Axel F is back, baby! This time, the wise-cracking Detroit detective (Eddie Murphy) blasts onto Netflix in “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” (2024), directed by Mark Molloy. Just like its predecessors, this flick seamlessly blends laugh-out-loud moments with pulse-pounding thrills. The plot kicks off in sunny Beverly Hills, where a young punk takes down a cop. Axel’s estranged daughter, Jane (a whip-smart lawyer played by Taylour Paige), is defending the kid, making her a target.

Fearing for his daughter’s safety, Axel rockets back to California to mend fences and kick some serious you-know-what. Reuniting with his old buddies – the now-gruff Chief Taggart (John Ashton), the ever-fashionable Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold), and the sardonic Deputy Chief Jeffrey Friedman (Paul Reiser) – Axel dives headfirst into a tangled web of corruption. As things get wilder than a runaway banana peel, can Axel protect his daughter and crack the case wide open? Let’s buckle up and find out!

Spoilers Ahead

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The film opens with Axel going to watch an ice hockey match with one of his colleagues, Detective Mike Woody, who has not been able to solve any case in the last 5 years. Anyway, Axel has some breakthrough, knowing that someone will attempt a robbery during the match. Therefore, he wants Mike to tell the headquarters that he has come up with suspicion and that Axel is there to help him. This will lead Mike to get his promotion, and Axel will have his share of fun by catching some criminals in order to protect the city.

However, their superior, Jeffrey, does not buy the story of Mike Woody coming up with this whole thing. Subsequently, he tries to stop Axel since he is after the robbers and destroys a lot of city properties. After a massive police chase, Axel is finally able to nail the robbers and later goes to the department. His efforts are applauded by the other police officers. However, the commissioner is not happy with Axel creating such a ruckus in the city. Jeffrey has submitted his resignation letter as he wants to spend the rest of his time with his family.

Why does Axel Decide to Come to Beverly Hills?

Axel is asked (by Jeffrey) to take a rest from chasing crime all the time. Meanwhile, his daughter Jane visits a young man named Sam Enriquez. Sam is in jail for killing a cop. However, when Jane listens to Sam’s side, it is quite certain that he is not involved in this murder, and regardless of Sam being involved in a drug cartel, he is not a cop-killer for sure. During the court session, Jane goes one step ahead, saying the dead cop named Copeland is also involved in some serious crimes. Furthermore, Jane states that she will provide proof of it. After this, Jane becomes a target as a couple of men threaten her to drop the case. They almost kill her by dropping her car from above the parking space.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F
“Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. ” (L to R) Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Detective Bobby Abbott and Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. Cr. Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix @ 2024

Soon, we see Billy coming to Jane, regretting his decision about putting her as a lawyer for Sam. Jane tells him that he must not involve Axel in this. But since Billy and Axel are best friends, Jane is like a daughter to him as well. Billy calls Alex, describing the ongoing situation with Jane while holding solid proof to save Sam from the false crime. Billy is in pursuit of collecting more evidence while the armed men from the cartel surround him. Knowing that Jane is in trouble, Axel leaves Detroit the following day to reach Beverly Hills as soon as possible.

How do Axel and Jane Find Out about Grant’s Truth?

Right after Axel lands in Beverly Hills, he fails to get in touch with Billy, who is supposed to pick him up from the airport. Anyway, Axel rents a car and heads straight toward Billy’s office. When he reaches there, he sees a couple of men trespassing into Billy’s office and looking for something. Axel acts like he is one of their men and grabs a piece of paper with the address of a certain house. When the third man enters the office, Axel somehow manages to escape them. Unfortunately, he ends up in custody for creating a ruckus around the city.

Soon, he meets with Detective Abbott, whom he tries to explain the whole scenario. When he fails to do so, he asks Abbott to make a call to his lawyer. In this way, Axel tries to get in touch with Jane. Soon, he learns that Jane and Abbott know each other. In fact, they used to be in a relationship. Later, Axel is called by his old friend who is in charge of the Beverly Hills Police Department – Chief Taggart. Taggart introduces Axel to one of his officers named Grant. Grant says that Jane has taken the wrong case because he has known Officer Copeland for years. According to him, Copeland was one of the finest police officers.

Later, Axel tells Jane that he does not trust Grant because, being a police officer, it is impossible to afford two thousand dollar Gucci shoes. Soon, Axel discovers that Jane’s car has a GPS tracker. After a smart move, they come to realize that the men from Billy’s office are still following them. Now, Axel and Jane start following them until they come to a very exclusive party where they see Grant. Grant admits that they are his men and asks them to follow Axel and Jane. He also explains that since the police job does not pay for the risks they take regularly, he has taken a different path to earn more.

What does Grant Do to Put Abbott and Axel Away?

One day, when Axel and Jane are inside their car, some men out of nowhere start shooting at them. Luckily, Detective Abbott is there to save the day. But since there is an open firing amidst the crowd, Taggart removes Abbott from the Copeland murder investigation. Hence, he joins Axel and Jane in finding the truth behind it all. The address Axel grabbed from Billy’s office, is basically the operation hub of Grant and his men. Axel goes in there with the help of a friend to find out what is really happening. He sees the car that crashed into Copeland’s car and also finds a trace of drugs in there.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. (2024) Movie Ending Explained
“Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.” (L to R) Kevin Bacon as Captain Cade Grant and Eddie Murphy as Axel F in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.

Soon after, Axel and Abbott go to talk to Sam’s uncle Chalino, who handles drugs and other stuff. Knowing that Axel is trying to save Sam, Chalino says that Grant has killed Copeland because he wants to remove himself from everything. Also, since Billy has known a lot, he is captured while sniffing around the place of the shipment. When they come out, they see Grant is already there with a lot of police officers as he plants drugs inside Abbott’s car to arrest them both. Axel tells Grant that he realizes he just needs to keep him and Abbott inside for as long as the last shipment goes out tonight.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Is Alex Able to Save Jane?

Axel somehow manages to fool Grant and escape the police station with Abbott. Later, they go straight to the shipment and find Billy there. Billy tells them the proof that Copeland was not killed by Sam is recorded on a hidden camera. The clip is inside a pen drive, which is in his office. Axel, Billy, and Grant steal the truck filled with drugs and escape the place, chased by both Grant’s men and the police. Soon, Axel finds out that Grant has made Jane his hostage. He wants the pen drive, or else he is going to do something vicious with her.

Axel drives the truck straight to the place where Grant is keeping Jane. After a gunfight, there comes a moment when Grant is about to shoot Jane, but Axel jumps right in between the bullet and his daughter. Abbott comes right at the moment and shoots Grant in his head. Axel is injured but is out of danger as Taggart and Billy help them as backup. At the end of the film, we see Jane finally sharing a good time with her father, Axel. He is happy to have his daughter back after a long, long time. Since the pen drive is handed over to the authorities, Sam is released.

Billy and Taggart are surveilling outside the hospital under Jane’s command so that Axel does not go out of the hospital to have some action of his own. But Axel manipulates them into going to a restaurant and eating whatever they want. Billy and Taggart fail to say no because they have always been best friends, and they promise not to let Jane know about this night out.

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