In episode 10 of “Behind Your Touch (Season 1)” Jang Yeol, Kwang-sik, and Ye-bun devise an ingenious plan involving Kwang-sik’s unique ability to access people’s memories. This plan uses the festival as a cover to gather crucial information that could lead them closer to the truth. Meanwhile, the threat of a serial killer looms over Mujin, casting a shadow of fear over the town’s upcoming Prawn Festival. The tension escalates as Ju-man pushes for the festival to proceed, despite the danger, to boost tourism.

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Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 10 Recap:

The episode begins with Ye-bun and Sun-woo in Sun-woo’s workshop. We see Sun-woo grab a knife and walk towards Ye-bun. Jang Yeol considers this outside and barges in only to discover that Sun-woo is cutting an apple. Sun-woo asks Jang Yeol how he knew of this place and what he was doing there at that hour at night. Jang Yeol tells him he wanted to meet him to find out what he was doing on election night. Ye-bun intervenes and says that afternoon, he was having drinks with her. Sun-woo also mentions that he had come to the workshop to collect wood. Jang Yeol and Ye-bun leave, and he asks her to be cautious with Sun-woo, but she insists he is nice. Ok-hui accompanies Ye-bun to a florist as her protector, where she buys marigolds for Ji-suk. Ok-hui apologizes to Ye-bun as she was busy dating and she didn’t know Ye-bun’s life was in danger. Ye-bun tells her about the possibility of another psychic and how the person closest to her could be in a dire situation. They start to worry about their lives.

A young boy visits Ok-hui’s store, and they get to know that he is Justin, Mr. Park’s son. Mr. Park explains that his wife and he fought, and Justin lived with him. The police are devising a plan to catch the criminal, but Jang Yeol leaves, saying he has another meeting. Mi-ran suspects Jang Yeol is cheating on this team to investigate with someone else, but Jung-muk always asks her not to take the cheating route. Jang Yeol calls Ye-bun and Kwang-sik to discuss and devise a plan to catch the culprit. Kwang-sik was prepared and taking notes, and Jang Yeol appreciated him. Jung Muk investigated the case Dr. Jung had given him and asked some realtors about the redevelopment that was supposed to occur years ago. They tell him that many people lost money as the redevelopment did not take place, and the only one who gained from it was Yoon Deok-hyeon, a former assemblyman of Mujin, and Ju-man must have gotten a small cut as he was his lackey.

There is a townspeople meeting to see if the annual Prawn Festival should occur, as a serial killer is on the run. Ju-man visits them and tells them that they need to have the festival and make Mujin a tourist destination, and if people find out about the murders, then the situation would be wrong. Sun-woo does not seem to like Ju-man’s attitude. Mi-ran informs the team that Ju-man had pushed for the Prawn Festival to take place, and they needed police support for patrolling and controlling the traffic. Jang Yeol develops a plan with Kwang-sik and Ye-bun to catch the killer or get his identity, as the entire town would participate that day. As Kwang-sik usually sells milk during the festival, they let him give people a complimentary foot massage to anyone who drinks the milk. That way, he can see people’s memories. And once this stage was done, they would have to lure them to Ye-bun.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 10 Recap
A still from Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 10

Ye-bun visits Mr. Parks’s house and asks about Justin and Sun-woo’s whereabouts. She gets to know that he will keep a fortune-teller’s booth during the festival, and she gets an idea. She asks Mr. Park to let her fortune-tell, but he would make money from it. She has one condition, though, that nobody should know it is her. Sun-woo comes home and asks if she can help, but she gets a text from Jang Yeol asking her to visit him. Ye-bun tells Mr. Park about her idea, and he tells Sun-woo to help him make a booth where before a person sits, fortune is said and call it “The Butt of Truth.”

Jang Yeol gathers Kwang-sik, Ye-bun, and Ok-hui and tells them the plan. Ju-man gives the welcome speech, Kwang-sik and Ye-bun are in position, and Ok-hui gets orders from Jang Yeol and gathers the respective people to Kwang-sik. Hyun-ok is walking with Dr. Jung, and her ex-husband comes and complains about their divorce being Hyun-ok’s fault to her father. Jung-muk gets closer and starts talking to Dr. Jung, and they seem to get along well. Dr. Jung leaves Jung Muk and Hyun-ok alone. Jang Yeol asks Ok-hui to get them to the butt of the truth. At the booth, it is discovered that Jung-muk had received the case file from Dr. Jung. Hyun-ok finds her mother protesting a redevelopment project before she dies.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

What Secrets Will the Prawn Festival Unearth?

Sun-woo visits Kwang-sik’s stall with Justin as he wants to drink some milk, but he refuses to be touched by Kwang-sik, which makes Jang Yeol a lot more suspicious of him. Kwang-sik touches Deok-hee’s leg and sees Sun-woo approaching a mountain near his barn in a car. Ye-bun sees in another person’s memory that Sun-woo followed Ju-man that night, but Mi-ran was behind Ju-man. From Mi-ran’s memories, Ye-bun sees that she had followed Ju-man to give him a flyer he had dropped and caught the abusive comment she had made on Sia’s videos and deleted it. Ok-hui gets distracted because of Yong-myeong (Da-eun’s brother) as he indirectly shares his love for her. They participated in the singing competition and won the first prize. Jung-muk gives Hyun-ok a ride home, and she finds the case file her sister was working on in the car.

Jang Yeol gets on the ground and offers milk to Dr. Jung. He spills some of it, and Jang Yeol asks him to rest in Kwang-sik’s booth and get a massage, as it is for free. Kwang-sik finds out Dr. Jung was recording Ju-man near the barn that day, and they were talking about meeting someone. Kwang-sik assumes Ju-man might have been the one in the barn. Ye-bun sees Mr. Park in the background. Ye-bun sees a heart-breaking revelation in another memory where she sees her mother in the car and Ju-man being involved in her death. Mr. Park tries touching Kwang-sik’s hands to read his palms but somehow escapes. Kwang-sik touches Mr. Parks’s legs and sees Sun-woo in the barn during the meteor shower.

Many secrets and mysteries are revealed, but we are still not very close to catching the murderer. The critical suspects as of now are Ju-man and Sun-woo. Sun-woo checks out all the boxes in terms of suspicion. On the other hand, Ju-man is scamming the Mujin people for personal gain. He will push the redevelopment plan again and make money by cheating the people of Mujin. It could also be that Sun-woo is just trying to chase Ju-man, as it seems like he is involved with Ju-man in the past. Many truths are coming to light, but many more mysteries are yet to be unveiled.

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