Zafar Rizvi

A 2nd Year MBA Student from IIM Udaipur. I’m a huge cinephile and love watching films, I also started a Filmmaking competition for all colleges called Auteur’s Labyrinth. I love to watch all kinds of film, in any language, but I prefer Drama, dark comedies and surrealistic films like Dogtooth.

buoyancy 2019 review

Buoyancy [2019] ‘IFFI’ Review – A heart-pounding drama

Buoyancy [2019] ‘IFFI’ Review: “Why did you give birth to so many kids?” Chakra asks his Father, its a question which was posed by the young protagonist of Capernaum as well, thematically…

Iranian Movies

The 10 Best Iranian Movies Post Iranian Revolution (1990s)

Iranian movies have always amazed me. With all the restrictions in place, they have still managed to create some of the most artistically dazzling films in the History of Cinema. While The…

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker in Trailer

Joker (2019) Review – A Tribute to the Lonely Man

“All I have is negative thoughts,” says Arthur Fleck – a self-pitying, unfunny clown who dreams of being a standup comedian. Joker is one of the most iconic cultural icons of our era.…