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