In 2011, Nicolas Winding Refn directed the shit out of the story of an unnamed driver who carried around criminals as a part of living. Refn mingled action with art in one of it’s kind, subtly violent genre mix-match which developed a humongous cult following in years to come. Now, with Baby Driver, another acclaimed director, Edgar Wright puts his pedal to the metal in a no-hold-barred pulp entertainment solidifying the fact that even polar opposite treatment of relatively similar subjects can result into good cinema. It’s simply, a director’s ballgame.

A nearly mute, uber chic protagonist, a subverted passive-aggressive antagonist, an unhinged romance and all the action sequences choreographed with utmost perfection to a rip roaring background score, that’s in surmise, is Baby Driver. Edgar Wright takes a simple no-brainer of a plot and weaves around action so fast and so furious in it’s take that it will leave all other fast-automobile-heist-affairs ashamed in its wake. Somehow, the sounds of bullets felt more real, the torques of the engine more substantial, the grinding of wheels more definitive and well, the music in sync with the narration simply out of the roof.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Edgar Wright has successfully merged strong music in most of his previous narratives (read Scott Pilgrim vs the World). But it’s with Baby Driver that his vision came to its full fruition. Lip smacking, feet tapping rhythm which accompanies Baby Driver is every music buff’s wet dream. Ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to The Damned and then to rock and roll era of 80’s through Brighton Rock from Queen, the blazing soundtrack works like a dose of cocaine to an addict.

You know that feeling when you can’t have enough of a song. The one you keep going back to. The one to which you insanely groove upon. That one song that is so unashamedly in love with itself that it doesn’t even care what the world thinks of it. That one song which is so fickle in its tone that it’s maddeningly infectious. Well, Baby Driver is that bloody song and my oh my, isn’t it one of the coolest song on the block!

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