Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained – Will Ye-bun be able to stop the killer?

As we delve into Episode 9 of Behind Your Touch (Season 1), we find ourselves on the cusp of a dramatic climax that promises to unravel the mysteries lurking in this picturesque town’s shadows. The episode opens with the anticipation of Election Day in Mujin, a day that holds the town’s fate in the balance. Ye-bun finds herself entangled in a web of deceit. The episode also delves into the complex dynamics between characters like Kwang-sik, Ae-ran, and Ji-suk. As the story progresses, the tension escalates, leading to a shocking and tragic turn of events.

This article contains spoilers.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 9 Recap:

The episode begins with Election Day in Mujin. All the townspeople have gathered to cast their votes early in the morning; Dr. Jung also arrives early. Ju-man comes out of the booth and greets all the people. Sun-woo passes by, and the people ask him if he isn’t going to vote. Sun-woo looks at Ju-man and says he doesn’t want to vote for either of the candidates and cycles. Ye-bun is talking to Jung-muk at the police station about how heartless Jang Yeol within Jang Yeol’s earshot. He asks both of them to leave while he deals with Kwang-sik and Ae-ran. After a lot of back and forth, Jang Yeol tells them they would be fined and need to reflect on their actions. They agree and walk out of the station happily.

Ji-suk, Ae-ran’s colleague, meets with Ye-bun to ask if Ae-ran is doing okay. Ye-bun tells her what has happened, and Ji-suk thanks her. As Kwang-sik and Ae-ran walk out of the station on their way home, Ae-ran’s boss walks up to them, and her men hit Ae-ran and drag her away while Kwang-sik is helpless. As they leave, he sees Ji-suk walk towards her vehicle and leave. Kwang-sik visits Ye-bun and tells her what had happened to Ae-ran and how Ji-suk had backstabbed her. Ye-bun visits the coffee shop to confront Ji-suk, and she tells her that they were in a joint contract and that if one of them ran away, the other had to pay the debt; Ae-ran had run away and was selfish. Ye-bun offers to help pay back the debt, but Ji-suk tells her that money cannot pay some debts. Ae-ran was now not allowed to do deliveries.

Hyun-ok asks to meet Jung-muk, and he refuses by saying that what had happened before was a misunderstanding. He sees Hyun-muk’s ex-husband, hits him, and warns him not to ever lay a finger on Hyun-ok. Hyun-ok listens to this and asks Jung-muk if this was also a misunderstanding. They go out and spend some quality time together, and Dr. Jung watches this from afar. Mr. Park continues to be showered with love and pampering from the townspeople. They ask him who will be elected in the Mujin elections, but Mr. Park takes this opportunity and tells him that he knows, but the General is thirsty and wants coffee from a nice place. They go to Mujin Coffee House, and the other men see Ae-ran alive. They start targeting him and use his talisman to wipe the spilled coffee.

Da-eun’s brother follows Ok-hui around, and he tells her that he wants to protect her and that it was also Da-eun’s order to save her. Ok-hui is angry as he had taken Da-eun’s words as final, and then he tells her that he also wanted to. Ok-hui is confused about her feelings for him. This continues, and Ok-hui tells him to do whatever he wants; she goes to a movie and lunch, and they share romantic moments. Sun-woo enters a restaurant to drink, Soju sits down, and Ye-bun wakes up from a hangover and hits her head against his. They sit together and converse, and Sun-woo asks her not to trust him. She insists he’s a good person and almost reveals her powers. Sun-woo stops her from sharing her secrets. She drinks a shot of Soju and collapses on the table. While she is asleep, she sees Ji-suk’s body. She wakes up, leaves her phone, and runs out. Sun-woo returns to the table and sees her phone and that she is gone. He takes it back to his workshop.

Ye-bun rushes to find Ji-suk and tries to convince her to take her help, but Ji-suk refuses. Ye-bun sits on her bike and joins her for her delivery, and they reach the pretty secluded fishing area. She waits until Ji-suk finishes the delivery. Ji-suk gives in and tells Ye-bun that she will listen to her and that they will sit aside and talk; as Ye-bun walks in the direction, she takes her vehicle and leaves. Ye-bun is walking in the secluded area and sees Ji-suk’s vehicle fallen. She tries calling out to her but she does not hear a response.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 9 Recap
A still from Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 9

She sees fireflies and uses them to see what has happened. She follows the directions and sees the raincoat man trying to stab Ji-suk. Ye-bun rescues her, and they hide between the bushes. Ye-bun asks Ji-suk to stay back while she gets some help. Ye-bun had hurt her hand from the knife while saving Ji-suk. Ye-bun goes to the main road, finds an approaching bus, and stops it. The people come out and see her in such a state and offer to help. The first one is Mr. Park, but Ye-bun realizes that the criminal is a Mujin resident, and she does not tell anyone anything. She reaches the town, and her grandfather, police officer, and Ju-man all try to help her, but she is rushing towards the police station. On the way, Sun-woo stops her to give her phone, but she rushes to the police station and informs Jang Yeol about what happened.

They go to the scene and find Ji-suk dead. They suspect Kwang-sik and rush to find him, but he is asleep after having drunk alcohol all afternoon and through the night. Ye-bun tells Jang Yeol everything she saw that night and that the criminal had tied a wire around Ji-suk’s hand. She informs everyone who had touched her, from the crime location to the police station, that they could be suspects as they believed the criminal surely had psychic powers. They also get to know that the killer closes his eyes when he is killing, and hence, the stabs are random, and the killer knew Ye-bun had these powers.

Dr. Jung sees a photo of his and Ye-bun’s mother. He takes an album and visits Jung Muk at the police station and asks him to investigate the matter as he wouldn’t be able to continue, and he also asks him to take care of Hyun-ok. Jung-muk sees the album and finds Ju-man in one of those pictures of some election, and Ju-man at that time visits him. Ju-man forces and intimidates Jung-muk to investigate the murders discreetly as it would ruin his and the image of Mujin. At the coffee house, the owner tells Ae-ran that she must also pay Ji-suk’s debt. Jang Yeol comes to her rescue, shows the owner a document, and tells her he will pay off the debt. He starts intimidating the customers and does the same during deliveries, and finally, the owner succumbs and signs the contract of debt being paid off. Kwang-sik is waiting for Ae-ran outside the coffee shop even though he knew of her past.

Sun-woo visits the vet’s clinic, gives Ye-bun her phone back, and asks if she would join him for udon noodles. Jang Yeol sees this interaction and messages her, reminding her that she will be the next target and shouldn’t go, and Ye-bun makes an excuse to Sun-woo. Jang Yeol decides to use Kwang-sik’s help to find the criminal. He touches Ye-bun’s legs and tells Jang Yeol that the man is thin and his height is between his and Jang Yeol’s. He thanks Kwang-sik and teases Ye-bun that he is a better help than her, and she is upset.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 9 Ending, Explained:

Will Ye-bun be able to stop the killer?

Kwang-sik and Jang Yeol converse outside the convenience store about who could be the criminal. Kwang-sik tells him that he couldn’t be sure if the person had the powers as Ye-bun and that he had the power while touching the cow, but Jang Yeol was sure that the criminal had psychic powers. Sun-woo walks out, and they both stare at him and realize his height is an average of both their heights. Jang Yeol asks the full-time worker if Sun-woo had worked on Election Day, and he confirms that Sun-woo had taken the day off.

Ye-bun sees Sun-woo and asks him where he is coming from. He tells her that the workshop is ready, and she agrees to go with him to see the workshop. Jang Yeol gets back home to find Ye-bun’s room light turned off. He calls her, and she lies that she is home and her light is broken. He suspects that she has gone to Sun-woo’s workshop. He asked Mr. Park if Sun-woo was home but said he was at the workshop. In the workshop, Ye-bun is excited to see the cat house he had built, but Sun-woo takes the same knife the criminal used and walks towards Ye-bun.

In this episode, it is apparent that Sun-woo is not innocent, and there is a high chance he is the murderer. Kwang-sik, for now, is not a suspect anymore and has joined Jang Yeol and Ye-bun to solve the crimes. Ju-man’s fun demeanor starts to fade as soon as he gets elected. Dr. Jung was probably helping Ju-man only to investigate him further, and now everything he has worked for is in the hands of the police. Ye-bun’s life seems in danger, and we must wait to see what new secrets are unveiled.

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