Christmas Bloody Christmas Ending, Explained – How Did Tori Kill the Rogue Santa?

Christmas Bloody Christmas

Shudder’s Christmas ‘cheer’ in the form of ‘Christmas Bloody Christmas’ is a frolicking B-Movie splatter thrill, which might work for you if you are in the right mood. If B-movie cult classics like The Toxic Avenger are an avenue you enjoy venturing upon, then writer-director Joe Begos’ intriguingly off-putting ‘Christmas Bloody Christmas’ provides plenty of such head-smacking, limbs-tearing fun. The trade-off for that is the childhood scarring sacrifice of seeing Begos’ upending macabre twist on the beloved holiday icon. The Santa Claus.


Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022) Summary and Synopsis

On the day of Christmas Eve, Tori (Riley Dandy) has a pretty much uneventful night planned for her. At least, at first. She is not really interested to meet up with her tinder-scheduled date. Her friend cum employee at the video store, Robbie (Sam Delich), does not have to whine too much to persuade her not to go on that date. Instead, she plans to spend the night with Robbie. Walking in the snow and talking about music. And, of course, drinking all the while.


Tori and Robbie, however, plan to stop at the local toy store. Their friends, the married couple Jay (Jonah Ray) and Lahna (Dora Madison), are there. The four friends are interrupted once by the robot Santa abruptly yelling the signature ‘Ho Ho Ho.’ The robot Santas are the new toy store attractions for Christmas. Jay tells them that the robot Santas are now being recalled due to manufacturing faults. 

Christmas Bloody Christmas [2022] Ending Explained

After enough drinking and exchanging profanity-filled greetings, Robbie and Tori are off to the local pub. Leaving Jay and Lahna to enjoy the night. It is when Jay and Lahna are engaged in zesty lovemaking something else gets aroused. The robot Santa (played by Abraham Benrubi) suddenly switches to a different mode. The terminator mode. It fetches an axe and starts to swing and chop at the entangled couple. Jay is immediately sliced in half, and the Santa takes its time to brutally thrash and kill Lahna.


The killing machine then ventures outside. And sees Tori and Robbie walking. It follows them to Tori’s house. But first, it visits Tori’s neighbor’s house and obviously causes a massacre there. The darkest and most macabre moment arrives here as Santa brutally chops the kid. Talk about being on the ‘naughty list.’ 

After having their own passionate lovemaking, Tori and Robbie watch Santa at the action from the windows; and immediately get terrified. The rampaging animatronic Santa quickly turns its focus on Tori’s house and proceeds there. Tori, Robbie, Tori’s sister, and that said sister’s husband try their best to beat Santa. But in vain. Tori’s sister and her husband quickly get sliced and diced. Robbie takes the shocked Tori to his car and tries to leave. But, obviously, the marauding Santa reaches there first.


Christmas Bloody Christmas [2022] Ending Explained:

Why Did the Santa Start Killing Everyone?

The robot Santas are recycled robots from the manufacturing company. These Santas were, in their previous iteration, military-grade killing machines. Seemingly designed to help the country on various war fronts. In TV news, which was showing when Tori and Robbie had a drink, it was told that the fault these Santas were showing was reverting to its original software. The one that makes them kill humans wherever they are landed. 

That is why these Santas were getting recalled. Unluckily for everyone in Tori’s town, the recall did not happen sooner. There is a hidden commentary on how the United States, or any country’s defense, could become so ruthless. When Santa killed the child, it means that in that robot’s software, it is deemed okay to kill a child just because they are in enemy territory.


How Does Tory Manage to Defeat and Kill the Santa?

When Robbie’s car gets stuck, Santa finds the opportunity to kill him and another neighbor. Just before it manages to get to Tori, a police officer arrives and shoots it with a shotgun. It seemingly stops the monster. The officer mistakes it as being dead and quickly pays the price. Tori manages to escape with the police car.


But she is quickly confronted by another police officer. That officer is a little less amenable to Tori’s stories and takes her to the police station. Sheriff Monroe (Jeff Daniel Phillips), who knows Tori, suggests that she has been hallucinating. However, updates, or rather the lack of one, from the police officers who have rushed to the location of the murder changes the mind of the two officers in the station.


Soon, the menacing, red-clad, white-bearded figure arrives at the gate of the police station. Sheriff Monroe quickly falls victim to the indestructible figure. Within minutes, Tori alone is, once again, against the impossible-to-shake-off Santa. 

The Santa was trampled by a car, shot multiple times, and speared by a sword. Nothing worked on it. Tori finally go organic in her weapon choice in this combat. First, she takes the help of fire. When she is able to keep Santa stuck under a car, she uses her shirt’s sleeve to douse the fire on the robot. At first, it does seem to work. The human-like exteriors start to burn away to reveal the wires and the skeletal figure of the menacing cyborg within.


However, Santa does not die. It follows Tori to the video store. Tori’s video store. This is where Tori gets the ‘Home Alone’ confidence. She is not to be defeated at her own home. The video store is more of her home than her actual house. Here, Tori reaches out for the second organic weapon. Water. As the wirings and circuits of the robot are now open, throwing water upon it would short-circuit it. Like any gadget in water, you know. 

Tori manages to trigger the fire alarm and thus start the sprinklers on. The video store starts to get completely washed. Santa’s circuits also start to get flooded with water. With one final plunge from Tori, it works. The inner wirings catch fire, and the robot explodes. Tori survives as the Christmas sun starts to rise up.

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