Gravitas Ventures presents the official trailer for “Better Days,” a heartfelt indie comedy delving into the realms of grief and self-discovery. Sonja Smith takes center stage as Kate, who, after losing her husband of three decades, retreats into a world of vodka and sorrow—embodied through a quirky fascination with Halloween costumes. Drawing solace from donning her late husband’s festive outfits, Kate forms an unlikely bond with three lonely teenagers who share her passion for dressing up.

However, her unconventional coping mechanism doesn’t sit well with friends and family, prompting concern over her escalating recklessness. As they urge her to revert to the woman she once was, Kate finds herself at a crossroads—caught between the expectations of others and the evolving realization of the woman she has the potential to become. “Better Days” promises a poignant journey of rediscovery, laughter, and the resilience found in the most unexpected connections.

Directed by Joan Carr-Wiggin, the Better Days also stars Alix Sideris, Sara Hinding, Gregory Calderone, Blair Williams, Dean Armstrong, Sugenja Sri, and Luke Francis and will open on VOD & Digital on December 5th, 2023, in both Canada and the United States.

Watch the trailer for ‘Better Days’ here:

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