Cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, have become all the rage over the last few months. More and more people are learning about this phenomenon, and many who can are also investing in it, despite the high volatility of bitcoin’s price. It is still some time till we can say that cryptocurrencies can become akin to mainstream currencies, but the usage is certainly picking up, especially online.

More and more online businesses and companies are beginning to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, which is of course having a positive effect on its adoption by people. This is being seen the most in the online gambling and casino industry, where operators have begun offering customers the option to use cryptocurrencies to make payments and withdrawals. Such casino bitcoin usage has increased the popularity of those online casinos, as well as made other gambling operators sit up and take notice of this phenomenon. Another way to gauge bitcoin’s popularity is by looking at the number of movies and TV shows that now have cryptocurrencies as major plot points. Popular culture is one of the best ways to see how an idea is being accepted, and so we will now look at some of the best movies and documentaries to watch this year which are based on bitcoin.

I Am Satoshi

Created by Tomer Kantor, this 52-minute documentary is a clear, concise look at the differences between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. It breaks down the relationship between the two, and also details how banking is one of the last sectors to not be touched by open-source platforms, unlike retail, education and software, among others.

Banking on Bitcoin

This is one of the most popular bitcoin documentaries this year. It is 83 minutes long, and it takes an in-depth look at bitcoin, its origins and the impact it can have on people’s lives. The issues behind banking, including corruption and inefficiency, are explored to make it clear to people as to why cryptocurrencies came into existence, and how bitcoin is probably the only currency out there free from manipulation and corruption.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Again, another documentary that looks at the rise of bitcoin as a digital currency. It is interesting since it features interviews with several investors and early adopters of bitcoin, such as Brian Armstrong, Margaux Avedisian and Gavin Andresen. Bitcoin is called ‘the largest socio-economic experiment ever conducted’, and since it does not have too much technical jargon, it is perfect for newcomers to this area.

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

This one-hour film tries to understand if bitcoin is the future for financial systems, or if it is a recipe for disaster. The disruption it has caused to the global financial system is detailed by the director, Torsten Hoffman, while providing the necessary insight as well as to how this could be the future.

Life on Bitcoin

Life on Bitcoin charts the journey of a couple, Austin and Beccy Craig, in 2013, as they live the first 90 days of their married lives using only bitcoin. No cash, no cheques, bank accounts or credit cards. Thus, it aims to prove wrong the most common argument against bitcoin adoption – that it cannot be used to pay for everyday items.

Bitcoin in Uganda

This is actually a five-minute short, which shows the benefits of bitcoin and how it is helping people in developing countries like Uganda.

Bitcoins in Argentina

Produced by the same company which made Bitcoin in Uganda, this is a look into how Argentinians began using bitcoin during a period of financial instability, as an example of how cryptocurrencies can be an alternative for countries with weak or destabilised currencies and economies.

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