10 Best Horror Anime Shows on Netflix: Horror is a genre that has been scaring audiences for centuries. It taps into our deepest fears and anxieties, taking us on a journey of terror and suspense. From literature to film and now to anime, horror has evolved and adapted to the changing times, but its core purpose remains the same: to scare us and keep us up at night.

If you’re looking for your next scare, you’re in the right place! This article will take a look at the top ten horror anime on Netflix that will make your blood run cold. All of these anime series will have you on the edge of your seat and maybe even sleeping with the lights on at night.

1. Castlevania

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Castlevania

Castlevania is an adaptation based on the classic video game franchise of the same name. The story follows the journey of a disgraced monster hunter, Trevor Belmont, as he sets out to reluctantly save the people of Wallachia from the grip of Dracula and his army of demons. Along with a group of allies, including the sorceress Sypha Belnades and the half-vampire and Dracula’s son Alucard, Trevor must fight his way through the monster hordes of the night to stop Dracula’s plan for vengeance against humanity.

Video game adaptations have been picking up in quality in recent years. Castlevania is a prime example of the trend, being a layered adaptation with complicated characters and dark, mature themes. There’s a lot of gore, with decapitations and a dizzying amount of blood being parred for the course. But what truly surprises us is how the series can often take its time away from the action and go to places that you wouldn’t expect. Vampire politics, alternate worlds, and monstrous humans are just some of the surprises that Castlevania has in store for viewers. Add to that some truly stellar animation that shines brightest in its action sequences, and you’ve got arguably the greatest video game adaptation ever in the same league as The Last of Us. Yes, really.

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2. Parasyte: The Maxim

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Parasyte The Maxim

Adapted from the manga with the same name, the story follows the life of a high school student named Shinichi Izumi, whose right hand is infected by a parasitic alien. The alien, Migi, is unable to take over Shinichi’s brain and must coexist with him as they face off against other parasitic aliens who are taking over human bodies to feed on them. As Shinichi and Migi work together to survive and protect their loved ones, they begin to question what it truly means to be human and whether or not they can trust each other.

Equal parts action, drama, body horror, science – fiction and thriller, Parasyte: The Maxim is a unique watch in many ways. While it has thrilling and tactical fights, what makes it stand out is the questions it poses on identity, morality, humanity, and other such deep themes. Shinichi has an interesting character arc, and the other characters are complex and multilayered as well. All of this makes Parasyte: The Maxim a fine horror anime to recommend and one that will hopefully leave a lasting impression.

3. Hellsing Ultimate

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Hellsing Ultimate

The second vampire anime on this list with a character named Alucard, Hellsing Ultimate, follows Integra Hellsing and her centuries-old vampire servant Alucard as they protect England from various supernatural threats. Some of these threats are Nazis led by a mad scientist, other vampires, and even a mysterious secret organization.

Featuring plenty of over-the-top fight sequences, stylized violence, blood, and gore galore, Hellsing Ultimate is quite similar to Castlevania. Where it differs, though, is with its comparatively modern setting and its nearly nonstop action. For its time (the mid-2000s), it has impressive animation and fight choreography, apart from also creating a dark, almost gothic atmosphere. Though not quite mainstream, Hellsing Ultimate has created a sizable fan base for itself over the years, especially with those fond of horror, vampires, and action.

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4. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Set in a unique post–apocalyptic world undergoing an industrial revolution, humanity is under constant threat from zombie-like creatures known as Kabane. The story follows a young engineer named Ikoma, who creates a powerful weapon called the piercing gun to fight against the Kabane. Along with a group of survivors, including a mysterious girl named Mumei, Ikoma sets out on a journey on a train to reach the last stronghold of humanity, known as the Iron Fortress. However, the group soon discovers that there are powerful enemies within the fortress itself, as well as outside of it.

As mentioned above, the Kabane are like zombies, which lend themselves very well to horror and are a staple of the genre. They’re scary looking and behave as such, with the glowing red eyes, in particular, being a strong highlight of their design. Apart from its horror elements, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is known for brutal action and stunning animation and its exploration of themes such as trust, loyalty, and the struggle for survival in a harsh and unforgiving world. This might sound similar to another famous anime – Attack on Titan. And while it is similar in many aspects, it differs enough to stand on its own.

5. Claymore (2007)

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Claymore

The story takes place in a dark fantasy world where humans coexist with humanoid creatures called Yoma, who feed on human flesh. The story follows Clare, a young member of the Claymores, who are half-human and half-demon Yoma creatures that protect humans from the full Yomas. Clare seeks revenge for the loss of her loved ones to a Yoma that also turned her into a Claymore and is considered a rogue for taking on a stray child. Her purpose in life is to fight against the Yomas and avenge her mentor and strongest Claymore, Teressa, who was deceived and murdered.

Known for creating a dark and eerie atmosphere with a sense of foreboding and dread that is heavily present in many of the episodes, Claymore also has horror elements through the Yoma, as they are terrifying creatures who eat humans. The anime also explores themes of power, loss, revenge, morality, and maintaining humanity and goodness when faced with darkness and evil.

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6. Devilman Crybaby

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Devilman Crybaby

With demons having reawakened and humanity in danger, teenager Akira Fudo becomes a powerful demon–human hybrid known as Devilman in order to protect humanity from an impending demonic invasion. Along with his childhood friend and fellow demon fighter, Ryo Asuka, Akira navigates a world of supernatural creatures, government conspiracies, and personal tragedies as he battles to save the world from destruction.

Perhaps the most unique anime on this list because of its mix of 2D and 3D animation, Devilman Crybaby is often shocking and constantly pushes the boundaries with how it shows violence, gore, drug use, and sex. As the story goes on, Akira begins to struggle with his humanity and what he must give up because of all the battles he must fight, making Devilman Crybaby a complex, nuanced tale with some trippy visuals.

7. Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre

Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre

This anime is an anthology rather than a single connected narrative, featuring twenty – tales of horror. Each episode of the series delves into the depths of the human psyche and brings forth the most terrifying fears that lurk within. Whether it’s myths, legends, ghosts, demons, or the twisted workings of a shattered mind, the show presents a wide range of horrors that will leave you feeling frightened and unnerved.

Based on horror manga master Junji Ito’s work, which is characterized by a distinctive visual style that often includes intricate and detailed depictions of body horror, supernatural creatures, and disturbing transformations. Ito’s stories explore a wide range of horror themes, including obsession, madness, and the fear of the unknown. Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre has some bizarre, terrifying, and spine-chilling moments but is sometimes let down by poor animation, which is a horror of a different kind. Nonetheless, the art design, creepiness, and surreal nature of the anime mean you should at least give it a chance.

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8. Mieruko – Chan

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Mieruko – Chan

The story follows Miko, a high school student with the unique ability to see and interact with supernatural creatures that are invisible to others. While initially attempting to live a normal life by ignoring the creatures, Miko soon finds herself constantly surrounded by monsters. Instead of running away or confronting them, she decides to put on a brave face and carry on with her daily routine as best she can.

Mieruko – Chan is a rare combination of horror and comedy, which can be both scary and funny, sometimes at the same time. There’s a fair amount of fan service, which can be off-putting to some, but beyond that, the design of some of the ghosts and monsters Miko sees can be disturbing. Overall, Mieruko – Chan is an interesting blend of the slice of life and the supernatural.

9. Higurashi: When They Cry

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Higurashi When They Cry

In the summer of 1983, Keiichi moves to the quiet village of Hinamizawa and quickly becomes close with some of his schoolmates. As the village prepares for its annual festival, Keiichi learns about the local legends and the disturbing history of murders and disappearances connected to it. Despite his attempts to uncover the truth from his friends, they remain suspiciously silent. As more bizarre events occur, Keiichi begins to question his friendships and the dark secrets that may be hidden in Hinamizawa. The annual Watanagashi festival brings a curse that causes people to mysteriously vanish and be killed, and some residents deny its existence while behaving strangely.

Unlike a typical murder mystery, the series doesn’t provide straightforward solutions to the audience. Instead, viewers are left to discern for themselves what is real and what is not, engaging them to actively think and participate in the story. Higurashi: When They Cry has a strong mystery at its core, which is only strengthened by its horror elements, psychological horror in particular, and the juxtaposition of these against its idyllic, rural village setting only enhances the anime.

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10. Trese (2021)

10 Best Horror Anime on Netflix - Trese (2021)

Last but definitely not least on this list, the anime is based on a Philippine graphic novel of the same name. Set in Manila, where mythical creatures of Philippine folklore live in hiding amongst humans, Trese follows the story of Alexandra Trese, a young detective who finds herself going head to head with a criminal underworld composed of malevolent supernatural beings. Alongside her trusted allies, the Kambal (a pair of twin brothers), Trese must navigate the dangerous world of Philippine mythology to uncover the truth behind the supernatural crimes she faces.

A strong blend of Filipino folklore and urban noir makes this a unique setting, not only for the purposes of this list but for anime in general, which rarely ventures outside Japan for its mythology. Featuring a large amount of graphic violence when fighting with the supernatural, Trese features monsters which have their own powers and abilities. The animation is similar to what is seen in recent DC animated movies, being sharp and crisp but occasionally stiff. Being only six episodes long, this horror action series is a quick and easy binge.

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