The first trailer for ‘Our Son’ starring Billy Porter & Luke Evans is here. The movie follows Nicky, a passionate book publisher played by Luke Evans, who shares a life with his husband Gabriel, brilliantly portrayed by Billy Porter, who is a former actor turned dedicated stay-at-home dad to their charming eight-year-old son, Owen. While Nicky is deeply committed to his work, Gabriel’s love for Owen is immeasurable, and Nicky cherishes his profound connection with Gabriel.

However, beneath the seemingly idyllic surface, Gabriel harbors a long-standing discontent with their marriage. Taking a bold step, he initiates divorce proceedings, thrusting them into a challenging custody battle. This legal struggle becomes a poignant journey, compelling both Nicky and Gabriel to confront the shifting dynamics of their love not only for each other but also for their beloved son, Owen. As they navigate the complexities of parenthood and partnership, the story unfolds, exploring the intricate nuances of love, commitment, and the inevitable transformations that life brings.

Directed by Bill Oliver, who co-wrote the script with Peter Nickowitz, the film also stars Robin Weigert, Andrew Rannells, Isaac Powell, and Phylicia Rashad and will be in select theatres across the US on 8th December.

Watch the trailer for ‘Our Son’ here:

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